You can still get refugee news like this at my new blog—Frauds, Crooks and Criminals!

Yesterday I posted this story at Frauds and Crooks: Writer: Solve Border Crisis by Turning Asylum Seekers Over to Refugee Resettlement Agencies for Care (ahhhhh!)   After following the activities of the US Refugee Resettlement Agencies—the nine federal contractors largely funded by you and me (the taxpayers)—I can say with absolute certainty that this is a […]

Maine: Dunkin’ Donuts apologizes for banning Somali social justice activist from store after altercation

This is a classic case about how change happens! Businesses, eager to prostrate themselves out of fear once confronted by an angry demanding refugee like Hamdia Ahmed, quickly make news by backing down when activists for Muslim immigrant rights cause a stir.  The message to the public: be silent. Even as it is clear, when you […]

Caught! Somali man living in Vermont used false identity to get in to US as a refugee

Not surprising of course, but what is surprising is that he is actually being prosecuted. You can bet this wouldn’t be happening if Hillary was President! And, how is this for timing—see my previous post this morning about a retired foreign service officer blowing the whistle on widespread fraud in the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program. […]

Maine: Somali refugees charged with welfare fraud

What else is new!  The only thing new is the change in location from Minnesota to Maine and this time it is medicaid fraud and not daycare fraud. This news is from the Somali capital of Maine—Lewiston—and from earlier this month. Tip of the iceberg? From the Sun Journal (hat tip Frank): PORTLAND — Two […]

Maine: Battle over female genital mutilation bill raging

Diversity is beautiful alert! This is one of those great ‘fun’ political debates you will get to have once the population of Muslims, mostly from East Africa, ‘find their way’ to your state.  Maine, especially Lewiston, is the Somali capital of the East! The story at the Press Herald is long and detailed, but what […]

More on Somalis to Aroostook, ME; Lewiston too crowded

The other day we posted about a delegation of Somalis going to Aroostook County Maine at the invitation of local business leaders. Here we learn a bit more about the potential move by Somali “Bantu” out of Lewiston. From WAGMTV: This group of Somali immigrants from Lewiston are at the SAD 1 Farm learning about […]

Alert to Mainers: Local community college prez wants Somalis to move to Aroostook County

….to work in agriculture. Will they dig potatoes? Aren’t there machines to do that work? And, why is this an issue for a community college? Govt. grants? More students? What? From Mainebiz: Northern Maine Community College and Maine Community Foundation are partnering to bring Somali immigrants to Aroostook County to explore agricultural opportunities. Officials from […]

Uphill battle in Maine to criminalize female genital mutilation

The vote could still come this week, but faces an uphill challenge as groups like the ACLU oppose attempts to save little girls from torture because it goes against their politics as reported at WGME 13: The ACLU is against the bill saying it’s “nothing more than an attempt to single out behavior that is […]

Episcopal Bishop in Maine: It is our moral obligation to take in refugees

But, is it the obligation of the US taxpayer to pay the Episcopal Church millions annually for THEIR Christian charity?  Of course that is one of the major moral questions that has driven this blog for ten years! You can read the Bishop’s opinion piece at the Bangor Daily News: With the news that the […]

Maine: Sudanese refugee pleads guilty in 2015 murder of teen

This is a diversity is beautiful alert! A variety of migrants had a shoot-out in Portland, ME in 2015 and the result was that one young man (believed not to have known the shooters) died. Before I give you the story (thanks to reader Frank), you must know that anyone granted asylum, as was the […]