Tysons denies claims of threat in plant, but feds have been called in, armed guard hired

Say what?  Obviously downplaying the reports of a death threat, a spokesman for Tyson’s Food in Shelbyville, TN is now saying there was no graffiti stating that “all Americans must die” written on a wall in the plant, no restroom was set on fire, there was no threat, just inaccurate statements being made to the press.  Well, if nothing much is happening then why notify the federal government (Homeland Security maybe?) and hire extra guards?

From the Times-Gazette:

A Tyson Foods spokesperson stated Wednesday that while graffiti was recently discovered at their Shelbyville facility, media reports about the details are not factual.

However the spokesman also stated that federal authorities have been contacted about the matter.

Late last week, Shelbyville police began providing an armed off-duty officer for the Tyson Foods facility after alleged threatening messages reportedly were made.

Nashville television station WSMV reported claims made by an unidentified woman that someone wrote “all Americans must die” on a bathroom wall — an act that was reportedly preceded by a fire in a woman’s restroom inside the plant a week before.

But Tyson Foods spokesperson Gary Mickelson said in a statement that “(c)ontrary to media reports, the graffiti does not include the words “all Americans must die.”

“Reports that someone set the women’s restroom on fire last week are also not true,” Mickelson said. “In addition, Labor Day continues to be a paid holiday at the plant.”

But Mickelson also said that the firm is “investigating the discovery of some graffiti in a specific location in our Shelbyville plant last week.”

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Skip the spokesman and go directly to a plant worker!

A Northeast Intelligent Network Senior Investigator got a little different story directly from a security officer at the plant.

On Friday, 24 December 2010, this investigator spoke with a plant security worker who confirmed the incident, and stated that the plant security suspects that one or more of the Somali Muslim workers is behind the threatening message. The Tyson plant employs a significant number of Muslims from Somalia, many who appear increasingly unhappy following the airing of a liberal documentary of the “plight” of Somalis in Shelbyville that recently premiered.

An article by Jerry Gordon, a writer for Chip Hanlon’s Red County, published on 24 December 2010 also references the documentary and the ” Somali Muslim culture clash in Shelbyville.”

According to the plant security officer interviewed by this investigator, plant workers are concerned for the safety of the food product they produce and in some cases, afraid for their own safety. “Most of these [Somali Muslims] don’t want to interact with others, integrate within the community, and seem quite antagonistic to the American way of life,” he stated. “I don’t know why they want to continue to work or live here when they seem very unhappy all of the time,” he added. This source stated that their behavior concerns other American workers at the plant.

“It’s just a matter of time before something happens, whether it’s to our product or internally here at the plant,” he added.

Here is our first report of this story on December 23rd which includes a link to our coverage of the Leftwing propaganda film about how everything is peachy in Shelbyville with Tysons and Somalis.

Food for thought: Victor Davis Hanson on the degradation of California

This is an article that was published a couple of weeks ago before the Dream Act went up in flames in the US Senate.  I’m just seeing it now thanks to Brad. It’s long but very well worth reading the whole thing.

This little section highlights, I think, the annoyance I see here from commenters at RRW, especially angered at other commenters like Brim who seem to not like America (or at least white America) very much.   Please answer the question Victor Davis Hanson raises.   If America is so awful, so racist, so mean, so (you name it), why are illegal aliens begging to stay, all the while disparaging hard working country class Americans and our western culture?

By the way, the same goes for refugees who disparage America, why stay if this is such a rotten country?  Grateful hardworking immigrants who want to embrace our culture are not the problem.

From National Review OnLine (emphasis mine):

Fresno’s California State University campus is embroiled in controversy over the student body president’s announcing that he is an illegal alien, with all the requisite protests in favor of the DREAM Act. I won’t comment on the legislation per se, but again only note the anomaly. I taught at CSUF for 21 years. I think it fair to say that the predominant theme of the Chicano and Latin American Studies program’s sizable curriculum was a fuzzy American culpability. By that I mean that students in those classes heard of the sins of America more often than its attractions. In my home town, Mexican flag decals on car windows are far more common than their American counterparts.

I note this because hundreds of students here illegally are now terrified of being deported to Mexico. I can understand that, given the chaos in Mexico and their own long residency in the United States. But here is what still confuses me: If one were to consider the classes that deal with Mexico at the university, or the visible displays of national chauvinism, then one might conclude that Mexico is a far more attractive and moral place than the United States.

So there is a surreal nature to these protests: something like, “Please do not send me back to the culture I nostalgically praise; please let me stay in the culture that I ignore or deprecate.” I think the DREAM Act protestors might have been far more successful in winning public opinion had they stopped blaming the U.S. for suggesting that they might have to leave at some point, and instead explained why, in fact, they want to stay. What it is about America that makes a youth of 21 go on a hunger strike or demonstrate to be allowed to remain in this country rather than return to the place of his birth?

