Albanian caught on camera having sex with homeowner’s dog jailed for six years

That, readers, is the headline of a post at The Muslim Issue.  The original story comes from the UK Daily Mail.  The incident happened in Rye, NY.  This story says he lived in Rye for 15 years.  And, here is a news story when he was first arrested that indicates the women living in the apartment complex had complained about him (it doesn’t sound like women were  high on his list of interests).

I’ve searched around and can’t find any definitive source telling us he is an Albanian Muslim (other than The Muslim Issue  which had originally reported it that way), but he hasn’t learned much about our culture in 15 years (we love our dogs!) and is obviously a severely disturbed immigrant who should be deported (why are we wasting time and money by incarcerating him?). 

Update:  I see that The Muslim Issue has printed some clarification and now says that they don’t know if the Albanian man is a Muslim. I was thinking it would be especially strange if a Muslim would get so cozy with a dog.

One of the major ways the mainstream media protects immigrant criminals like Kujtim Nicaj (no matter their religion or country of origin) is that they never tell us how he came to be in the US.   Did he come illegally? Did he get into that mystery line everyone mentions when they foolishly say, “I’m against illegal immigration, but legal is o.k.!”  Did he come on a visa and overstay his visa?  Did he come through chain migration?  Or, was he a refugee or asylee?

Is he a refugee?

I’m guessing he was a refugee (if the media doesn’t report it, we can just guess! right!) because we have resettled thousands of Albanians/Kosovars over the years.  If he came to Rye, NY 15 years ago, he may very well have been among the 3,636 Albanians we resettled between 1983 and 1997. (( First, go to the Georgetown Law Library website here.  Find the annual report for 1997 (15 years before the dog rape), go to Appendix A and see statistics on Albanians resettled here.  Many went to New York state)).  Keep in mind that he could be here illegally; one reader tells me he has met illegal alien Albanians.

Forget the dog rapist!  How about taxpayer rapists!

One of the most outrageous resettlement cases I’ve ever written about involves Albanians/Kosovars. Readers, do you know that in 1999 Bill Clinton (with Al Gore) needed to show that they were doing something to save people involved in Clinton’s phoney baloney Bosnian war and pressured by GOVERNMENT RESETTLEMENT CONTRACTORS airlifted 15,000 Albanians here for a news story and later (at your expense!) shipped many back to their homeland!  It was a twofer—a public relations stunt and bucks for the federal contractors who got paid to resettle them even if it was only temporary.

This is what I reported in 2010:

Ahhhh!!!!  I just came across this report from the National War College about how the volags (supposedly voluntary agencies but really federal contractors*) were basically in need of warm bodies to resettle (for $$$) in the US in 1999 so they pushed Gore and the National Security Council to go against professionals in the State Department and even against the wishes of the UN and airlifted tens of thousands of Kosovar “refugees” to the US during Bill Clinton’s phony baloney Bosnian War.

And, then airlifted them back as I reported in this post about the return airlift—at taxpayer expense.  Even the Kosovars didn’t want to come to the US!  I had heard about that return trip but had never heard about the first part of the story, how they happened to be “resettled” originally, until I discovered this declassified report by David M. Robinson (which I have printed out in case it disappears!).

Albanians were brought to Ft. Dix in NJ and only NJ Senator Robert Toricelli complained (otherwise Congress was silent!) about the financial impact that the refugees might have on central NJ communities.  When he was assured the feds would pick up the tab, he dropped his complaints.  Readers will recall there would have been a potentially huge impact on the community if the Ft. Dix Six had carried out their terror plot. One of those Muslims involved in the plot was a former refugee from Albania who had been housed at Ft. Dix as a child.

And, have a look at this.  I just came across this 1999 San Fran Chronicle story about Hillary greeting the Albanians in NJ—the first waves that ultimately swelled to 15,000!

Now, visit the 1999 ORR annual report to Congress.  Where the heck are they hiding the 15,000?  Maybe in the former Yugoslavia category? They are not listed as KosovarsAppendix A indicates a whopping  11 Albanians came that year.  But, LOL! I did find lots of “emergency” funds funneled to the contractors to take care of the Albanians (these are in addition to other taxpayer dollars that went to the Albanian Muslim resettlement operation) even if I didn’t find the Albanians!

Kosovar Refugee Emergency Grants

ORR awarded $3,112,944 to public and private non-profit agencies who resettle newly arriving refugees under a Reception and Placement cooperative agreement with the Department of State to augment the refugee resettlement program for Kosovar refugees.

The following national voluntary agencies received Kosovo Refugee Emergency Grants:

Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society: Episcopal Ministries, $180,000
Ethiopian Community Development Council, Inc., $190,000
Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, $200,000
Iowa Department of Human Services, $409,500
International Rescue Committee, $373,750
Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, $413,000
National Council of Churches/Church World Service, $257,860
United States Catholic Conference, $776,250
World Relief Corporation, $260,214

Looks like the Catholic Bishops topped the list of recipients receiving your tax dollars to resettle Muslims!

Ten reasons for a moratorium on refugee resettlement!

Last May I testified at the State Department hearings on fiscal year 2013 and presented my list of reasons why this program needs to be halted until it’s reformed.  My number 7 is this:

Congress needs to specifically disallow the use of the refugee program for other purposes of the US Government, especially using certain refugee populations to address unrelated foreign policy objectives—Uzbeks, Kosovars, Meshketians and Bhutanese (Nepalese) people come to mind.  [update:  add illegal aliens from Malta to this list!]

You may think we are resettling destitute and suffering people while the UN and the US government may have other ideas about why they are moving people around the globe!

For more on Albanians, see our archives here.

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