Grand Island, NE: More refugees on the way

If the only article you ever read about Grand Island, Nebraska and refugees is this one, you might think that everything was going smoothly in this refugee resettlement target city.

So, before you read the article (yesterday) from The Independent, go back and first read this 2010 post about a Los Angeles Times report where the Grand Island police chief says of his city—-it is chaotic anarchy among all the ethnic groups.*

Grand Island is also the city where the Somalis bullied the Mayor and attempted to get her to resign over something she said in the New York Times, here.

I had forgotten how much I’ve written about Grand Island, just type it into our search function and see that we have several pages of posts.  Or, you might visit our whole category entitled, ‘Greeley/Swift/Somali controversy’ where there are many mentions of Grand Island.

Grand Island’s problems revolve around, what else, meatpacking plants nearby.  The Swift plant near Grand Island is one of several that experienced clashes among its various ethnic workers over demands for special treatment by Somalis.  They wanted prayer breaks during work hours, others objected.

The article from The Independent today says that more Burmese will be coming to Grand Island.  LOL!  I suspect they have had enough of the Somalis and food processing giant, Swift, wants some more docile immigrant workers.

Read the article, but here are some bits of information that might interest you, they did me (emphasis mine).

If the past is any guide, Grand Island may one day be home to Burmese refugees.

That’s because Burma has sent more refugees to Nebraska than any other country during the past five years, said Karen Parde, refugee coordinator for the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services. Parde spoke at a Thursday Lunch and Learn hosted by the Multicultural Coalition of Grand Island.

She said Omaha and Lincoln are Nebraska’s two official resettlement cities, but communities such as Grand Island, Lexington, South Sioux City and others are primary locations for secondary refugee migrants.

Once refugees get established in a city their populations grow as others of their ethnic group move to be near to those who share the same heritage.  This is understandable—that they want to be with others like them—but Americans of European heritage aren’t allowed that wish (funny how that works!).

“Once refugees arrive in the United States, they have all the rights you and I do,” said Parde, who noted that the only exception is the right to vote.

One of those rights is the freedom to move to any city in the United States and not remain in the original resettlement city chosen for them, Parde said. As a result, refugees often move to a secondary city to be close to family members. They often move because the secondary city offers a better prospect of finding a job and a better chance of finding less expensive housing.

Looks like our overall refugee numbers will be lower this year.  Here they blame it on security checks that are holding the flow down, but I will bet its also because there is little to NO work and much welfare needed for refugees arriving now.   Meatpacking labor is probably the only employment around.

Refugees must undergo a security check before they are allowed into the United States, Parde said. Recently, one more security layer was added. Because security checks have expiration dates, some clearances have lapsed because of the time involved in doing the additional security check. Those initial security clearances must then be redone.

As a result, Parde estimated that between 60,000 and 65,000 refugees will enter the United States this year, even though 80,000 is the approved number.

Nebraska typically agrees to take about 720 immigrants annually, but Parde said it has agreed to take up to 800 refugees in a year. She said the decision to raise the number has been a balancing act, especially when the state economy has slowed.

Yes, here it is, it’s taking a long time for refugees to find work.

She said the primary temporary assistance is a Cash and Medical Assistance program that refugees can receive for up to eight months. However, the expectation is that refugees will find a job within 30 to 90 days.

Parde told The Independent that Nebraska refugees had easily been meeting that goal until the economy slowed. Most refugees continue to find jobs, but now it is often taking five, six or seven months.

Many refugees come with no knowledge of modern amenities.

As a result, when they arrive in the United States, they have almost no knowledge of modern life, including knowing anything about electricity, refrigerating food or modern sanitation, Parde said.

And, now, here is the only thing in the whole article that would tell readers that everything is not copacetic in Grand Island.  Some of the Somalis don’t like each other.  Where have we heard that before?

