Terror funding trial beginning for San Diego Somalis

No sooner do I tell you about the touchy-feely politically correct novel about Somalis in Maine, then I see the news that yet another terrorist funding trial is opening in San Diego.  Four men, including a mosque leader, are charged with sending money to the Al-Qaeda franchise in the Horn of Africa—-al Shabaab.

Just last month, here, we learned that a San Diego Somali woman got 8 years in the slammer for the same thing.  Taxpayers get to pay for their resettlement and then their prison terms.

Coincidentally, I  learned tonight that lucky San Diego was the first US resettlement city for Somalis in the early 1990’s.  (I’ll tell you about that tomorrow).

Somalis are busy standing trial—we reported on the Somali Christmas tree bomber case here a few days ago!

This is the latest news, emphasis mine, from UT San Diego.  (hat tip: Shariah Finance Watch)

SAN DIEGO — The San Diego trial of four Somali men charged with sending money and support to the terrorist group al-Shabaab is scheduled to begin in federal court this month.

A federal grand jury indicted the men in 2010 on charges of conspiracy, providing material support to terrorists, providing material support to a foreign terrorist organization and money laundering.

They have all pleaded not guilty. The men are accused of funneling about $8,000 raised in San Diego’s Somali immigrant community to al-Shabaab fighters in 2008.

At a hearing last week before U.S. District Judge Jeffrey Miller on pretrial motions, the four defendants sat quietly in the jury box. A group of supporters filled the seats in the courtroom’s gallery — men sitting on one side and women on the other.

The defendants are Basaaly Saeed Moalin, a cabdriver; Mohamed Mohamed Mohamud, the imam of a City Heights mosque; Issa Doreh, former president of a nonprofit group aiding the Somali community; and Ahmed Nasir Taalil Mohamud of Anaheim.

Who are these lawyers?  Inquiring minds would like to know!

Interest in the case is high within the immigrant community in San Diego and nationally. The men are being represented by lawyers from around the country who were recruited by a legal foundation that since 2001 has raised money to represent Muslims accused of crimes in federal and state courts.

There is more, read it all.  And, this is funny, lawyers for the defendants want to keep mention of al-Qaeda out of the trial so as not to remind jurors that violence and death are associated with Jihadists.

For new readers we have resettled more than 100,000 Somali refugees to cities large and small in the US over the last 25 years.  See one of the most widely read posts here at RRW.  In three years since 9/11 ( Bush years 2004, 2005, 2006) the number of Somalis arriving topped 10,000 per year.  Those refugees then began bringing in the family (chain migration!) until 2008 when shock of shocks! the State Department discovered that as many as 30,000 Somalis had lied about their kinship and weren’t related at all.  The State Department then closed the “family reunification” program for Somalis.  It has recently been re-opened for new and legit family members, but they have no intention of finding and deporting the liars.

Novel to be published soon about life in New England town with growing Somali population

I’m sure you’ve guessed by now the touchy-feely novel geared to teens will be set in a town that sounds a lot like Lewiston, ME.

Here is the news from Lewiston’s Sun Journal published in a Somali publication (Hiiraan Online):

LEWISTON — Maria Padian was in the audience 10 years ago when thousands of people gathered to support Somali families and to denounce the white supremacist group that had gathered across town.

The Brunswick writer and mother of two watched in wonder as person after person took to the Bates College stage to speak about tolerance and diversity. Some were teenagers.

“There had been so much negative press, so much fear about what was going to happen, and I think all of us were looking at each other in a state of absolute disbelief over all of the positive energy that was exhibited that day,” Padian said recently.

Ten years later, a similar scene ends Padian’s new young adult novel, “Out of Nowhere.”

The book tells the story of Tom Bouchard, a Franco-American high-schooler whose life is turned upside down when his hometown becomes the settling point for a large group of Somali immigrants.


Padian, 51, worked as a journalist and press secretary before penning her first book, a young adult novel titled “Brett McCarthy: Work in Progress.” The book, published in 2008 by Knopf Books for Young Readers, won a Maine Literary Award and the Maine Lupine Honor Award. Her second book for teens, “Jersey Tomatoes are the Best,” was published by Knopf in 2011.

Both deal with the lives and friendships of teenage girls.

