Catholic Priest: Increase the quota! Send more Africans to America!

This is a story I’ve had in my queue for almost a week now.   A Catholic Priest, speaking about the situation in Tunisia involving violence in a refugee camp (we told you about the murders here), says to speed up the resettlement process—keep violence down by sending migrants to the West!

From Agenzia Fides:

“The Tunisian authorities have asked to speed up procedures to evacuate these people, both for those who can return to their country, and for those that can be accepted by other nations because they have the status of refugee- said Father Zerai -. There must be more willingness on behalf of those countries that had declared their willingness to accept refugees (European countries, USA, Canada, Australia) to increase the quota of refugees who can be accepted. “

Father Zerai reconstructs the latest episodes of violence. “Within the camp tension increased when a group of Sudanese tried to abuse a young Eritrean. His countrymen intervened in defense of the girl, triggering the reaction of the Sudanese. In the night between Saturday 21 and Sunday, May 22 they set fire to the tents of some Eritreans, killing four boys. ” The following day, May 23, a group of West Africans who were guests at the camp, blocked the road linking Tunisia to Libya, thus preventing the passage to the inhabitants of the place who had to go to work and have their businesses. So the villagers near the camp attacked, ransacked what they could and set fire to the tents of refugees.

” There are Eritreans, Ethiopians, Somalis, Sudanese, Nigerians, Ivorians, Senegalese and other West African countries in the camp – said the priest -. It was precisely the people from West Africa to hold the demonstration because they had not been granted the right to seek asylum in a host country, since they do not have the status of refugees, but so far they have not even been given the opportunity to return home. So they felt neglected by the international institutions and wanted to draw attention regarding their situation. “

But, of course they will behave themselves once they get what they want and you “welcome” them to your town!

Meanwhile the US Conference of Catholic Bishops is moaning about their loss of taxpayer funding (they are paid by the head!) as the flow of refugees (mostly for security hold-ups) is slowing to the US.

Turkey making plans to keep out possible Syrian refugee flood

They talk about creating a “safe area” within Syria for fleeing Syrian refugees, but it’s really all about keeping them out of Turkey (yet another Muslim country that doesn’t “welcome” its fellow Muslims).

Here is the most telling line in this whole story from Today’s Zaman (sometimes this article loads slowly, keep trying):

Turkey shares an 880-kilometer border with Syria, most of it heavily mined.  

LOL!  And, the US is criticized for a few fences and a few border guards!

Here is more on how Turkey is making plans to send troops into Syria to carve out a “safe” place for refugees within Syria.

Turkish officials have neither denied nor confirmed a report suggesting that the Turkish military has drawn up an operation that would send several battalions of Turkish troops into Syria to carve out a “safe area” for Syrian refugees.

“Watching the hundreds of refugees pouring from Syria across the northern border of Lebanon, the Turkish government is now so fearful of a repeat of the great mass Iraqi Kurdish refugee tide that overwhelmed their border in the aftermath of the 1991 Gulf War that it has drawn up its own secret plans to prevent the Kurds of Syria moving in their thousands into the Kurdish areas of south-eastern Turkey. Turkish generals have thus prepared an operation that would send several battalions of Turkish troops into Syria itself to carve out a ‘safe area’ for Syrian refugees inside Assad’s caliphate,” veteran journalist Robert Fisk wrote in an article published in the UK daily The Independent on Monday.

In the article titled “Who cares in the Middle East what Obama says?” Fisk also said that Turkey has been prepared to advance well beyond the Syrian border town of Al Qamishli — perhaps half way to Deir el-Zour — to provide a “safe haven” for those fleeing the slaughter in Syria’s cities.


At the moment, there is no sign of a huge exodus of refugees from Syria to Turkey. Yet, there is certainly a lot of mental preparation, that is to say talking and planning, just to get ready for such a situation. We don’t have any intention of being caught unaware by anything,” the same diplomat, speaking under the customary condition of anonymity, told Today’s Zaman.

Ethnic nationalism is alive and well in Turkey.  Last year we reported that they don’t like Somalis either, here.

Stockton, CA: $2.6 million food stamp scammers sent to prison

I’m guessing these prison-bound scammers are Pakistani.  What is a “smoke shop” doing in the food stamp business anyway?  How about if we have a law that food stamps can only be redeemed at large reputable grocery stores?

From The Record:

SACRAMENTO — The owner of a downtown Stockton smoke shop, his brother and daughter, were sentenced to federal prison for running a $2.6 million food stamp fraud scheme from the business, federal officials said today.

