Ft. Wayne: Rat bites Burmese baby in apartment

Where is their resettlement agency?

From the Journal Gazette:

A report that a toddler had been bitten by a mouse or rat would cause most Americans fear and outrage.

When Dr. Charles Coats – who treated 19-month-old Sage Dar for the bite – learned what had caused it, he was incensed.

“You just don’t hear about rats or mice in the United States attacking babies,” Coats said. “You should never have to worry about your baby being bitten in your own home.”

But the rodent – residents were unsure whether it was a rat or a really big mouse – seemed to be only another irritant in a life that, while much better than the government oppression of their home in Myanmar or the squalid refugee camps afterward, is fraught with difficulties.

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Ft. Wayne is believed to have the largest Burmese population in the US.   This case reminded me of the stories of apartment squalor in Bowling Green, Kentucky last year.  Remember the story here.