CAIR wants St. Cloud highschools investigated

Who could have seen this coming (jesting of course!)?  Here comes CAIR (aka the Muslim Mafia) to the rescue as tensions build in St. Cloud, MN because of the growing Somali population (thank the US State Department and Catholic Charities among others for their roles in destabilizing your communities).   Check out my post yesterday, here.

From the St. Cloud Times:

An Islamic civil rights group in Minnesota has asked the U.S. Department of Education to investigate what it calls a hostile learning environment for Muslims in St. Cloud and other Minnesota schools.

The request comes from the Council on American-Islamic Relations. The group says there is a growing number of instances in Minnesota schools in which Somali and Muslim students are being harassed and discriminated against. Some of the incidents took place at Apollo and Technical high schools, the group said.

“We just want them to investigate these incidents,” said Lori Saroya, president of the Minnesota chapter of CAIR. “We think there needs to be something statewide, something larger to take place.”

Saroya said many of the incidents have taken place in St. Cloud and Owatonna, in southern Minnesota. The group has sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Education detailing several incidents in Minnesota schools and has specifically asked the department to investigate Tech, Apollo and Owatonna high schools.

Check out CAIR threatening Lewiston, ME school district too, here.

This is going to become a more frequent occurance as more Somalis are on the way!

We have learned that 270 Somali illegal aliens who entered the US recently through Mexico are being sought by ICE.  The fear is that they are connected to the terrorist group, Al-Shabaab here.

For information on Somali missing youths, American citizens who have gone to Somalia to learn the Jihad trade, some leaving through Mexico, use those search words.  We have written dozens of stories on the case.  For more on Al-shabaab (sometimes spelled Al-shabab) also use our search function.

The US State Department has admitted over 80,000 Somali refugees to the US (this linked post continues to be one of the most widely read posts we have ever written) in the last 25 years and then in 2008 had to suspend family reunification because widespread immigration fraud was revealed through DNA testing.  That specific program has not yet been reopened (that we know of), but will be soon

Nevertheless, thousands of Somali Muslims continue to be resettled by the State Department as I write this. We recently learned that we will be taking 6000 Somalis this year from one camp in Uganda and as many as 11,000-13,000 total from around the world.

Frustrated and sick of this?  Complain here!   Do not forget to copy your complaints to your two US Senators and your Congressman (add in your governor and state representatives for good measure).

NumbersUSA’s Roy Beck filed criminal assault charges against SEIU bullies at the March on America

Good for him.  Just now I received an e-mail alert from NumbersUSA about that awful scene at the Marxist Open Borders March last Sunday that I described here.  According to the alert Roy Beck has filed criminal assault charges against the mimes and the SEIU (Service Employee International Union) thug blowing a whistle throughout who looked like he was the ringleader.  Be sure to read Beck’s blog post on what all went down that day, here.

The timing is pretty good on this, just when the Far Left Democrats in Congress are  being cry babies and claiming they are being intimidated, the Marxist gang at SEIU has demonstrated what threatening bullies they are!

From now on, every single threat against a conservative or someone questioning immigration policy should be followed up with an official report to authorities.

And, anyone who really cares about the well-being of immigrants needs to stay clear of the very radical SEIU which simply wants more immigrant members to pay dues and to help vote them into political power.  These are not people motivated by compassion!  They just know how to put on a good humanitarian act.  But, watching those mimes and the whistleblower in the SEIU purple shirt should be all you need to know these are really evil people. 

Let me ask all of you reading this the question that Roy Beck was trying to ask march participants—what will happen to America if the borders are thrown wide open?   Think about it!  Is that what you really want?

Comment worth noting: Kansas City refugee agency treated us badly

Readers, this is a comment from an Iraqi refugee who has had problems in Kansas City, MO with his resettlement agency, Jewish Vocational Services (JVS) a subcontractor of the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI).  He is not the first to have problems with JVS.  To get the full story you should read back through 5 posts archived here.

Some readers will be tempted to be angry at the Iraqi man.  Don’t be.  It is not his fault that someone along the line sold him a bill of goods about what he was going to get in the US if he signed up to come here.   And, these agencies like JVS are almost completely funded with your tax money and we should be demanding they treat refugees decently or get out of the business!   

Presently the National Security Council under the direction of Samantha Power is doing a supposed reform of the program, but they are too chicken, as is the US State Department, to take on these powerful FEDERAL CONTRACTORS like USCRI and it is sickening to watch.  Incidentally, former USCRI VP, Eskinder Negash, is now head of the entire Office of Refugee Resettlement in the Dept. of Health and Human Services and is in charge of handing out goodies (your money) to his old friends. 

Anyway here is our commenter today.  He is a brave guy for speaking out, so let’s hope he is helped and not punished for doing so.

Dear Sir
I’m the Iraqi refugee [name removed for his safety]

I would like to announce to you what happened to us since our arrival to America, so far.
We arrived on 3 \ 12 \ 2009 and lived in a hotel and after I entered the hospital for treatment in that time the agency which responsible of us it call JVS they came and took my family to the unhealthy house and full of insects which it forced my family to live in it and but they threatened my family that if they did not live in this house they will not pay for hotel.

My family returned to the hotel and we pay to live in the hotel …. That’s make me leave the hospital on my own and I went to the agency which it responsible for us and threatened to complain against them so they admission that they was guilty and apologized to us & they pay for hotel …… Then try to fixed the house and they deal with us to live in the house temporarily until they find another house, and so was the agreement but they didn’t do what we deal and we lived in the house for two months and they came after that and said that they will deduct from each cash assistant 90% …. When I calculated by Wright that it would stay $ 80 we spend during the month, & you know its not enough for one person . we told them make it $ 150 …. but they refused on the one hand and the other hand, they said if we did not sign the lease contract of the house in which we refuse to live in it than it would chase us that’s make me rent an apartment on my our own account.

So they cut all assistant which they submitted them to us and let us live this tragedy.
and since we got so far ….. We hope that you will help us in finding a solution to the diamonds that we have come to the United States on 3 \ 12 \ 2009 period that is to say that we have no more than four months and you tell us that the aid will continue for the duration of 8 months, and they also said that …

We hope that this pleasant note of the way we live in the state of Missouri in Kansas City …. By the way this problem started on 1\3\2010
Note:- what we know that the government give $450 to each one when arrived to the city ( its gift) ………. But they took it & didn’t gave it to us

Remember the other day at the “celebration” for the 30th anniversary of the Refugee Resettlement Act of 1980 a Burmese refugee asked “where is the money going?”  We would like to know the answer to that too!

Check the numbers here!  Note that the Obama Administration is on target to bring 80,000 refugees to the US in the middle of the recession.  Iraqis are presently topping the list of refugees arriving.  I believe Obama and his minions are deliberately destabilizing US cities by using the refugees and immigrants as pawns in a larger political game.  It is the only explanation that makes any sense.  Remember this:

I’m reminded of the Iraqi boy wise beyond his years!    I told you about him in September of 2008, here.   He summed up his observations about the unhappy situation with Iraqi refugees in a letter to the editor to the Tucson Citizen with this line:

It is better to have 10 Iraqi refugees who are satisfied with their lives than having 100 angry ones with no life at all.

Frankly, the State Department should be readying airlifts home for any refugee profoundly angry or unhappy (paid for out of the funds of the volag that didn’t do its job)!  But, they won’t, because to do so they would have to admit that the whole program is flawed, so they just let the refugees suffer.  So much for compassion!

Frustrated and sick of this?  Complain here!   Do not forget to copy your complaints to your two US Senators and your Congressman (add in your governor and state representatives for good measure).