More refugees from Malta: Have we gone mad?

Arghhhhh!   Many months ago I wrote that we were going to take refugees from the Mediterranean island of Malta—simply to do a good deed.   These are not refugees!  They are African illegal aliens who have broken into Malta because the boats they were using to get to the mainland of Europe could not reach their destination.  Here is an update— we are taking them.

This would be like us sending our illegal aliens from Mexico off to Malta. 

To date, the UNHCR is continuing the screening process and has referred more than 260 cases which are now in process. A group of 15 Somalian refugees are departing from Malta for the United States tomorrow, and in the next few weeks, another group of refugees will be embarking on their journey to resettle in the U.S.

Ambassador Bordonaro observed that all refugees are assigned a sponsor agency that provides initial services such as housing, food, and clothing, as well as referral to medical care, employment services, and other support during a transition period lasting up to two years in order to ensure integration and assimilation. “I have personally met many of the refugees who are part of the programme,” Ambassador Bordonaro said, “and they will make outstanding U.S. citizens.”

Our ambassador actually thinks this is a great idea.   “Outstanding citizens!”  I guess she hasn’t been in touch with Shelbyville, TN or Emporia, KS recently.

And, of course the officials in Malta are tickled pink that because we understand the illegal alien issue so well we are happy to take theirs. 

In his remarks, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Tonio Borg noted that this process, which commenced a year ago, is a clear declaration that the United States does understand the illegal immigration problem which is being faced by Malta. “This is a continuous process that should lead towards having hundreds of people to be resettled in the United States. This is a sign of friendship between two countries whereby the United States is clearly helping out Malta.”

Silly question I guess, but doesn’t all this actually encourage more Africans to take boats to Malta?

Update:  Can you believe it!  The morning after I wrote this post the Times of Malta is reporting 3 new boats arriving this week!  Did Ambassador Bordonaro run down to the shore to greet them?

And yet another Update moments later:   Here is another glowing article about the so-called “refugees” going to the promised land.  

Asked whether the resettlement of refugees in the US could bring more asylum seekers to Malta, Dr Borg [Malta’s Foreign Affairs minister] said he did not think the numbers would increase because of this possibility. He added that this was a convenient argument that some countries put forward to avoid burden sharing.

I wonder did Dr. Borg not know about the three boats just landed this week?  And, I wonder which part of our “burden” is he sharing.

Here is another post on the spring migration from Africa to Europe.

Avoiding assimilation through Muslim homeschooling

A friend sent me to VDARE today to see an immigration article she was recommending.  I couldn’t find it, but this one written by Joe Guzzardi, almost a month ago, jumped right out at me.  Homeschooling is something both Judy and I know a good bit about, having done it for many years.  We know very well the advantages of getting your children out of the public school system and we know how to make sure homeschooled children have many normal American kid activities. 

So it was disturbing to read this story about Muslims choosing homeschooling to keep their children from relating to American children—to make sure they don’t waiver from Islamic strictures.   Read about how one Muslim father was infuriated to see his daughter talk to a boy when leaving a class.  It reminded me of the poor Iraqi girl killed by her father in order to preserve his honor when he learned she was friendly with a British soldier.  

Guzzardi asks a logical question and discusses the ramifications, but doesn’t volunteer the answer. 

Here’s the common sense question I ask myself. If Islam is the most important thing in a Muslim’s life, then why migrate to a Christian country?

I know that if Christianity were paramount to me, I would never consider moving to an Islamic country, even if it were allowed.

And, knowing what we now know about immigrant Muslim resistance to assimilation, what’s in it for the United States? [nothing]

Since few Muslims will become Americans—at least as we define the concept—then the federal government owes it to us to honest about the ultimate outcome of its immigration policy.

The only thing that can come of leaving our doors open to the Islamic nation is a more balkanized America.

Why would Muslims who do not wish to assimilate come to America? 

The answer is that Islam requires its adherents to spread across the entire globe and to make Christians subservient to Islam. As preposterous as it probably sounds to you, Muslim immigrants are here to make America an Islamic (shariah governed) country someday even if it takes 100 years, or 500 or a thousand.   Because we Westerners don’t think in terms of religious supremacism, the answer to Mr. Guzzardi’s logical question will, for most, continue to be elusive.


