Springfield, Mass mayor blasts Jewish Family Services for placing more refugees without notice

They (Jewish Family Services) are concentrating “poverty on top of poverty!” (Mayor Domenic Sarno)   We told you about Democrat Mayor Domenic Sarno a few years ago when he asked the US State Department to place a moratorium on refugees being deposited in his beleaguered and over-loaded city.  Of, course he was ignored as mayors […]

Springfield, Massachusetts: Refugees arrested for hunting in public park

Check out this story! They weren’t hunting rabbits or deer, but birds, turtles and frogs! With slingshots!  What the heck, where is their resettlement agency?  Doesn’t it teach them that this isn’t done in America?  Aren’t they being fed enough, they get food stamps! And, what must the environmentalists of Massachusetts be thinking?  Where is […]

Major media mentions refugee resettlement moratorium calls in New England

Thanks to everyone who has sent me one version or another of this story about calls for refugee resettlement moratoriums in Springfield, Mass, Lewiston, Maine, and Manchester, NH.***    Regular readers here know the problems in those three New England cities well, so it is not news to us. However…. What is news is that […]

Springfield, MA: State/city agencies stepping in to help impoverished Somali refugee family

How many more like this family across America?     We recently learned that 63% of Minnesota’s Somalis live below the poverty line and in Oregon the estimate is higher than that (67% ).  I wonder what it is in every state where Somalis have been located? Massachusetts (home state of the ‘brains’ behind the […]

Springfield, Mass. mayor (again) calls for moratorium on refugee resettlement for his city

Update May 29th:  Jewish Family Services which initially resettled the Muslim Somalis says it will work to rectify the situation, here. Mayor: “No mas, no more!”  Wyoming are you listening!   Does anyone wonder anymore how “pockets of resistance” are building to this program that is overloading your cities and towns with impoverished third-worlders? And, even […]

Springfield, Mass: Somali girls to stand trial for school fight

They, and the Islamic Society of Western Massachusetts (media campaign?), argue that they were responding to 12 years of bullying and that charges should be dropped.   I guess that will be the job of the trial court—to find guilt or not. Are you listening Wyoming? Springfield, in the “peoples’ republic of Massachusetts,” has been trying […]

Update: Springfield, Mass. refugee task force to meet today

For our previous posts on Springfield, Massachusetts where Mayor Domenic Sarno asked the US State Department to halt resettlement of more refugees to the greater Springfield area until the ones already resettled had assimilated and dug their way out of poverty, go here. This is the latest from The Republican, which had been thoroughly covering […]

State Department responds to Springfield Mayor

Barbara Day, the US State Department Office of Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM) Domestic Resettlement Section Chief, in a letter Wednesday, said PRM would be reviewing the three major contractors resettling refugees to Massachusetts when they make their plans for FY2014 (which happens very soon as FY’14 begins October 1). When you read this consider […]

Springfield MA Mayor stands by moratorium demand, says agencies “dumping” refugees

This is an update of our post from Tuesday about the meeting that was held in Springfield, Massachusetts last evening where Mayor Domenic Sarno invited representatives of the refugee contractors to a gathering to discuss the city’s complaints about refugee overload. Let me say at the outset—Springfield is not an isolated case. RRW is filled […]

Springfield, MA Somali says resettlement agencies don’t follow through

This is a complaint that is at the root of how RRW got started in the first place.  Friends and I noticed that refugees brought to Hagerstown in Western Maryland were being placed in sub-standard housing in crime-ridden neighborhoods and one local teacher said that other teachers felt compelled to find them coats for cold […]