Refugee lobbying group, RCUSA, is a mystery, promotes secrecy

Yesterday I told you more about the Refugee Council USA and how they are pumping out information to an uninformed media/public all of it aimed at making the President look as mean-spirited as possible.

Any legal eagles out there interested in finding out more about its corporate structure and the finances behind RCUSA? Sure hope none of your taxpayer dollars are ‘finding their way’ to RCUSA!

Knowledge is power!
This may get into the weeds for some readers, but it’s important to understand how the refugee industry works and so I encourage you all to dig deeper (wherever you live) if you ever want to see the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program either abolished or reformed.
***Update*** Check out that RCUSA has a state by state report here.
You’ve seen me write often that the Refugee Council USA (RCUSA) is a consortium including all nine of the federal refugee contractors*** that monopolize all resettlement in the US, but it also includes many groups (see here) that “advocate” for more immigration of all sorts for America.

Advocacy is the polite word for lobbying in Washington. 

RCUSA operates as a central clearing house in Washington for member groups and sends out marching orders in addition to planning media strategy and influencing Congress (remember they hired the Podesta Group to lobby certain Senators), but secrecy is its watchword!

Legal structure is puzzling…

Yesterday I noticed that RCUSA is not a 501(c)3 organization, the IRS designation for charitable groups.  In fact there is no where on its website that describes its legal status (that I could find!).  It clearly doesn’t want to be a 501(c)3 that is restricted from lobbying. There is no mention of it being a 501(c)4 either (a designation that allows lobbying, but where donations are not tax deductible).
Church World Service is its bank!
In fact, because they are not a 501(c)3, if you want to donate to their work (and have it be a charitable deduction on your tax return), you must send your money to Church World Service, a member of the big nine. By donating here you will get your charitable donation:

To Donate To Refugee Council USA.

*When you click to donate, you will be taken to the webpage of Church World Service, Inc. (CWS), a non-profit corporation incorporated in the State of New York in 1946. CWS is tax exempt under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. CWS serves as the fiscal sponsor for Refugee Council USA (RCUSA). As such, CWS accepts contributions, gifts and grants for RCUSA intended to support our programs.

It’s funny but when I went searching (using google) for more on RCUSA’s structure and activities I found mostly posts by me!

I can’t even find a wikipedia page for them, can you?
In this post by me in 2015 I reported this below from their website (at the time!). That page is now missing!

Here is what they do (important to understand that ‘advocacy’=lobbying):

RCUSA is a member-driven coalition and its funding comes solely from member dues. There are a number of standing committees that serve to structure the on-going work of the coalition. In addition to these committees, members are informed daily through RCUSA communications about meetings, events, and other relevant information pertaining to refugee and displacement issues.

General Council: The executives and/or officers from each member agency meet regularly to discuss the council’s work and reach consensus on key advocacy positions and other relevant issues.

Advocacy Committee: Individuals from each member agency meet bi-weekly in Washington, D.C. to coordinate legislative and administrative advocacy efforts at the national and local level.

The committee works together to advance refugee protection, strengthen the United States Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP), educate policymakers about the value of refugee protection and a strong resettlement program, and promote adequate funding for refugees. Katie Conway, Immigration and Refugee Policy Analyst, Episcopal Migration Ministries, currently chairs this Committee.

Go here for more!  [Oopsy! The information is now gone from their site. Why the secrecy?—ed]

Rotating chair isn’t even discussed on their site today:

Hans van de weerd
Photo is from Hans Van de Weerd’s facebook page. (DACA ‘children’ are not refugees.)  Van de Weerd works for the International Rescue Committee with David Miliband while serving as rotating chairman of RCUSA. At the IRC, he is not one of the top dogs, see salaries here:

I had also learned in 2015 that they had a rotating chairman.
Right now HANS VAN DE WEERD is the chairman, and, since I’ve been paying attention, previous chairs included Melanie Nezer of HIAS and Anastasia Brown of the USCCB. (Brown went on to work for Obama’s ORR, not sure if she is now part of the deep state!).
And, adding to the evidence about secrecy promoted by RCUSA, don’t miss the post where I reported that RCUSA was sending out information so that orders were given to not give out any information about refugees coming to your town. See letter at end of this post from World Relief headquarters to its subcontractors.
By the way, do you see how they view you. If you want to know what is happening with the refugee program in your town, you are automatically “Anti-Refugee.”
This is how it begins:

From: Casey Leyva 
Sent: Thursday, May 14, 2015 5:07 PM
Subject: Potential Anti-Refugee Contacts

Dear Office Directors,

We’ve heard recently from other members of RCUSA (Refugee Council USA) that local affiliates have been contacted by individuals questioning the U.S. refugee program. This is a result of an interview Ann Corcoran, a blogger who runs Refugee Resettlement Watch, with a local news station in Minnesota. She has told her followers to to ask you for your R&P abstract – please do not send it. And please let us know if you are contacted.

See my RCUSA archive here.
***These are the nine federal refugee contractors that monopolize all resettlement in America. They are all members of RCUSA: