Honor killings come to America

We’ve written in the past of sanctioned practices in Islam creeping into America with immigrants from Muslim countries.  Polygamy, female genital mutilation and now honor killings will change the way we live unless we take a strong principled stand now.

Go to Atlas Shrugs here and read about the horrible case of Amina and Sarah Said murdered by their Egyptian father in Texas simply because they had become too American.  The murderer is still on the loose and Atlas has sent a plea to all bloggers to post this information.  She says the authorities are not doing enough out of fear of a backlash in a town that is now heavily populated with Muslim sympathizers.

From Atlas:

Here’s the thing.

We (the citizenry) are going to have to apprehend this killer. Law enforcement officials in Irving are playing politically correct politics with the murder of these young desperate girls. Free men must bring the killer to justice.

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