Talk of a Possible Expansion of Countries Trump May Add to Travel Restriction List

“We have to be safe.”

(President Donald Trump speaking in Davos.)

If you are a news junky, surely you have seen the news today from Davos that  Trump may add to the controversial travel ban countries. Reports say that as early as Monday an announcement could be made.

You need to know that refugees from the original banned countries are not banned. There is extra scrutiny for those from Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, and Venezuela, but no outright ban.

Here is one of many stories, this one from NPR:

Trump Says He’ll Add ‘A Few Countries’ To Controversial U.S. Travel Ban

President Trump says he’ll widen a controversial travel ban that prohibits nearly all people from seven countries from traveling or immigrating to the U.S., calling it “a very powerful ban” that’s necessary to ensure national security.

“We’re adding a couple of countries” to the ban, Trump said when asked about his policy shift at a news conference at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. He added, “We have to be safe. Our country has to be safe. You see what’s going on in the world. Our country has to be safe.”

The Wall Street Journal first reported on Trump’s plan to expand the ban, citing an interview with the president in Davos. Citing unidentified sources, Politico then reported that the administration could double the scope of the ban by possibly blacklisting seven more countries: Belarus, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Nigeria, Sudan and Tanzania.

Trump did not share any more details about the ban’s expansion, saying, “It’s going to be announced very shortly.”

However, Trump did criticize how the legal battles over past travel bans have been portrayed, emphasizing that after some losses in lower courts, the Supreme Court sided with him in 2018.

More here. 

For readers who want to dig deeper, see the Migration Policy Institutes lengthy report on the ups and downs of the original so-called travel ban.

The Travel Ban at Two: Rocky Implementation Settles into Deeper Impacts

You will see that just as we have reported in recent months—refugees are coming in from travel restricted countries including Syria and Somalia.

(MPI is a Leftwing ‘think tank’ in Washington, DC.)

Of the possible new countries to be named, Tanzania is where many of our DR Congolese refugees are housed before being moved to your home towns.  Myanmar is home to the strict Islamic Rohingya people we have been resettling, and we take many refugees from Eritrea.

For readers of ‘Frauds and Crooks’ you know Nigeria has not been sending us their “best people.”

The rumored new travel ban is unlikely to ban any refugees, it just might slow their arrival as MPI disclosed.

Nevertheless, expect much wailing and gnashing of teeth from the nine federal refugee resettlement contractors!

Catholic Bishops Support Judge’s Decision; (Again!) No Mention of their Millions

“Our mission is the truth. Join us!

As a CNA reader, you know our team is committed to finding, reporting, and publishing the truth.”

(JD Flynn, CNA Editor-in Chief, Catholic News Agency)


Readers, please forgive me!  This is the third post in three days about the US Catholic Bishops inability to report the truth that they are paid millions of taxpayer dollars to “welcome the stranger.”

As I have said in my two previous posts (here and here), I’ll keep reporting the truth as they continue to hide it.  As a federal refugee resettlement contractor, the US Bishops ‘Christian charity’ runs on MONEY extracted involuntarily from you—taxpaying citizens.  It does not come from generous parishioners as they want you to believe.

All I am asking is that they admit that the Refugee Act of 1980 (Kennedy, Biden and Carter) set them up as the middlemen to pass along your money to ‘new Americans’ and then pretend they are benevolent Christians.

And, of course they keep a cut for their overhead and lobbying office! It’s been a sweet deal for four decades—until Donald Trump came along.

Here they are again this morning—high-fiving the judge and disparaging the President.

From Catholic News Agency:

Ruling against Trump executive order helps people flee danger, bishops say

Bishop Mario Dorsonville is from Colombia and gee he has his own coat of arms, see here:

Washington D.C., Jan 21, 2020 / 02:01 pm (CNA).- A federal judge’s ruling has halted President Donald Trump’s executive order that allows states and localities to refuse permission for refugee resettlement. The ruling drew praise from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, which stressed the need to help refugees to safety and to maintain a uniform refugee policy.

“Today’s ruling is a welcome step in our ongoing ministry to provide refugees, who are fleeing religious persecution, war, and other dangers, with safe haven here in the United States,” said Bishop Mario Dorsonville, an auxiliary bishop of Washington who chairs the U.S. bishops’ Committee on Migration.