Ahmad Khan, 54, and his brother Mumraiz Khan, 49, on Thursday were sentenced to more than five years each for food stamp fraud and money laundering charges, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Sacramento said. Naheed Khan, 23, was sentenced to spend three years on probation for helping her father and uncle in the scheme, prosecutors said.

While the Smoke Shop & Snack at 435 E. Miner Ave. was authorized to redeem food stamps, in reality prosecutors said they used it as a front to run the fraudulent scheme for five and a half years.

According to prosecutors, the Smoke Shop would buy food stamps for 50 cents on the dollar. Rather than using the public assistance to buy food, prosecutors believe customers used that money to buy illegal drugs.

I have no idea how this family of Khans got into the US, but I urge everyone to start examining the E-2 Treaty Investor program as a possible source of these shop owners scamming food stamps, here.   Here are the E-1 and E-2 Treaty countries.   Awhile ago I did some serious searching around and learned that we have US immigration lawyers whose business it is to process the E-2 Treaty paperwork and even help the “investors” purchase convenience stores.

AG Holder visits Minneapolis Somalis, discusses “Islamophobia”

US Attorney General Eric Holder was in Minneapolis this past Friday for a conference on “youth violence” and then held a meeting with Somalis to discuss issues relating to the disappearance of some Somali youths (refugees who threw away the American Dream) to go to Africa to become Jihadists and the Somali youths who are being prosecuted for sex trafficking crimes.

From AP (Hat tip:  Lynn):

MINNEAPOLIS — U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder visited Minneapolis Friday to praise the city for its program to reduce youth violence, but was interrupted several times by outbursts from protesters who claim the government has been unfairly targeting anti-war activists in a federal investigation.

Holder was in Minnesota to headline a conference on youth violence prevention, and to meet with young adults from the area’s Somali community — who have felt under fire in recent years as authorities investigate the travels of men who returned to Somalia to possibly fight with a terror group.

He also held a larger closed-door town hall meeting with area Muslims to talk about their concerns about law enforcement and “Islamophobia.”

The meeting was interrupted by anti-war protesters, please visit the article for the complete story on Holder’s meeting.

After the conference, Holder held a town hall meeting with Somalis:

He [Holder] said reducing youth violence is a “moral calling” and one of the most important tasks in shaping the nation’s future. Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak said the program has led to a reduction in the numbers of youths involved in violent crime, including youth victims.

After the conference, Holder met with young adults in the Somali community, and held a larger town hall with members of the wider Muslim community.

U.S. Attorney for Minnesota B. Todd Jones, who was with Holder all day, said the attorney general met with the young Somali adults because that age group has been affected by the men who traveled to Somalia to possibly join al-Shabab, as well as a more recent federal investigation into human trafficking of young girls for sex.

“I don’t think it’s lost on anybody that we have some attention to pay to these issues involving Somali youth,” Jones said. He said Holder met with those ages 18-29 for about 40 minutes.

“They’re concerned about issues of profiling, harassment, perceptions of harassment. They are concerned about Islamophobia, being targeted, and the demonization of their religion, to a certain degree,” he said.

Jones said the group had suggestions for law enforcement and prosecutors. He declined to be specific.
“The AG did a lot of listening,” Jones said. “He very much appreciated the opportunity to hear from folks in an unfiltered way.”

Jones said the prosecutions have ramifications in the community when it comes to perceptions and stereotyping, and the overarching theme was that many felt they were being “demonized” for their religion. Jones said he and Holder made it clear the Department of Justice doesn’t prosecute communities, and works to protect communities from hate crimes.

Abdirizak Bihi, director of the Somali Education and Social Advocacy Center, attended the town hall meeting and said he was impressed.

He said Holder seems to genuinely care about civil rights issues Somalis face. Holder talked to the group about the different ways they can fight discrimination and how important it is for police to help them do that, Bihi said. Holder also distributed material on legal advocacy resources.

“I was very glad that he was well-immersed on the issue,” Bihi said, adding that Holder made it clear that part of his job was to protect Americans from domestic and foreign terrorists.

Why Somalis and why now?

Saeed Fahia,* executive director of the Confederation of Somali Community in Minnesota, said he was impressed to see so many powerful African Americans together — referring to Holder, Jones and U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison.

Fahia said he thought the meeting was productive, but that his most important question for Holder was never answered.

“Why did he feel he needed to meet with Somalis as opposed to other groups?” he asked. “Why Somalis and why now?”

