Bosnia a haven for Islamic terrorists, but did you know…..

……that we resettled over 100,000 Bosnian Muslims in the US and they freely go back and forth to Bosnia!

The excellent blog Islam in Action posted this story from AdnkronosInternational today which lays out the role Bosnian Islamists are now playing in the international terror arena since the US military saved their butts in Bill Clinton’s Bosnian War.

Bosnia has become a haven for Islamic terrorists who feel protected by local authorities and are planning terrorist acts in various countries, experts on terrorism said on Thursday. Dzevad Galijasevic, a Bosnian expert on terrorism, told Tanjug news agency that there was a “developed network of support for Islamic terrorists” in Bosnia.


“Bosnia is a base for Islamic terrorists who live here in safety, operate training camps and prepare cadres for attacks in third countries,” said Galijasevic.

To demonstrate the utter naivete’ of the Leftists in the Clinton Administration, we resettled 103,107 Bosnian Muslims through 2003 and who knows how many since then.  This is what I said in September 2007:

The largest group of Muslims we ever brought to the US are Bosnians.  From 1990 to 2003 we resettled 103,107 Bosnians.  Any chance a foreign fighter or two slipped in?

If you go to the ORR data bases you will see that they list refugees as only being from the former Yugoslavia and don’t break out the Bosnian numbers.  However, an inside source gave me the number I’ve cited above.   And, although the State Department says they do not keep statistics on the religions of refugees, they do.

So good ol’ Bill, and probably Hillary as well, helped their old friends in the meatpacking industry and brought them some good cheap labor—Bosnians!

I recently learned from another source inside the refugee industry that many Bosnians still own property and even businesses in Bosnia and often travel back and forth.

For all of the posts, including some clever Bosnian fraud schemes, just use our search function for Bosnians or Bosnian Muslims to learn more.   And, by the way, to my critics who don’t believe I mention white people perpetrating frauds or commiting crimes, I do, and you will see a few cases when you search our site for posts on Bosnians.

Minnesota Muslim school counter sues ACLU

Your tax dollars:

It is getting downright vicious out there in Minneapolis where the ACLU sued the Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy (TiZA), a Muslim charter school, over its religious teaching while it was using taxpayer money.  Think about it, the liberal ACLU is watching out for the taxpayer more carefully than some faux conservative tax crusaders we know.

Now the plot thickens as TIZA is counter suing the ACLU.  From the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

An Inver Grove Heights charter school accused of crossing the line between religion and public education is fighting back against the American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota.

Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy (TiZA) says the ACLU, which sued the academy in January, defamed the school and hurt its ability to hire qualified teachers, according to counterclaims filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Minneapolis.

In its suit, the ACLU alleged that the public school promotes the Muslim religion, violating the Constitution’s First Amendment.

The K-8 school has denied the allegations and said in court documents that Charles Samuelson, executive director of the Minnesota ACLU, injured the school’s reputation by saying publicly that TiZA is “a theocratic school … as plain as the substantial nose on my face.”

The State Department of Education is also in on the act, threatening to withhold funds because of teacher licensing problems.   However, what interested me most in this paragraph from near the end of the story is, where are all these federal grants coming from?

As a result of the Education Department’s decision, which TiZA is appealing, state officials told the school last month that it would lose about $530,000 in state aid. The Education Department also withheld federal grants that had been awarded to the school. TiZA spokesmen have said the grants total close to $875,000. 

Are other Islamic schools in the US getting federal grants?

More on TIZA last week, here.

As Maine Muslim population grows, police need cultural understanding

That’s apparently what prompted the US Justice Department funded meeting at the University of Southern Maine a few days ago where police officers from across the state listened to a consultant tell them the facts about how Muslims live.  The commenters to the article were having none of it.  Hat tip:  Susan.

The Portland Press Herald story begins:

PORTLAND — Police officers planning to interview members of a Muslim household approached the door, only to spot a woman inside dashing into a back room. Was she grabbing a weapon? Warning a suspect? Fleeing out a back door?

“She did not want to answer the door without getting her head covering,” said Foria Younis*, a former terrorism investigator with the FBI. In many Muslim cultures, “if a woman doesn’t have a head scarf on, it’s almost as if she’s nude.”

Younis tells the true story to help illustrate the importance of understanding Muslim traditions if police are to work effectively within their local Muslim communities.

Younis was the key presenter Tuesday at a daylong training program at the University of Southern Maine, attended by 62 officers from across the state.

Organized by the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office, the training was provided by the U.S. Department of Justice in hopes of helping local and state authorities build ties with people in Muslim communities. It’s also meant to give officers the tools to conduct investigations in those populations.