“Jesus Christ, who was part of a refugee family, calls us to welcome the stranger….


Dorsonville noted the Catholic bishops’ previous “deep concerns” about the executive order.

“We feared the negative consequences for refugees and their families as this Executive Order would have created a confusing patchwork across America of some jurisdictions where refugees are welcomed, and others where they are not,” he said.

Wouldn’t common sense tell them that knowing where refugees were welcome, or conversely not welcome, should benefit refugees they place. The most welcoming places would then be made clear to them.  But, no, they want to decide, without you ‘deplorable’ citizens having any say, where they want them placed!

Next, praise for the consenting governors:

“Once more, we see the intention to act united as a nation in the effort to provide solidarity to those who need it most and are encouraged by the compassion that this nation has towards refugees,” Dorsonville said.

The U.S. bishops said that federal officials will “diligently engage” with state and local officials to ensure local concerns are taken into account, but federal officials will have the final decision over refugee resettlement.

Hypocrisy Alert!  They want the feds to have the final say in this case, but it is an entirely different matter when it comes to sanctuary cities they support! In the case of sanctuary cities, the cities run US immigration policy!

And, just a reminder.  Under the Refugee Act of 1980, the President can decide to admit zero refugees—watch how loudly they will be wailing if that ever happens!

More here.

And, too funny that CNA’s editor makes that comment (above) about truth at the end of this story.

Just so you know, as we reported a couple of days ago, according to USA Spending, the Bishops have lost millions of federal dollars for their ‘migration fund’ during the Trump presidency (so far).


From USA Spending. Federal grants to the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. Down from over $104 million in most lucrative year under Obama.


For readers who are wondering where is the ACLU and other groups working for the separation of church and state—they ignore the billions going out to the ‘religious’ charities bringing in refugees and working for amnesty for illegal aliens because they are all on the same team.  They are all Leftwingers working toward a socialist America.

Good and faithful Catholics must speak up in your parishes!

Endnote: Let’s hope I don’t see another deceptive media report about the Bishops tomorrow!

Texas Catholic Bishops Blast Governor; Once Again NO Mention that Bishops are Paid to do their Christian Charity

I’m going to be busy (possibly bore you), but I am going to have to follow through on my promise of yesterday and point out the fact that Catholic Bishops are paid handsomely to do their ‘good works’—paid by you, the US taxpayer.

Once again we have a ‘welcome the stranger’ sob story with no mention of the millions of federal dollars the refugee industry, the nine federal contractors*** (including the US Conference of Catholic Bishops), has enjoyed for near FOUR DECADES!

I have a dream that one day I’ll see an article in the mainstream media that actually tells the public about the Bishop’s pipeline to the US Treasury.

From Radio NB:

(CBSDFW.COM/CNN) – The bishops of Dallas and Fort Worth are among the 16 Texas Catholic bishops who have denounced Gov. Greg Abbott’s decision to reject new refugees in 2020. Texas is the first state to do so under a new executive order signed by President Donald Trump.

The bishops released a joint statement Friday after the decision was made. They called Abbott’s decision “deeply discouraging and disheartening” and “misguided.”

“It (the decision) denies people who are fleeing persecution, including religious persecution, from being able to bring their gifts and talents to our state and contribute to the general common good of all Texans,” the statement read.

“As Catholics, an essential aspect of our faith is to welcome the stranger and care for the alien,” the bishops added. [Yes!  But with private Christian charity, not with money taken from taxpayers!—ed]

Bishop Olson of Fort Worth: We need to get our MONEY! Well, no, he didn’t say that and that is why I am posting on their MONEY again.

Texas is home to about 8.5 million Catholics, nearly 30% of the state’s population. Bishops Edward Burns of Dallas and Michael Olson of Fort Worth represent the dioceses in North Texas.


Since 2010, Texas has received more refugees than any other state — about 10% of the nationwide total, the governor said in the letter. The Pew Research Center reports that since 2002 Texas has accepted more than 88,000 refugees — more than any state but California.

“Texas has carried more than its share in assisting the refugee resettlement process and appreciates that other states are available to help with these efforts,” Abbott said.

