VDARE writer: stop all Muslim immigration to the US

Brenda Walker writing at VDARE on Friday pulls no punches when she recommends ZERO Muslim immigration to the US.

Persons concerned about the survival of Western Civilization watch Europe’s degradation with alarm, as hostile Muslims use intimidation and violence to destroy freedom of speech, individual rights and women’s equality.

Those freedoms are increasingly under assault in America too; one example is the woman who suggested Everyone Draw Mohammed Day was forced into hiding by Muslim death threats.

As terror analyst Walid Phares noted last fall, “According to open-source reports, between 2001 and 2008, U.S. agencies stopped one or two terror attempts a year. However, from 2009 until today, the government has been uncovering one or two cases a month, a troubling growth in jihadi activities.”

The prudent thing for Washington to do would be to stop Muslim immigration entirely, since there is no right to immigrate, and national security is endangered by the historically adversarial group.

We should have ZERO Muslim immigration, not a continued open door to potential enemies.

Instead the numbers are increasing.

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ORR! January 31st (today!) is the deadline for the annual report to be submitted to Congress

As of the close of business today, you are THREE YEARS BEHIND in reporting to Congress the full economic and social impact of the large numbers of refugees being resettled to the US.  See reports here.

The Office of Refugee Resettlement is REQUIRED BY LAW to submit a report to Congress by January 31st of the year following the end of the previous fiscal year.  The last report filed is 2007.  So ORR now owes Congress and the public 2008, 2009 and 2010.  Those are the worst years so far of the great recession and we can only conclude that ORR does not want to reveal to the public the dismal financial situation the refugees and the volags (federal contractors) are in!

Readers, if you have never looked at an annual report, check out 2007 and see what an incredible trove of information these reports contain.  Can you just imagine what the unemployment numbers are today or the welfare usage when over 50% of refugees in 2007 were on food stamps.

For just a reminder of what the refugee/asylum program costs you, go here.

Waves of Rohingya Muslims still arriving in Thailand…

….and likely will be resettled in the West.

I haven’t written much about Rohingya (a Muslim minority group from Burma) lately (we have 96 posts on them here in a special category).  My interest had been about whether the US State Department was going to resettle them to the US, and once we quietly began doing that and dropping them into the middle of Christian Burmese communities, I got too disgusted to write about it.  Centuries of animosity are not going to be erased just because some Leftists in the State Department and in the contractor community say it will be so.  The American melting pot does not work when Islamic supremacism is involved.

From CNN:

Authorities in Thailand were trying Tuesday to deal with a new group of 67 members of an ethnic Muslim minority that arrived in a boat claiming that they were the victims of persecution.

The new group adds to a recent wave of Rohingya who have recently arrived in southern Thailand, claiming that they have been persecuted in Myanmar.

Their arrival could test Bangkok’s international pledges to treat the Rohingya humanely, two years after Thailand faced international condemnation over secret policies of towing Rohingya back out to sea in unpowered boats with little food and water.

The article goes on to report that there are one thousand Rohingya detained in Thailand at the moment with the Thai government trying to figure out what to do with them.

There must be more Rohingya going to Europe, and particularly Ireland, these days because I see this older post about Rohingya being resettled in Ireland visited a lot recently.

By the way, legitimate asylum seekers are to seek asylum in the first country in which they land, however, our State Department broke that rule (and set a precedent) when they very flagrantly began resettling as refugees economic migrants from Africa who landed on Malta, here.   The practice was set in motion by the Bush Administration and is, no surprise, being continued by the Obama Administration.

Homeland Security tracking Central American smugglers of east Africans

…..but why not start investigating right here in the USA!

I just discovered this blog which I plan to visit often (and will put on our blogroll).  It’s called “Asylumist”  and it’s about , what else, the other half of our refugee resettlement program, the asylum program.   People get confused all the time about the fraternal twin programs—both born of the same law and only differing slightly in their appearance, but not in the results.

A “refugee” is determined to be persecuted and is screened abroad and brought here with the  help of the United Nations and the US State Department (you pay the airfare).  An asylum seeker gets to our borders on his or her own steam and then asks for asylum by claiming he or she will be persecuted if returned to their home country.   And, let me say right here, a true asylum seeker is SUPPOSED to ask for asylum in the first country in which they land.  They are not supposed to make six stops before reaching our borders and then asking for asylum.

The number of asylum seekers is increasing by leaps and bounds.  In 1990 we granted asylum to 8,472 claimants and in 2009 that number had risen to 22,119.  For some perspective, the number of refugees admitted in 2009 was around 74,000.  Both groups are then eligible for most forms of public assistance, legal permanent residency (there used to be a cap on this number each year, but no longer) and ultimately citizenship.   But, here is a kicker.  If someone isn’t granted asylum they can just disappear into America—like the now famous Auntie Zeituni (Obama’s Kenyan aunt)—because no one is detained prior to the decision (or after the decision for that matter).  Up until this year asylum seekers were detained after coming across the border.

