Sweden: Muslim immigrant youths say young Swedes are so wimpy….

.…and that is why they attack them.

The Muslim Issue, in a post today on Sweden, appears to be talking about the same report Fjordman cited here in December.

Here is The Muslim Issue on the increasingly brazen attacks by Muslim aggressors on Swedish citizens (reminds me of those Somali youths in Lewiston, Maine):

Swedes have always addressed issues with psychological theories and weepy stories, which doesn’t work with Muslims at all. Therefore the crimes only get more brutal, the attacks more common.

Sweden has turned into the dumbest country on earth, for flooding their country with an immigrant group that should be banned and deported completely.

Then here are some snippets from the translated version of this news story about the controversial sociological study of Muslim youths and why they commit crimes.

The young robbers were interviewed by Petra Åkesson for her thesis in sociology.

Robbing is making war!

I was lucky that I recorded the answers I got because they were so remarkable that I had to listen several times to really understand what they said. “When we’re out on the town and mugs so we warriors, we are at war with the Swedes,” was a recurring arguments.

Muslim youth:

“For me, the Swedes to lie down on the ground and kiss my feet.”

Watching the death throes of Swedish society:

During the interviews, talking about young Swedes [as] wimpy, scared and stupid.

So what is the conclusion to this report?  It is NOT stopping immigration.  It is NOT severely cracking down on crime.  Apparently it is NOT Swedish young people growing a spine (like some French young people).  The answer is JOBS—-give these poor Muslim youths jobs!  They just want stuff!  I kid you not!

There is more, read it all!

For new readers:  we have a lot on Sweden in our archives, here, because as much as I hate that old “canary in a coal mine” phrase, it is my prediction that Sweden is our first soon-to-be asphyxiated European bird (some are arguing that the UK will go down first).   A country simply cannot have uncontrolled immigration combined with a welfare state.  Leaving out the violent Muslim youths for a moment there will sooner or later not be enough workers to pay for the ‘social services’ of the ‘needy.’

NAACP, SEIU and CASA de Maryland launch war on American workers and taxpayers tomorrow

Editors note:  This is cross-posted from Potomac Tea Party Report.

The civil rights of American taxpayers and our Nation’s sovereignty will be assaulted tomorrow in the opening salvo of the amnesty battle of 2013 as a cabal of pro-amnesty organizations hold a press conference in Washington (ice storm predicted for tomorrow?)

If you were involved in the successful fight against the Kennedy/McCain/Bush amnesty in 2007, it’s time to go to battle for justice for job-seeking Americans and for taxpayers.

Here is their call to war at CASA de Maryland‘s website, but apparently orchestrated by SEIU:

Press Conference – Jan. 28, 2013 – 11 a.m. EST

Civil, Immigrants and Labor Rights Groups to Issue a Call to Action for Commonsense Immigration Reform

WASHINGTON, DC — Leaders of civil society groups including civil rights and labor leaders will hold a news conference to call on President Obama and Congress to act on commonsense immigration reform in 2013. The news conference will be held as the White House and key legislators prepare to unveil proposals to create a long-term solution to the current immigration crisis. President Obama is expected to outline his immigration policy during the State of the Union Address on February 12, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada has made immigration reform the Senate’s top priority this year.

The press conference also will include the announcement of a mobilization campaign across the U.S. to grow support for common sense immigration reform.


Benjamin Todd Jealous, President and CEO, NAACP  [hey Ben, so you want to further depress employment for your people?—ed]

Mary Kay Henry, President, Service Employees International Union

Mee Moua, President and Executive Director, Asian American Justice Center

Sr. Simone Campbell, Executive Director of NETWORK

FIRM Leader (TBD)

Héctor J. Figueroa, President, 32BJ SEIU

Verónica Saravía, CASA de Maryland Youth Leader


Monday, Jan. 28, 2013 – 11:00 a.m. EST


National Press Club – 529 14th St. NW, 13th Fl., Zenger Room, Washington

CALL IN (Listen only line): 800 738 1032 or +1 212 231 2900
RSVP: Beatriz Lopez, beatriz.lopez@seiu.org, 202-730-7221

Beware Obama/Rubio/Ryan approach. 

If you are thinking amnesty only involves those friendly Mexicans at your local McDonalds, think again.  We have hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals on Temporary Protected Status from places like Somalia, Syria and El Salvador to name a few; and people like Honduran criminal Roberto Galo (I wrote about him here), will all be given a shot at US citizenship.  And, don’t forget we have thousands and thousands of visa-overstays from everywhere including Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Libya, Egypt and the list goes on.  They will ALL be lining up to stay permanently and eventually gain citizenship.

See that Galo post also for details on Obama/Rubio/Ryan.  The bottom line is that in this “comprehensive immigration reform” there will be no meaningful border control and once the amnesty is granted for those already here, the spigot will open and the third world will flow across our borders.  There will be no social justice, no peace, for law abiding Americans. 

The Left is importing needy people [refugees too!] who will become Democrat voters.

Call your Senators and Representatives in Washington, early and often.  Call Sen. Marco Rubio’s and Rep. Paul Ryan’s offices too!  Tell them NO amnesty and NO deals with an untrustworthy President!   Just because we are weary of this continuous assault (year after year!) on our Nation’s sovereignty that doesn’t mean we give up!  Their goal is to wear us down, that is what the Left does!

For readers of RRW:  As you meet the leaders (not the naive volunteers) of resettlement agencies working in your town or city, you will see that they are mostly Leftists.  The ones that work for “church” contractors are all part of the “religious Left.”  They have a political agenda that goes beyond their humanitarian patina.