More here.

This is why they are so upset!  From USA Spending posted yesterday.

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops has lost millions of federal dollars under President Trump’s refugee resettlement reform effort.

From USA Spending. Federal grants to the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.


Do the 8.5 million Catholics in the state of Texas condone the Bishops living off the US taxpayers and keeping that fact secret?

I bet the vast majority of Catholics think that they are taking care of refugees by passing the plate at mass.

By the way, the Bishops were not alone. Texas Muslims blasted Governor Abbott as I reported earlier today.


*** For new readers these (below) are the nine federally-funded refugee contractors that operate as a huge conveyor belt monopolizing all refugee placement in America.

A ‘religious’ message from CWS’s “ministry!” CWS is one of three federally funded contractors suing to stop the President’s effort to reform the UN-driven Refugee Admissions Program.

And, they do not limit their advocacy toward only legal immigration programs, but are heavily involved in supporting the lawlessness at our borders.

The question isn’t as much about refugees per se, but about who is running federal immigration policy now and into the future?  

Go here to see that the nine contractors sucked down over $3 BILLION in federal grants in the last 11 years.

(I plan to say this once a day from now on!)

I continue to argue that these nine contractors are the heart of America’s Open Borders movement and thus there can never be long-lasting reform of US immigration policy when these nine un-elected phony non-profits are paid by the taxpayers to work as community organizers pushing an open borders agenda.




Texas: Ten Political Agitation Groups Trash Governor’s Decision on Refugees

“It’s unfortunate that Gov. Abbott once again chose to make Texas distinct with its hate.”

(Imam Omar Suleiman)

Of course the first thing I wanted to know was who are the ten, and I’ll be darned, I couldn’t find out.  Maybe one of you can, but this story at the Dallas Observer only identifies a few of those who blasted Governor Greg Abbott for asking for a brief break in the stream of refugees being placed in Texas.

Just so you know, Abbott asked for a break that would last from only June to September 2020, surely not enough time to significantly slow the transformation of Texas from a conservative red state to a socialist blue state—which is what this is all about.

And, look who is prominently featured at the presser—CAIR and professional protester Imam Omar Suleiman.

Far Left: Imam Omar Suleiman, founder and president of Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research and Faith Forward Dallas.


Dallas Refugee Organizations Unite Against Abbott’s Ban

Since when are CAIR and the Muslim American Society refugee organizations.

I don’t think the Trump White House planned it that way, but Trump’s September Executive Order sure is helping identify the political players working to change America by changing the people.

Here is a bit of the Dallas Observer  story:

Ten Dallas refugee, immigrant and religious organizations spoke in unified opposition Friday to Gov. Greg Abbott’s refusal last week to continue accepting refugees to Texas. [But, who are the ten?  The reporter names a few, mostly Muslims.—ed]

In a joint press conference, representatives of those agencies, who collectively offer housing, job, language, legal, social and general support to refugees and other displaced people, spoke directly to Abbott, arguing that refugees are an asset to Texas and asking him to reconsider his decision no longer to be a resettlement location for refugees.

“Today, we have a large multifaith, multicultural group of people coming together … to stand united to let the world know that Texas welcomes refugees of all backgrounds. And that we unequivocally condemn and stand against the governor’s decision to not allow refugees to come to our great state,” said Faizan Syed, executive director of the Texas DFW chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.


Advocates and agency heads one by one called out Abbott’s ban as shameful, detrimental to Texas and contrary to the state’s values.  [I still want to know who are the ten groups.—ed]


“It’s unfortunate that Gov. Abbott once again chose to make Texas distinct with its hate,” said Imam Omar Suleiman, founder and president of Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research and Faith Forward Dallas.

Suleiman, like other speakers, compared the present government policies toward refugees with those during the 1930s and 1940s, in which the country rejected many Jewish refugees fleeing the Holocaust.  [Crocodile tears!—ed]

Read it all here.

You met Imam Suleiman participating in an illegal sit-in at the US Capitol in March of 2018.  The corny demonstration was organized by our old friends at Church World Service.

That is Suleiman, CAIR’s Nihad Awad and Linda Sarsour about to be arrested at the demonstration against the President’s plans to end the DACA program for young illegal aliens.

