Trump Department of State supports the Muslim Brotherhood, White House caves

Not only on the Refugee Admissions front (see my previous post), but obviously fearing powerful Islamists, the US State Department has convinced the wobbling White House to not name the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. From Leo Hohmann at World Net Daily  yesterday: President Trump has decided not to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a […]

Confirmed! TRUMP's Department of State is going back to normal refugee admission numbers

Leo Hohmann at World Net Daily received word from a US State Department spokesperson that YES, as the HuffPo reported yesterday, the Administration is going to admit 900 refugees a week for the remainder of the fiscal year which ends September 30th. As of yesterday, that would mean that 62,482 could be the expected total.  […]

Huffington Post: State Department says it will up refugee arrivals to 900 a WEEK!

We have increased the current pace of refugee arrivals to approximately 900 individuals per week. (State Department spokesperson)   Oh geez! What the heck is the Trump Administration doing? As we have said repeatedly, Trump’s refugee admissions are not at the mercy of two rogue judges. He can bring in any number under the CEILING […]

In nearly 10 years we have admitted 139,695 Iraqi 'refugees' with no sign of flow stopping

In my previous post, I reported that three Iraqi ‘refugees’ have been arrested in Virginia for lying on their admission forms to the US. At least one of them made up his ‘persecution’ story! How many more liars are there in this huge flow to America? Because I wanted to see how many Iraqis were […]

Iraqi refugees arrested in Virginia for lying on their refugee admission applications

They lied more than once! The first whopper was a lie of omission.  They failed to mention that their brother was a terrorist. And, at least one of them made up his “persecution” story to justify his admission to the US as a refugee. Hasan admitted to making false statements and creating his persecution story. […]

587 refugees admitted since 120-day moratorium should have started, Syrians top list

It has been 13 days since the Trump Administration said it would begin a 120-day moratorium on admissions through an Executive Order blocked by two rogue judges. Instead of doing what the Trump Department of State is legally permitted to do, without an EO, and pause the program, we have admitted 587 additional refugees since […]

Eastern European countries join forces! Refuse to take refugees Brussels is pushing on them

Invasion of Europe news…. Europe is in the mess it is in because leaders in Brussels did not have the will to stop the migration from the Middle East and North Africa in its earliest days.  It would have only taken a few boats being turned back to the African coast and to the Turkish […]

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service "cautiously hopeful" refugee ceiling will return to 110,000

I’m actually stunned that they think that the Trump Administration could be forced by a judge (or two judges) to shoot for a refugee “ceiling” number set by Obama for a year he would no longer be President. For the zillionth time, even if Obama was  still in the White House there is no legal […]

'Religious Left' on the rise in response to President Trump's people and policies

Are they organizing in your name? This is a Reuters story highlighting the phrase ‘Religious Left’ something we have been talking about on these pages for years.  Entitled of course to their political views, what has grated on me for so long is the FACT that many of the organizations working on the ‘Religious Left’ […]

Aberdeen, SD: Somali refugee sentenced to 3 years for attempted sexual assault of a mentally challenged woman

When we first reported this case, it was learned through an apparent miscommunication by lawyers for the defendant that he had only arrived in the country the week before the incident occurred in July of last year. Now we learn he was a wandering Somali who had first been resettled in Idaho three years ago […]