Rumors abound as Tyson Foods continues to send mixed messages

The Times-Gazette in Shelbyville, TN has a new story today laying out the time line of the developing story we first posted here before Christmas about an alleged terror threat at the Tyson Foods meatpacking plant, the same plant we have been writing about for years!

T-G Reporter Brian Mosely asks about the mixed messages coming out of company with a suggestion that maybe bloggers (!) wouldn’t be speculating about what exactly happened if Tyson’s spokesmen would come out with the whole truth.   Mosely gives us a time line of who said what and when, then concludes:

If the alleged graffiti did not include the reported threatening words, what exactly was written that would require the involvement of federal authorities? And which federal agency is now looking into this matter?

But if the graffiti was harmless and not threatening, why not release the contents of the message to the public?

Doing so would go a long way in stifling the rumor mill and putting worried residents at ease.

Had Tyson Foods given a full explanation of what allegedly occurred in the facility, we seriously doubt that Nashville’s NBC affiliate would have wasted valuable holiday air time on a story based on a second-hand rumor about what someone supposedly wrote on a bathroom wall.

Instead, the lack of disclosure over what appears to be a minor case of vandalism has only incited more speculation and rumor over what goes on inside the plant.

Read it all.

Yes, indeed! Time for the whole story!