Her latest book is also written for teenagers but tackles a different topic. “Out of Nowhere” centers on the friendship between two teenage boys — one Franco-American and one Somali — after a wave of immigrants move into an unprepared Maine city.

Once secure in his world, Tom Bouchard suddenly finds himself struggling to understand classmates and soccer teammates who practice a different religion, speak a different language and come from a war-ravaged country he can’t even imagine. At the same time, family members, coaches and community leaders, including the city’s mayor, all have different reactions to the newcomers.

I suspect Padian is hoping for the same success that greeted the politically-correct “Outcasts United” a story about soccer and refugees in Georgia.  I wrote about it (cynically, what else!) here.

I wonder why rightwingers don’t get it—the way to ‘educate’ the low information voter is through entertainment (movies, novels, games and such), something hardly done on the political right.  Why is that?

Here is a novel idea—the setting is an unsuspecting New England burg where the African Muslims are quietly preparing for a massive military style takeover of Boston.  Their first target is Harvard University where they slaughter by beheading all the cool kids, sons and daughters of Senators, in the Harvard law library.  But, the first one to die (on the way to the library) is the feminist  who in opening scenes is leading a pro-Palestinian demonstration and making a fashion statement with one of those Yasser Arafat scarves wrapped around her soon-to-be sliced infidel neck.   LOL! My novel would be one of those dark futuristic type of stories!

Can you imagine the furor that would greet my novel!

For some balance about Lewiston, ME just type ‘Lewiston’ into our search function.  I just realized that this over three-year-old post-— Somali Migration to Maine: it’s the welfare magnet, stupid —is still almost daily among our most read posts.

Ethiopian former Marine sentenced to 25 years in prison

His family alleges mental illness (how many times have we heard this lately with resettled refugees?).  As we pointed out here in June 2011 when Yonathan Melaku was first arrested for shooting at the Pentagon and planning to deface graves at Arlington National Cemetery, this man most likely got to Northern Virginia as part of the large Ethiopian resettlement project of the US State Department.

And, how many times do we hear that Islamic radicalization occurs due to poverty and lack of opportunity?  Time and again we see cases of  radicalization happening among those refugees who actually grew up in America just like Melaku!  Why?  Because it isn’t poverty that drives Jihadists—-it is Islam itself!  You gotta wonder how this guy even got through screeners* to be a Marine in the first place.

From the Washington Post:

A former Marine was sentenced to 25 years in prison Friday for firing shots at the Pentagon and other military facilities in 2010, but federal prosecutors said it was just the start of a violent campaign to register his anger at the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  [What!  He didn’t know about those wars when he signed-up with the Marines in 2007!–ed]

Yonathan Melaku, 24, of Fairfax County told investigators that he wanted people to “be afraid for supporting the war,” so he fired at the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Triangle twice, the Pentagon, and then at Marine Corps and Coast Guard recruiting centers in Northern Virginia. No one was injured.

When he believed that the public wasn’t heeding his message, he planned to deface 2,379 graves at Arlington National Cemetery, shoot at more buildings and then blow up a military fuel tanker truck, according to court documents.

“A terrorist instills fear in the public, and that’s exactly what you did,” U.S. District Judge Gerald Bruce Lee said before he sentenced Melaku in federal court in Alexandria. “You remind me of the snipers.”

Melaku was arrested in June 2011 at Arlington National Cemetery before he could carry out the rest of his campaign. He had a backpack full of spent shells, ammonium nitrate (a component of homemade explosives) and spray paint that he planned to use to scrawl Arabic phrases on the tombstones of those who served in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Last January, Melaku reached a deal with prosecutors to plead guilty to three charges related to the shootings: injuring property of the United States, use of a firearm during a crime of violence and attempted injury to veterans’ memorials on U.S. property. The agreement called for a 25-year sentence.

In court Friday, Melaku did not speak about the crimes, but his attorneys and family members sketched a portrait of a young man who was delusional and suffering from schizophrenia.

Melaku’s attorneys said they had filed a motion asking for a judge to review the plea deal and had considered an insanity plea after a government doctor’s recent diagnosed mental illness. But on Friday, they withdrew the motion.

There is more, read it all.

Doesn’t look like any entrapment defense was possible here—he got caught in the act.  Where is the comment from CAIR this time?  Is this one of those “genuine plots?”

* I wonder if the Marines were so thrilled to recruit a Muslim that they ignored warning signs.