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If you have missed news about refugees, I’m still writing about them at Frauds and Crooks and as of last night I am back up and running at Refugee Resettlement Watch’s Facebook page. You can find the page here (48,000 likes!). I’ll post refugee news there that I might not use at Frauds and Crooks.   See Frauds […]

Thanks everyone for your kind words of support

And, thanks for understanding that after 11 years of almost daily researching and writing stories on the refugee program and related issues, I need a break.   Thank you for all of your notes of thanks and encouragement. I haven’t disappeared to a sunny beach somewhere and am having fun tweeting on an expanded list […]

Trump rudely fires only cabinet member doing anything to seriously halt the migrant “invasion”

Did the Open Borders Republicans looking for cheap labor finally persuade the President to unceremoniously dump the only man (probably in all of America!) who knew the nuts of bolts of immigration law and who had fought for decades to put America first when it came to the demographic makeup of the country? As long […]

Response to lawyers for Chobani Yogurt and The Tent Foundation has been posted

You can read my updated October 1, 2018 post in which I respond to a request for corrections from attorneys for Chobani LLC, The Tent Foundation, and Mr. Hamdi Ulukaya by clicking here. It is also available for the next day or so on my front page.

Going away! But, am leaving you with summer reading!

I’ll be leaving today for a ten day visit to various family members in the west. It is going to be a challenge to not write a post for those ten days.  It might be the longest stretch in 11 years that I won’t have helped to educate my devoted readers about the US Refugee […]