Read it all and weep for California.

Update on armed security at Tysons Shelbyville, TN plant

This is an update on the report we had a few days before Christmas about a possible terror threat at the Tysons chicken plant in Shelbyville, TN.  Tysons officials are pretty tight-lipped about what’s going on, so there isn’t much new here, but there are a few more details about the scare.

From the Times-Gazette:

Shelbyville police are providing an armed off-duty officer for the Tyson Foods facility after alleged threatening messages reportedly were made last week.

Last Thursday, Nashville television station WSMV reported claims made by an unidentified woman that someone wrote “all Americans must die” on a bathroom wall — an act that was reportedly preceded by a fire in a woman’s rest room inside the plant a week before.

However, Shelbyville police chief Austin Swing told the T-G this morning that all was peaceful inside the plant, according to the plainclothes officers patrolling inside the facility.

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Somali women demonstrate against discrimination in Muslim Turkey

They say that they cannot get housing because they are Somalis.

From WidhWidh OnLine:

Somali women living in the Mediterranean province of Isparta protested in front of the governor’s office Wednesday, claiming they have been discriminated against by landlords and cannot find houses to rent.

“They do not rent to us because we are black and have many children,” the women said in their statement, which was reported by news agencies Thursday. “We do not behave [toward foreigners] like that in Somalia,” they added.

Somalis living in boarding houses said their rental contracts expire Dec. 31 and none of the landlords in the city would agree to rent to them. Twenty people appealed to the state for help with the situation, speaking on behalf of 400 women and children from Somalia who came to Turkey to escape their country’s ongoing civil war.

Members of the protesting group held banners that read, “Our hotel is forcing us to leave,” “Protect us!” or “Everyone sends their greetings to the governor,” saying they wanted the provincial governor to hear their voices. The demonstrators continued shouting despite police efforts to calm the group down, reports said.


“There are some advertisements saying people have houses to rent, but whenever they realize we are from Somalia, they refuse us,” said one of the protesters, who said she has seven children and will be homeless soon due to having to leave the boarding house. “Are you Muslims or not?” she asked.

We learned from the UN last year that charity toward refugees originated with Islam and not with Christianity,  so what’s up with this treatment of poor Somalis by Muslim Turks?

Meanwhile Muslim Syria is accused of detaining and torturing Somalis (including women) as they tried to cross into Turkey.   From the SunaTimes (by the way, this header photo on this website is from that Newsweek puff-piece story on Lewiston, ME):

DAMASCUS- Syrian security forces on the border with Turkey arrested, tortured and threatened deportation to at least 11 Somali immigrants who escaped from the violence in their country, police sources said.

The war weary fleeing Somalis have considered Syria as safe sanctuary and human rights’ minder, but instead they are jailed, beaten and deported back to the ‘hell’ in Somalia.

Four of the immigrants who are women have escaped from Somalia after Somalia’s extremist group of Alshabaab have tried to get them forcibly married to foreign terrorists in their ranks.

” The 11 Somalis are in our jails and they were arrested on their to Turkey from Syria two weeks ago” A Syrian police official who asked not to be named says.

” Our commanders have ordered to punish them for the reason of entering Syria and deport them after a week” he added.

According to the police, the immigrants will be deported back to the world’s most dangerous country, Somalia where they have left for security reasons and poverty.

Where is the UN when you need them—when yet another Muslim country doesn’t welcome the (Muslim) stranger!

Oh nevermind, everyone knows that Muslims don’t discriminate based on skin color, just like South African blacks don’t discriminate against whites.   I’m laughing imagining how the one-worlders in the US government and their puppetmasters like George Soros are going to get past the tribalism of Islamic countries as they try to eliminate borders everywhere.


Canada: Huntley to fight deportation to South Africa

Brandon Huntley is a white man from South Africa who was granted asylum in Canada and then the decision was overturned recently by a Judge, here.

He is apparently appealing the case, here.

South African refugee seeker Brandon Huntley will appeal a decision by the Canadian Government to withdraw his right to remain in that country.

Earlier this year, a Canadian court granted the Cape Town man refugee status but later revoked its decision. His lawyer said Canadian immigration authorities were pressured by the South African government to reverse its decision.

But his lawyer on Monday said Huntley was not backing down after an appeal was lodged last week. His legal team will argue that the South African government made Canada look racist after it granted him asylum.

He was granted asylum on the basis that he was being persecuted by black people because of the high crime rate.

As I said previously, here, I think he has adequate evidence to re-open his case based on statements by a South African, rainbow nation, official who said that when returned to South Africa he will suffer the indignity of his false claims.  There was no follow-up comment from the official that assured Huntley that he will be protected by the government.  Sounded to me like an open invitation for open-season on Huntley.

In my opinion, Huntley committed the ultimate sin when he claimed racist persecution can be directed at whites too.  I imagine the UNHCR having fits over this case.