Update on Bosnian teen shot in Bowling Green, KY

Update:   Property owner exonerated by Grand Jury today, July 17, will report fully in the morning.

When we reported a few days ago about the killing of a Bosnian refugee in Kentucky, the community was planning a vigil for the boy accused of breaking and entering someone’s home.   Here is a report of the vigil where friends of the teen walked to the home where he was killed.

About 60 people took part in a vigil Thursday and walked from the home of Eros Berisaj to the house where he was shot. The group started their walk at 5:11 p.m. – the time the shooting was reported to police a week earlier.

The mourners started out at Berisaj’s home at 134 Whispering Hills Blvd. Each of the participants was given a flower. Many wore T-shirts with pictures of Eros surrounding the words “never forget” and others carried posters with picture collages of the teen.

Then further down in the story we learn this.

The shooting was reported at 5:11 p.m. April 3 by homeowner Jeff McGuire, who said he had just shot someone who had broken into his house, according to the Bowling Green Police Department.

McGuire and his attorney, J.B. Hines, have declined to comment.

No charges have been filed and the case remains under investigation. According to police, Eros Berisaj was inside the house at the time he was shot and fell onto the back patio.

Police said they are also investigating if the alleged attempted burglary was related to others that have occurred in that neighborhood.

What is wrong with this picture?   When did we come to the point where the sympathy is all on the side of the alleged lawbreaker?

Muslim Ghettos forming in Canadian cities

This coming week when you hear all the hype building around the Iraqi refugee issue—you know, bring more now!   Or, if the lobbying campaign makes you feel all warm and fuzzy about helping all those Muslims escape persecution (from each other!) in Iraq.   Think about this article from Canada today.

On the corner of Dundas and Chestnut Sts., Ahmed dumps a handful of pennies and quarters on the sidewalk, and begins counting his day’s earnings.

“Asalamu alakum, can you spare some change?” he shyly asks two men as they rush past him and into Masjid Toronto, a downtown mosque.

A former teacher, Ahmed left war-torn Iraq five years ago for Canada. “I came here but couldn’t find a job, couldn’t make money,” he said. “Now I am homeless. I live in a shelter.


The scant data available paints a troubling picture of a growing community of nearly 300,000 Muslims, which includes a mix of refugees, recent immigrants, and those who settled in Canada decades ago.

The four poorest of all ethno-racial groups, with more than 50 per cent of their members living below Statistics Canada’s low-income cut-off, were Somalis, Afghans, Ethiopians and Bangladeshi populations – all from predominately Muslim countries.


“It’s not about settlement; it’s about systemic barriers in the system. We are receiving well-educated people. They are … engineers and doctors, but they are still doing dishes, or driving cabs.”

How about if instead of bringing educated Iraqis to live in ghettos in the West to clean motels for a living,  we figure out a way to help them rebuild Iraq.   Doesn’t that sound like the more humane thing to do?  But, of course, then the volags won’t get the clients they need to stay in business and someone will have to admit that maybe Iraq will be O.K. someday. 

Google Earth now helps you find refugees worldwide

Thanks to a couple of readers, bluelitespecial and Brian, we have learned that Google Earth has partnered with the United Nations to bring you information on refugees and camps around the world.

The office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has released, with help from Google Earth Outreach, new Google Earth content which documents UN projects involving Refugee camps. The announcement was made today in Geneva where the UN world headquarters are located. Google Earth Outreach Director Rebecca Moore was on hand for the announcement as were several notables of the United Nations.

Cool huh?   Now, lets suggest that the US State Department and the Dept. of Homeland Security partner with Google Earth and track all the groups of refugees and H-2B visa workers that are roaming America.  Maybe eventually they could track those aliens coming across the borders.

I was thinking of the Somalis who in some cases will not sign leases for more than 6 months (Tysons Food and other meatpackers could help get the data), and then maybe that company in Alabama which lost 100 workers last winter.   And, of course just this past week over 100 supposed H2-B Visa welders who came up missing from construction work in Emporia, KS.

Come to think of it, I bet the government could pull this off pretty easily if they wanted to because a private citizen is already doing something along these lines.  Check out the map at the Illegal Alien Activity Tracking System.

We could call it the “supposedly legal alien activity tracking system!”