Canada rolls out the “unwelcome” mat

Thanks to reader “Truth Serum” we see that Canada is indeed planning to revamp its asylum program by listing countries from which asylum seekers will have little luck proving they were persecuted.  I mentioned the proposal here recently.

From the Ottawa Sun:

OTTAWA ­— The Conservative government is set to roll out the unwelcome mat to the annual stampede of bogus refugee claimants trying to jump the immigration line.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney is expected to unveil plans Tuesday aimed at identifying fake claimants and giving them the boot a lot more efficiently than at present.

 A senior federal official confirms Kenney will announce a new list of “safe” countries least likely to be persecuting anyone.

Anyone claiming refugee status from one of those countries would be put into a kind of immigration express lane — faster decisions, quicker evictions.

I can see a looming problem with this approach.   I’ll tell you about it in my next post.

Meanwhile they do have a problem in Canada! (I’m not saying we don’t!)

The latest immigration statistics show that last year, just over 33,000 people made refugee claims in this country.

The vast majority of those either claimed refugee status at the border, or were already in the country on visas as students, temporary workers or visitors.

Statistically, over 19,000 of those claims — roughly 58% — will be deemed bogus, and the claimants ordered out of the country.

The problem is, all that could take years, and even then there is no guarantee those turfed out of Canada actually leave. 

Over 40,000 deportees are currently missing.

Read it all.  By the way, the same thing happened here with Obama’s Aunt Zeituni who had been ordered deported but had melted back into a Boston neighborhood where she was found by some AP reporter in 2008.

Update: Garden City, KS and meatpacking giant Tysons Fresh Meats

This is an update (see one of our previous posts here in July 2009) of the ongoing efforts in Garden City, KS, a meatpacking town, to try to head off in advance clashes between ethnic groups lured to a midwestern city by the promise of meatpacking jobs.  See also our category on Greeley, CO and Grand Island, NE (chaotic anarchy!) both towns that experienced conflicts between the various immigrant groups in recent years. 

I had to laugh that Tysons Food is involved in setting up the nice sounding Coalition of Ethnic Minority Leaders ( a group Kansas taxpayers are likely funding while it’s Tysons that lured them to Garden City in the first place).  It is in their best interests to avoid a multicultural squabble.

From the Garden City Telegram:

Coined the Coalition of Ethnic Minority Leaders, the group consists of a board representing groups such as USD 457, the Garden City Police Department, Center for Families and Children, Kansas State University Extension services and more as a council of ethnic leaders. The board has outlined a vision to “create and maintain an environment of mutual respect, understanding and cooperation among ethnic minority groups and empower them to responsibly participate in building a healthier Garden City.”

The effort was spearheaded by Jonathan Galia, chaplain at the Tyson Fresh Meats beef plant, who has been actively encouraging ethnic minority groups in Finney County to organize and identify community leaders so they can effectively communicate among themselves, across communities and with local government leaders and social service agencies.

Ever since I saw this account of the Clinton Administration supplying cheap labor to the big meatpacking giants, I’ve wondered what is in it for the resettlement agencies that line up the refugee labor.  Do they somehow get a cut?  Or, are the resettlement agencies affiliated with ‘head hunter’ businesses in some way?  It is just curious don’t you think that resettlement agencies are in close proximity to meatpackers whether it’s Kansas, Nebraska, Tennessee, Colorado, Texas, or Kentucky (those are 6 states right off the top of my head)?

Or, could it be a twofer?  The agencies get their refugee clients a job and the grateful meatpackers help the political powers that be with contributions.  Where are the investigative reporters of old?

Did the Catholic Church cover up abuse of refugee boys by Cuban priest?

More bad news for the Catholic Church during this holy week.  The Miami Herald has published a detailed account of how the church heirarchy may have not acted fast enough to defrock a priest accused of molesting refugee boys in the 1980’s.

The Archdiocese of Miami, along with top Vatican authorities, knew as far back as 1968 that the Rev. Ernesto Garcia-Rubio, a priest later defrocked amid child sex-abuse allegations, had a troubled past in Cuba before transferring to South Florida, lawyers representing victims claimed Monday.


Garcia-Rubio, now 73, was celebrated as the Archdiocese of Miami’s “patron saint” of young Central American and Cuban refugee boys who flocked to his Our Lady of Divine Providence in Sweetwater in the 1980s. He served there from 1975-88.


The complaints against Garcia-Rubio — first lodged at the Sweetwater church — eventually surfaced in The Herald story, which highlighted four sex-abuse allegations by teenage Nicaraguan and Salvadoran refugees from 1983 to 1988.

Read the whole sordid tale, here.

For me, this news comes in the wake of other disappointing news we have reported at RRW in the last few weeks.  First, we saw the US Conference of Catholic Bishops help organize that Marxist March on Washington earlier this month, here.  We’ve had two reports this week alone where Catholic refugee resettlement agencies have not fulfilled their obligations to properly care for refugees in Fredericksburg, VA, here, and San Antonio, TX here.   And, adding insult to injury, the USCCB could not function at all if they weren’t funded by us—the taxpayer!