Why do we take any 'refugees' from Russia? Are they even legitimate refugees?

Who are the 47 non-Russians (processed through Russia) that were brought to America in the first 5 months of this fiscal year? I hope to write more posts on the issue of Processing Country asking why we process refugees in from places where clearly the definition of a refugee is being stretched to something unrecognizable! […]

Update on Russian gays seeking asylum in the US

Here is Yahoo News filling us in on one of the latest projects of the Open Borders movement—getting Russian gays accepted in the US as refugees. We have written about this ‘project’ previously here and here. From Yahoo News (hat tip: Robin): There are no firm statistics on the number of gay Russian asylum seekers; […]

Villanova law students help one of the first gay Russians receive asylum, more on the way

This story published last week in the Pittsburgh-Post Gazette gives us some insight into the asylum process in the US especially as it relates to illegal aliens coming across our Mexican border and declaring themselves gay and persecuted.    We see how legal clinics, NGOs and refugee contractors work to get as many granted asylum as […]

Are Boston terrorists refugees? (updated!) (update! Politico says yes)

Update April 20th:  It is time for a moratorium on Muslim immigration.  Media twisting the truth, here. Update #12:  Radio talk show host Howie Carr was on O’Reilly tonight and pretty clearly described the benefits refugees receive from the US taxpayer. He wondered why the citizens of Massachusetts didn’t get a say about whether they […]