Alinskyism (Day 16)

I was going to write about communication today, the greatest asset required to be a successful community organizer, however, just making my rounds of blogs this morning I thought Saul Alinsky’s further admonition about destabilizing communities was more appropriate.   The militant Muslims we see protesting around the country have most definitely been trained by leftist … Continue reading Alinskyism (Day 16)

Alinskyism (Day 15)

For anyone wondering how a man like Obama is about to be sworn in as President of the United States, I implore readers to read two books.   Read Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and Obama’s (ghostwritten?) “Dreams from my Father.”  And, for conservatives now gnashing teeth over issues:  bailouts, taxes, gun control, welfare, immigration etc. … Continue reading Alinskyism (Day 15)

Alinskyism (Day 14)

Note to readers:  This is another of the sporadic posts which I have categorized as “community destabilization.”   Immigrants and refugees offer a continuous supply of ‘Have-nots’ for whom radicals can wage a war against the ‘Haves.’    Community instability is necessary to bring about “change.”   To Saul Alinsky the world breaks down along clean lines … Continue reading Alinskyism (Day 14)