Indeed!  That is the question!  I think Holder and Homeland Security know more than they are letting the public know.  Holder is fully aware that if the Somalis continue to bring attention on themselves through crime or terrorism it would stymie Far Left plans to bring about their borderless socialist dream world.  Holder and his friends (Tom Perez included) surely think the colonization of America that they encourage will work in their political favor—I think they are sorely mistaken.  Islamists will not be Marxists in the end.

*We have written previously about Mr. Bihi (who has seemed rather harmless) but Saeed Fahia is another story.  Please visit this 2009 post we wrote about him and his organization which works with the likes of SEIU and receives taxpayer funded grants.

Comments worth noting: Somali-America woman discusses Somali colonization

Comments worth noting is our category to highlight comments that come from readers which we think are of significant interest and fear you might not see them otherwise when buried as simply a comment to a post.   A Somali woman (name withheld at her request) has written to us on several occasions.  We assume she is a Somali living in the US (or possibly Canada), but some Muslim readers have angrily denounced her and say that she is not Somali.   We take her at her word.

These are comments she made to my post on the Indians coming across the Mexican border.  The comments came before I wrote the previous post on failed state colonization.

Expanding the notion of Greater Somalia, she says:

Trust its a big business its silly for you to assume that Somalis are illiterate, Lol! Most Somalis speak at least 3-5 languages which includes Somali, Arabic, English, French, or Italian. Look at Somali intellectuals and Somalis who have achieved in the modelling industry or even Ayan Hirsi Ali herself they speak at least 4 languages. Remember Ayan Hirsi Ali has actually lied to get in the Netherlands and lied to get her papers, and she wasn’t even discovered till much later and she was an MP for the Dutch government. Most Somalis are business men and entrepreneurs look at what they have done to Kenya and South Africa (though not welcome there, they have extra security). They took over all the businesses in major towns and cities such as Eastleigh and Nairobi, native Kenyans feel like they’re living in a foriegn country. They are bying land in Kenya and buying off many things and settling, since most Somalis come from an extremly large family (the average Somali immediate family is 10 children, imagine including that with uncles, aunts, cousins, and other relatives) which is clear colonialization! The most recent census of the Somali birth rate and fertility in the CIA Factbook was 6.9 per woman however the number is higher it should be 8.9, and the mortality rate in Somalia is 15% which is actually lower than thought by most. Outside of Somalia which is obviously better is probably 3%. Kenyans are being driven from their country and the main driving force is the Greater Somalia which is an ideology that is 150 years set to unify all Somali historical lands under Somalia which includes most of East Africa. The updated version of this is that this includes all lands that Somalis inhabit which includes various parts of the world.

Biting the hand that feeds them

The Canadian border is very unsafe for the simple fact that it has no wall, no gaurds like the Mexican-U.S border criminals cross the border running from the death penalty in the US, so of course illegal immigrants and terrorists can cross and probably have crossed. If the Mexican-US border is unsafe and unsecure which actually has border patrol and a wall unlike Canada, Canada is nothing it is the most unprotected border in the world! The fact that Somalis are known for biting the hand that feeds them around the world should a ring bell in any American person’s head ding ding ding!

The other fact is that most Somalis are inclusive, work together collectively instead of individually pulling money together for their own interests despite living in America, Canada, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and any other Western or even Middle Eastern country. And also this is the main tactic that Somalis to migrate to places, is that one or two families settle in a completly new area where there are basically no Somalis around and when they think of this place as welcoming and good they call other Somalis and tell them about the place and all of a sudden there are hundreds of them and more will soon follow. Sometimes they might call Somali males and tell them, if they come here they will offer them their daughter or there are good wives here to marry and then in a few days after the marriage the girl is pregnant. Tuulas are turning into bustling Somalis where natives whether White, African, Asian will become minorities in their own land without them even knowing.

I asked how do Somalis get the money to travel across the world and then come to our border and ask for asylum:

The money comes from family members living in the West, Somalis have developed a very sophisticated money transfer/laundering system known as the “Xawalah” in Somali or Hawalah. This system is established in every Somali community around the world whether in Western countries or otherwise. My mom used to use it to send the money to my grandparents and other relatives living in Africa and the Middle East. So where the money comes from isn’t a question at all. However there are also other ways which include fundraising in mosques and charities. In case you don’t know in Africa, Somalis are called “the theives of Africa” they work in cohesive, collective, and inclusive groups helping each other while sucking the system dry.

Greater Somalia is anywhere

You should look into the ideology of Greater Somalia:
However this is an ideology which existed for 150 years and the more updated version is that Greater Somalia is any place where Somalis inhabit that includes the places where Somalis inhabit in great numbers.