The Muslim populations in Maine include the growing Somali community, primarily in Lewiston and Portland, as well as immigrants from southern Asia. Although many Sudanese are Muslim, most of those who have come to Portland are Christian refugees from southern Sudan.

Younis said, after 9/11 it’s important to build bridges to the “Muslim community” and knowing about and respecting prayer rugs will help.

As investigators worked feverishly to locate other terrorists and search for ties to the hijackers and al-Qaida, relations with many in the Muslim community soured. It was the first time many law enforcement officers had interacted with Muslims in their communities, and it didn’t always go smoothly.

“It caused the bridges between the Muslim community and the law enforcement community to collapse,” Younis said. “It’s easy to make a bridge fall apart, but building it back is very hard.”

Younis said something as simple as recognizing a prayer rug and being respectful of it can go a long way toward achieving cooperation.


Younis conceded that she can give officers only a glimpse into understanding the complexity of Muslim culture, but said she hopes to encourage them to do more research.

Readers of the Press Herald say we have this backward.  Go and read the angry comments!  Last time I looked there were 287.  This is one from Chris of Pownal that sounds very similar to the woman from Shelbyville, TN I told you about here when the Somalis lectured the Tennesseans about how they (the implied rednecks) needed to understand Islamic culture.   The gist of both commenters’ complaints is—if you choose to live in America, you learn about and adjust your culture to ours!

From Chris of Pownal:

How about the Refugees LEARN AMERCAN CULTURE AND LAWS!!!!!!
America doesn’t need to change it’s laws because of ignorance from a 3rd world country.
DON’T come if you don’t want to follow a countries laws.

Here is what commenter Dianatn said last spring in Shelbyville, TN in response to a meeting to educate Americans about Somalis in Tennessee:

I think we have this backwards I do not live in Somalia so why should I need to learn their culture. It seems to me the Somalis should be given the forums on American Culture if they are going to live here.

I suggested in that post that the citizens of Shelbyville organize an educational session on American culture and invite all the Somalis and other Muslims to learn about how we live!

* Learn more about presenter Younis here.  Apparently she must be getting US Justice Department contracts to get local police properly educated.

Massive Medicare fraud bust in 4 states yesterday: immigrants again!

Since health care reform is on everyone’s mind these days, how about we start with wiping out the massive fraud in the government health system (Medicare) we already have!   Yesterday a reader sent us this article from AP.   Looks like the Obama Administration is doing that and we’re  going to have to praise and thank Holder and Sebelius for these busts—of immigrants!

AP says:

BOSTON– Federal authorities arrested 32 people, including doctors, in a major Medicare fraud bust Wednesday in New York, Louisiana, Boston and Houston, targeting scams such as “arthritis kits” — expensive braces that many patients never used.

It’s the third major sweep since Attorney General Eric Holder, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced in May they were adding millions of dollars and dozens of agents to combat a problem that costs the U.S. billions each year.

Using about a dozen agents in targeted cities, including Miami, the Medicare Fraud Strike Force, has recovered $371 million in false Medicare claims and charged 145 people across the country in just two months.

More than 200 agents worked on Wednesday’s $16 million bust that included 12 search warrants at health care businesses and homes across the Houston area.

Read on and notice that the AP story gives no hint of who the scammers are, but since we had recently seen the bust of alleged Somali home health care fraud in Lewiston, ME, we were suspicious.   So after searching around, bingo!, I found this article from the Houston Chronicle which describes the bust in Houston and identifies those arrested as immigrants.

Investigators say one reason Medicare fraud is on the rise in Houston is a steady influx of immigrants who, in some instances, consider gaming the government for benefits an acceptable practice, said one top Justice Department investigator, speaking on condition he would not be identified.

“There’s a real problem of health care fraud in recent immigrant communities — we see it everyday,” the official said. “One of the reasons is you’re looking at people who don’t come up through the educational system, they’re impoverished, they think this country is very rich, and they don’t view taking advantage of a government program as a crime.”

The federal charges, outlined in seven indictments returned by a Houston grand jury, allege the Houston health providers filed false claims for so-called “arthritis kits” — a collection of orthopedic braces — expensive battery-powered wheelchairs and feeding tube equipment and supplies, according to a Justice Department news release.

Everyone’s got their very own feeding tube!

Investigators said a preliminary review of Medicare claims for feeding tubes in Houston defied reality, noting it appeared ‘‘that in certain ZIP codes every older person should have a tube in them.”

Of course, this article only mentions that immigrants are involved in Houston so if any of you have a few minutes to spare, help me find more articles from the other cities that identify those arrested.

Gosh, is Attorney General Holder targeting brown-skinned people?