Bosnian teen killed in Bowling Green, KY

I’m starting to feel like a crime reporter with all these crimes involving refugees of late.   This one is about a Bosnian 15-year-old who is shot and killed at someone’s home and the community will have a vigil for him.  But, wait, they are holding a vigil before it has been determined if he was killed breaking and entering a home? 

The family of an unarmed 15-year-old boy shot and killed last week will hold a vigil today at the Warren County Justice Center.

Eros Berisaj was shot and killed while allegedly breaking into a residence at 525 Creekwood Court.

Well, of course, the Bosnian immigrant community now “wants answers!”     So do we all.  

 Saban Ferizi, father of Eros, said he wants answers to questions surrounding the incident that the authorities aren’t providing, Ferizi said.

The 5,000-strong Bosnian community cannot believe some of the things happening with this thing, Schanic said.

“We don’t excuse Eros’ wrongdoing but how can someone kill somebody who didn’t enter the house?” Schanic said.

Police have not released the information about the location of the shooting at the house.

Schanic, a Bosnian native in Bowling Green since 1995, tries to aid Bosnian refugees to understand the law.

She was the case manager (here maybe) for the Ferizi family when they first arrived in Bowling Green in 1998.  But in this case, she cannot answer their questions about where Eros was when he was shot or whether it’s right for someone to take justice into their own hands, as the shooter did, Schanic said.

As soon as we hear more news we will let you all know where he was when he was shot, but as for that line I’ve highlighted, homeowners do have the right to defend their property.    Defending one’s property is an important freedom in America.

Understandably the dead boys mother is distraught, and if it turns out the boy was not breaking and entering someone’s home, there will be a legal process followed and there will be  punishment for the shooter.    But, now the mother ends with a blast at America.

Ferizi’s wife, Drita, said the family survived wars in Bosnia and Yugoslavia only to come to America and lose two sons.

At 19 years old, their son Elvir was killed in a motorcycle accident in 1992 in Bowling Green.

“Sometimes I think it’s safer back in Bosnia,” she said

If it’s safer in Bosnia, then refugees are free to return.    

This same ‘hate America’ business was evident in an exchange Judy had yesterday with a Vietnamese refugee (or a child of a previous refugee) at this post.    Judy asked, why would you remain here if you believe America is a horrible country?   I’ll ask the same thing now.

 *Note:  I’m making a new category just entitled “crimes” because such cases are piling up on this blog.


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