Tysons denies claims of threat in plant, but feds have been called in, armed guard hired

Say what?  Obviously downplaying the reports of a death threat, a spokesman for Tyson’s Food in Shelbyville, TN is now saying there was no graffiti stating that “all Americans must die” written on a wall in the plant, no restroom was set on fire, there was no threat, just inaccurate statements being made to the press.  Well, if nothing much is happening then why notify the federal government (Homeland Security maybe?) and hire extra guards?

From the Times-Gazette:

A Tyson Foods spokesperson stated Wednesday that while graffiti was recently discovered at their Shelbyville facility, media reports about the details are not factual.

However the spokesman also stated that federal authorities have been contacted about the matter.

Late last week, Shelbyville police began providing an armed off-duty officer for the Tyson Foods facility after alleged threatening messages reportedly were made.

Nashville television station WSMV reported claims made by an unidentified woman that someone wrote “all Americans must die” on a bathroom wall — an act that was reportedly preceded by a fire in a woman’s restroom inside the plant a week before.

But Tyson Foods spokesperson Gary Mickelson said in a statement that “(c)ontrary to media reports, the graffiti does not include the words “all Americans must die.”

“Reports that someone set the women’s restroom on fire last week are also not true,” Mickelson said. “In addition, Labor Day continues to be a paid holiday at the plant.”

But Mickelson also said that the firm is “investigating the discovery of some graffiti in a specific location in our Shelbyville plant last week.”

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Skip the spokesman and go directly to a plant worker!

A Northeast Intelligent Network Senior Investigator got a little different story directly from a security officer at the plant.

On Friday, 24 December 2010, this investigator spoke with a plant security worker who confirmed the incident, and stated that the plant security suspects that one or more of the Somali Muslim workers is behind the threatening message. The Tyson plant employs a significant number of Muslims from Somalia, many who appear increasingly unhappy following the airing of a liberal documentary of the “plight” of Somalis in Shelbyville that recently premiered.

An article by Jerry Gordon, a writer for Chip Hanlon’s Red County, published on 24 December 2010 also references the documentary and the ” Somali Muslim culture clash in Shelbyville.”

According to the plant security officer interviewed by this investigator, plant workers are concerned for the safety of the food product they produce and in some cases, afraid for their own safety. “Most of these [Somali Muslims] don’t want to interact with others, integrate within the community, and seem quite antagonistic to the American way of life,” he stated. “I don’t know why they want to continue to work or live here when they seem very unhappy all of the time,” he added. This source stated that their behavior concerns other American workers at the plant.

“It’s just a matter of time before something happens, whether it’s to our product or internally here at the plant,” he added.

Here is our first report of this story on December 23rd which includes a link to our coverage of the Leftwing propaganda film about how everything is peachy in Shelbyville with Tysons and Somalis.