Comment worth noting: expert on Texas border comments on Greek landmines post

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Here is ‘Freshideaguy’ on the Greek border security strategy (my title for this comment—Saving lives with landmines!):

The landmines did it!

Sounds kind of cruel, but when you are trying to prevent the collapse of your country, it’s economy and the very ability to continue to exist, some type of control over your borders is a necessary restriction that must be made.

In Texas, for instance, the Rio Grande Valley area is a hotbed infiltration point for tens of thousands of illegal immigrants, (read that “gimmie-grants”) that storm into the USA annually, and for those who think that we are talking about Mexicans and Central and South Americans, think again!

At last check, there are more people now coming through the Texas border turnstiles from China, India, Africa, Middle East, Asia than are arriving from Latin America!  [Then they seek asylum!—ed]

What would be the impact if it were possible to stop that flow? In Brooks County, Texas, in 2012, there were more than 120 bodies found in the ranchland, most dying a cruel death in the monstrous Texas heat and buried in mostly anonymous pauper’s graves. All were autopsied and buried at county expense, (Texas State Law), and consider what that does to the county budget. Brooks County is a very poor area.

With landmines, virtually no one would have died trying to enter the USA in this area. Lives saved, money saved, and the enormous resources necessary to service illegals could be applied more appropriately to increasing the support for needy American citizens of all colors.

Right now the “landmines” are sprinkled all over the USA in the form of 1000+ cartel drug distribution centers, and the attendant turmoil created in our towns and cities by the marketing of illegal substances made available to our young people of all colors and millions of other Americans.

Tens of thousands of Americans have been murdered by illegal aliens, killed by drunk driving illegal aliens. Millions of Americans have been victimized in many ways by the presence of the drug infrastructure, countless sex offenders, thieves, burglars, to say nothing of the tens of billions in welfare support for these criminals, money drained from the “empty” pockets of American taxpayers.

Landmines may not be your cup of tea, (they would represent a harsh, but more humane solution), and I don’t recommend them. But enforcement of our immigration laws and the penalties for hiring illegals, (and stop the Obama Cartel from encouraging illegals to come here), would go a long way towards reducing the problem by stopping the illegal immigrant flow before it enters the USA.

Next week: Iran to bully Burma over Rohingya

Update January 6th:  Iran sending humanitarian aide to Rohingya in Burma, here.  I have a better idea, Iran should just take them home to Iran as refugees and care for them there.

I’ve been telling you lately that Iran and the OIC are pressuring Burma over the Rohingya Muslim issue.  Here is just one more story about a trip by Iranian legislators planned for next week.

I have an idea!  Why don’t all those Muslim countries including Iran just divvy up the Rohingya and take them to their Muslim countries instead of pressuring Buddhist Burma to break their country’s bank by caring for all the destitute Rohingya.  Everyone will live happily ever after!

Hey, isn’t that a good plan all around?  Rich Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia could set an example of Muslim charity both with the Rohingya and with the Palestinians and take them in. *

From Iranian news agency Ahlul Bayt News Agency:

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – The representatives of Iran’s Foreign Ministry, Imam Khomeini’s Relief Committee and the Iranian Red Crescent Society will accompany the lawmakers in their two-day visit, which is scheduled to start on January 9, deputy chairman of the Majlis Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy Mansour Haqiqatpour said on Thursday.

He added that Iran has recently dispatched the first consignment of humanitarian relief aid to Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and noted that the second batch of aid would be sent to the country within the next days.

Some 800,000 Rohingyas are deprived of citizenship rights and suffer from a policy of discrimination that has denied them the right of naturalization and made them vulnerable to acts of violence and persecution, expulsion and displacement.

On December 25, the United Nations General Assembly issued a resolution expressing concern over the persecution of Muslims in Myanmar. The resolution called on Myanmar’s government to “protect all their (the Muslims’) human rights, including their right to a nationality.”

Watch for it!  The US refugee contractors will soon be clamoring for their share of Rohingya.  They already are!  The US Conference of Catholic Bishops lobbied the State Department for more Rohingya to come to the US, here last May.

* Silly me, I forgot Saudi Arabia imprisons Rohingya who have gotten in there.

Face it! We are already Europe!

Editor’s note:  This is cross-posted from Potomac Tea Party Report.

Your tax dollars!

How many times lately have you heard someone say, “We are becoming like Europe (meaning broke)!”  Or, “we will soon be Greece.”*    Writer Mona Charen says we are already there, but can’t admit it.

From Townhall (hat tip: Paul):

Following the fiscal cliff melodrama, Senator Richard Shelby appeared on television to declare that we are becoming European. “We’re always wanting to spend and promise and spend and borrow but not cut. We’ve got to get real about this. We’re headed down the road that Europe’s already on.”

There’s no “heading” about it. We’re there. Prof. John J. DiIulio, writing in “National Affairs”, outlined the true size of American government. When state and local government expenditures are added to federal outlays, government spending as a share of GDP easily competes with European nations. In fact, per-capita government spending in the U.S. is higher than in France, Germany and the United Kingdom, and our debt to GDP ratio is higher than most European states.

The Obama administration has set records for deficit spending in peacetime, but there is no question that the growth of government at all levels has been a decades-long process. In 1960, total government spending (local, state and federal) amounted to 27 percent of GDP. In 2010, it was about 42 percent. State spending has been almost as irrepressible as federal, leaving only nine states that can now boast AAA credit ratings. Many states are facing crises over unfunded pension liabilities that have the capacity to engender strikes and social unrest in the not too distant future.

We lie to ourselves about the size of government spending and hide the fact that we spend through NON-PROFIT organizations that couldn’t survive without the constant infusion of taxpayer dollars—LIKE CATHOLIC CHARITIES for example!

The difference between Americans and Europeans is that we aren’t honest about our appetite for big government. We hide it through a variety of proxies, private contractors, and public/private partnerships.


Most non-profits receive few government subsidies. But the largest ones with the biggest budgets are heavily government-dependent. One-third of all non-profit dollars come from government. Catholic Charities USA, for example, a marquee “private-sector” charity, received two-thirds of its funding in 2009 from Uncle Sam.

What galls me so much about the taxpayer cash flowing to groups like Catholic Charities (a supposed non-profit AND a government contractor) is that they use that money to import more immigrants (refugee resettlement) and also lobby on issues as diverse as amnesty, global warming and gay marriage.  Then they have the audacity to scream about their religious rights when it comes to the government telling them what to do.  You take Caesar’s money and you deserve to be under Caesar’s thumb!

We are Socialists now!

Americans prefer small government to big government — in the abstract. But 60 million receive Medicaid benefits, 54 million collect Social Security, 48 million participate with Medicare, 45 million receive Food Stamps, 7 million are in prison, jail, or on parole/probation, more than a million have de facto government jobs working for defense contractors, nearly a million children participate in Head Start and about 40 percent of K-12 students receive free or reduced price meals. There’s some overlap in those categories, but it still adds up.


We are, in short, a socialist-style society just like Europe.

Related?  Here is a scary story I came across the other day.  Germany, the country that imported tens of thousands of Turkish Muslim workers in a ridiculous scheme to bring young workers into Germany to pay into their social welfare programs, are now shipping their elderly Germans out to Eastern European countries and Asia where it’s cheaper to house the elderly pensioners in need of nursing home care.

* On Greece, readers here know that Greece is SERIOUSLY closing its borders to try to stem the tide of economic migrants many believe are helping sink that country.