The Leftwingers love this stuff—demonstrating, holding press conferences—and it works for them or they wouldn’t do it.

It occurred to me—where are our immigration restriction groups holding press conferences in support of Governor Abbott either on the national level or in Texas?


Miami Archbishop Slams Governor Abbott; Brings Me to ‘Knowledge is Power V’

Some years ago I said I would write a post every time I saw a story about US Catholic Bishops lecturing us about “welcoming the stranger” without mentioning the millions of dollars in federal boodle they are paid to do their ‘good works.’

I haven’t written every time, but this story particularly irked me.

And, certainly, I can’t speak for Jesus Christ (as the US Bishops think they can), but I sincerely doubt he ever had in mind that his church would be living off of Caesar’s money.

Miami Archbishop Thomas Wenski never mentions the Bishops federal funding. Gee I wonder why?

This morning I see that Archbishop Thomas Wenski of Miami is slamming Texas Governor Greg Abbott for his decision to forego resettlement for a small portion of this fiscal year.

Of course the Archbishop is playing politics and trying to keep Florida Governor Greg DeSantis from going down that same evil (in their eyes) path.

From Eurasia Review:

Miami Archbishop Promotes Refugee Resettlement


The Archbishop of Miami has emphasized the importance of welcoming refugees, and decried the decision of Texas Governor Greg Abbott not to participate in the federal refugee resettlement program.

Texas Governor Abbott is the only Republican governor so far to support the President’s efforts to reform the UN-driven Refugee Admissions Program.

“Often mentored by church volunteers and given resettlement support, refugees and their family quickly integrate into American society, finding work and making a positive contribution to their adopted country,” said Archbishop Thomas Wenski in a Jan. 16 letter to the editor of the Miami Herald.

Tomorrow is the big day when the Bishops must get their requests for MONEY into the federal government! 

“Submit proposals” means apply for taxpayer MONEY!

Resettlement agencies are preparing to submit proposals to the Office of Refugee Resettlement on Jan. 21 to continue this ministry of ‘welcoming the stranger.’ Catholic Charities look forward to local governments continuing welcoming refugees in those communities where we already serve.”


Archbishop Wenski expressed disappointment in Abbott for discontinuing Texas’ participation in the refugee resettlement program.


“As Catholics, an essential aspect of our faith is to welcome the stranger and care for the alien.”

But, where does it say that the church can extract money from taxpayers so they can act holier-than-thou and pretend they are doing Christian charity!

So here is ‘Knowledge is Power V’

Use to find out exactly how much government boodle (your tax dollars) is going to ‘religious’ charities like the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.

This is what I learned.

The Bishops over the last twelve months received $62.7 MILLION from you via the US Treasury for their migration programs which includes the US Refugee Admissions Program and their sweet deal to ‘take care of’ Unaccompanied Alien Children.

But, see the graph (below) and note that they are way down from the peak of the Obama years when they were really rolling in dough.

When you do your search, be aware that it might take a few minutes to figure out how the ‘non-profit’ is titled. In the case of my Bishops search I needed to spell out United States rather than enter simply US Conference of Catholic Bishops.

BTW, the Bishops get millions more dollars for other things they do, but I was only interested in their ‘refugee’ funds.

$62.7 Million is what the Bishops received over the last 12 months (to welcome the stranger).

See that their headquarters are in Washington, DC, a short walk from the US Capitol (so they can lobby more easily?)


The screenshot below shows how much of our money involuntarily went to the Bishops in FY2019, $52,867,109.


And, then see why they are hopping mad at President Trump! Their funding has been cut in half since its peak in Obama year 2016!



See what you can find!  Go to USA Spending.

I clicked on ‘Profiles’ and then chose ‘Recipients’ in the drop down.

My plan is to do this for all of the nine federal contractors in the coming days.  I did learn already that Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service did not have such a precipitous loss of federal payout.

And I learned that some of the totals are greater than those in the table I posted in ‘Knowledge is Power II.’

All previous ‘Knowledge is Power’ posts are here.

And, see that I have updated one post in the series when I found the subcontractors that benefit from the US Conference of Catholic Bishops traunch from the US Treasury.