What do you know!  Homeland Security is concerned about Central American smugglers of Somalis!

From the Asylumist:

Many African asylum seekers enter the United States at the Mexican border. Their journey to the U.S. is long and circuitous. In East Africa (where some of my clients come from), people travel from Ethiopia, Eritrea or Somalia to Kenya. From there, they go to South Africa and Brazil using false passports, and then through South America (sometimes by boat up the Amazon River!), to Central America, and then Mexico and the U.S. Along the route, they are passed from one smuggler to the next. Its big business for the smugglers: I’ve heard the trip costs between $10,000.00 and $15,000.00, and sometimes more.


Now, if the rumor mill is to be believed, DHS and at least one Latin American government are planning to arrest some additional smugglers in Central America. DHS investigators have been interviewing smuggled aliens in the United States. They have asked the aliens to identify photos of several smugglers based in Central American. While most of the smugglers are from Latin America, at least one is African.

It seems that DHS’s central concern involves the Somalis, who have long been viewed as a potential threat to national security (I’ve blogged about this issue here), and apparently DHS’s interrogation of the smuggled aliens has focused on Somali migrants.

I suggest DHS start by asking some big American NGOs (and immigration lawyers) what they know about the Somalis coming across our border.  It strikes me as a bit far-fetched to assume that some poor Somali with no English language skills should be able to get half way around the world and know to ask for asylum on our Mexican border.   I wrote about my suspicions here earlier this month.

And tell me if this makes sense—poor Somali has $10,000-$15,000 just kicking around to pay for the journey to America in order to get a minimum wage job with a meatpacker.   Who is paying the asylum seeker or the smuggler?

So how much does all this cost us?

Your tax dollars:

You are probably aware that the last Congress never did pass an Appropriations bill for the fiscal year (FY 2011) that we began on October 1st, 2010 and is about to take up the matter with votes expected in mid February.  Although the Constitution says that all money bills must originate in the House of Representatives, at the end of the 111th Congress the US Senate was actually driving the appropriations debate with a draft Appropriations bill.

According to the blog MicEvHill the following is a summary of the spending that was proposed in the last Congress for Refugee and Asylee programs (MicEvHill doesn’t seem to have links for the individual posts which makes finding things very difficult, you need to go here and scroll down to the story on January 5th).  The new House of Representatives is proposing an appropriations cut which takes the spending back to 2008 levels.

The grand total cost of the Refugee program as proposed by the Senate is just over $2,500,000,000 (that is billions!), while 2008 levels would take it down a half billion to around $2 billion.

From MicEvHill:

*Refugee Admissions and Overseas Refugee Assistance. The draft Senate bill would have appropriated $1.685 BILLION in fiscal year 2011 for Department of State’s Migration and Refugee Assistance (MRA) account, which funds both refugee admissions and overseas refugee assistance. Congress appropriated the same amount for the MRA account in fiscal year 2010. However, it only appropriated $1.296 BILLION for the MRA account in fiscal year 2008.

*Emergency Refugee and Migration Assistance. The draft Senate bill would have appropriated $45 MILLION in fiscal year 2011 for the Emergency Refugee and Migration Assistance (ERMA) account, which funds draw-downs for emergency refugee situations. Congress appropriated the same amount for the ERMA account in fiscal year 2010. However, it appropriated $76 MILLION for the ERMA account in fiscal year 2008.

*Office of Refugee Resettlement. The draft Senate bill would have appropriated $767.1 MILLION in fiscal year 2011 for the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), which operates the federal government’s refugee resettlement, trafficking victim assistance, torture victim assistance, and unaccompanied alien children programs. Congress appropriated $730.928 MILLION for ORR’s activities in fiscal year 2010. However, it only appropriated only $628 MILLION for ORR in fiscal year 2008.

*Refugee and Asylum Adjudications. The draft Senate bill would have directly appropriated $176.4 MILLION in fiscal year 2011 to the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for processing applications for asylum or refugee status. Congress appropriated $50 MILLION for refugee and asylum adjudications in fiscal year 2010. However, it did not appropriate any funds for that purpose in fiscal year 2008.

Granted, some of this funding gets sent abroad—like that ERMA money ($20 million) that Obama sent to the Palestinians in 2009, here, but this means that with about 100,000 combined refugees and asylees we admit each year the cost of this program could be more than $20,000 per refugee ($100,000 for a family of 4?). You know the refugees aren’t getting much so you can see why this is such a cash cow for the immigration industry (including the UN, by the way).

And, that number does not include the cost to cities and states for health care, education, public housing, public safety and so on.

Who benefits the most?  Volags like the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (which lobbies for more legal immigration and for amnesty for illegal immigrants) and big companies who need cheap labor like Tyson Foods benefit.

What is that expression again?  Doing well by doing good?