Muslim on Muslim crime

Yesterday Jihad Watch had a good post about a mob of Jihadi Muslims in Indonesia burning a mosque of another sect of Islam, the Ahmadiyya.    The mob shouted “kill” “kill” as it torched the place.

Guess we will soon hear that we need to take more Ahmadiyya asylees, refugees, and immigrants due to the religious persecution they are experiencing.  But, who is doing the persecuting?  Muslims!  Against Muslims!

See the Jihad Watch post and note the comments.   The first reader to tell us that the Refugee Resettlement program is taking Ahmadiyya gets a gold star.

We have written about the Ahmadiyya community on many occasions during their failed attempt to get a special exception to the zoning in order to establish  a facility for 10,000 in a rural part of Maryland.  See Walkersville archives here.    I guess the Jihad Watch article demonstrates that fears of some citizens of Walkersville were not unfounded, the Ahmadiyya convention facility might have some day attracted violence as other sects of Islam attempt to wipe them out.

Coincidentally, the Frederick News Post also yesterday published a profile of Steve Berryman spokesperson for Citizens For Walkersville the grassroots group that was successful in protecting their small town from a well-funded and well-organized Ahmadiyya Community campaign to build a compound in the town.  Note the folks in Frederick are not shy about commenting.

Keep the heathens out!

This is a horrible and heartwrenching story from Iraq.  Hat tip: The Unbeliever.   A 17-year-old fell in love with a British soldier and when her father found out he choked her to death.  He got off because it was a so-called honor killing sanctioned by Islam and also apparently just fine with the democratically elected government of Iraq.  Is this what we are fighting for?

 Here is a shortened version of the story (for the longer version, if you can stomach it, go here).

A 17-year-old Iraqi girl has been murdered by her father in an ‘honour killing’ after falling in love with a British soldier in Basra, The Observer can reveal.

Rand Abdel-Qader was killed after her family discovered she had formed a friendship with a 22-year-old infantryman she knew as Paul. Rand, who met the soldier while working on an aid project for displaced families, was suffocated by her father and then hacked at with a knife. All the time he was calling out that his honour was being cleansed, said Rand’s mother.

The father was arrested, held for two hours, then released without charge. ‘Not much can be done when we have an “honour killing”,’ said Sgt Ali Jabbar of Basra police. ‘You are in a Muslim society and women should live under religious laws.’

Rand’s mother, who divorced her husband after the killing, is now in hiding from her family and being looked after by a local charity. ‘She has been threatened by her husband’s family and is very scared,’ said a charity spokeswoman.

An MoD spokesman said there was no official policy on advising troops how to behave with Iraqi women, indicating that Paul would not have been told that their friendship might be putting her life at risk. ‘They are not told: don’t go and fall in love.’

Though this is believed to be the first ‘honour killing’ involving a British soldier, there were 47 such killings of young women in Basra last year, though only three convictions, said the Basra Security Committee. 

When we merrily admit thousands of Muslim men from Iraq in the refugee program (this year!) what makes all you do-gooders think the MUSLIM practice of honor killings won’t come with them? 

We should, however, immediately admit women with guts like this poor girl’s mother and the Christians who are truly in trouble!

I feel sorry for the British soldier but it’s this ignorance of Islam that will be our undoing. 

Honor killings are already happening in America, see our previous post here.


Because no one asked….

I just found this blog with that name, and it’s from Canada.   Today “crazybengal” had this to say about a film called “Real Islam revealed”: 

Another thing that is not mentioned in the film is the need for muslim immigrants to integrate into western society. Also, the need for our governments to stop giving in to muslim immigrants’ demands that WE accomodate THEIR cultural requirments so as to be consistent with Sharia law – that makes US the dhimmis. Stop the multi-culti liberals amoung us who are bending over to accomodate muslims, trying SO HARD to prove that they are not racist. Islam is not a race. 

However, the video takes it one step further and proposes a halt to all Muslim immigration to Europe and the United States.   I’m mentioning that here because it is an idea we are hearing more frequently.