While Americans may think of all people from the same country as being the same, refugees see distinctions, Parde said. Somali refugees will divide themselves into what she described as “Somali Bantu” and “Somali Somali.” She said the Bantus, an ethnic minority in Somalia, are considered to be of a lower social class by “Somali Somalis.” Bantus have sometimes been mistreated by Somalis.

*It’s been over 30 years since I’ve had the pleasure of watching the spectacular sandhill crane migration on the Platte River near Grand Island, it makes me sad to read about how different this heartland town must be now.

I repeat: not all cultures are the same…..

….hungering for freedom, democracy and a better life.

In March I reported on how the Egypt story quickly disappeared from the news—silence had settled on the mainstream media—when CBS reporter Lara Logan was beaten and sexually assaulted just as the poor downtrodden Egyptians had thrown off the oppressor’s yoke to gain their “freedom!”

Now, of course we know that the Muslim Brotherhood is calling the political shots (thanks to help from the American media, the US State Department (Obama!), and even American union bosses (Trumka!) who helped bring on the “revolution”).  And, I guarantee you Egypt will become a nation governed not by socialist dreamers but by Shariah Law as a result.

Meanwhile, I bet American NGO’s like Casa de Maryland and the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights  are still planning their September “community organizing” trip to Egypt led by Wade Rathke and the boys at the Organizer’s Forum.   They are either naive or fools.  Oh, but there is one more possibility—that they are on the same team as the Muslim Brotherhood.

When I wrote about the reason why the silence was deafening after the rape heard round the world, critics said it wasn’t so, Lara Logan wasn’t raped (see comments here, just a little “unwanted touching”).  Speaking out now, it sure sounds like she was violated and came near to dying at the hands of the liberators of Egypt.

Logan:  …what really struck me was how merciless they were.

From the Huffington Post*:

In interviews with “60 Minutes” and the New York Times which were released on Thursday, Logan described what happened when the mob surrounded her.

“Our camera battery went down, and we had to stop for a moment, and suddenly, Bahar [the Egyptian cameraman] looks at me and says, ‘we’ve got to get out of here,'” she told CBS’ Scott Pelley. “I thought, not only am I going to die here, but it’s going to be just a torturous death that’s going to go on forever and ever and ever.”

Logan told the Times that the attack lasted for 40 minutes and involved 200 to 300 men.

“For an extended period of time, they raped me with their hands,” she said. “My clothes were torn to pieces…what really struck me was how merciless they were. They really enjoyed my pain and suffering. It incited them to more violence.”

* Typical media, they still can’t say it. They have this story spun to send the message that this just shows how hard it is for women to cover conflicts around the world.  These ‘boys’ weren’t out to rape a reporter, they were brutalizing a western woman.   Wouldn’t it be wonderful for a change to see the Huffington Post, just once, show how hard it is for any woman (Muslim or non-Muslim, journalist or not) to live in an Islamic supremacist society and thus help send the message that we don’t want one here! 

Just another troubled Somali refugee youth?

…..or one of the hundreds of Somalis who have gotten into the US across our porous borders and disappeared.

He isn’t missing anymore, seems he is basically tied up in Montana for a few years after disrupting an Amtrak train and suggesting there might be a bomb on board.

Let me ask you, readers, did you ever see this story in the mainstream media back in February when it occurred?  Heck the perp even appealed to CNN to get him on the news.

From the Great Falls Tribune.  Hat tip: Paul

A Minneapolis man pleaded guilty Tuesday to federal charges stemming from a February bomb scare on a westbound Amtrak train that caused the entire train to be evacuated in severe winter conditions west of Browning.

Hussein Abdi Hassan, 24, pleaded guilty to false information/hoaxes. Sentencing has been set for Aug. 22.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, after Hassan was arrested and escorted off the train for disorderly conduct on Feb. 14, he told a Glacier County Sheriff’s deputy that he had left “something very dangerous” on the train. The train’s conductor had called ahead to the sheriff’s office and requested that Hassan be taken off at the Browning train depot because he was intoxicated and extremely disruptive.

Based upon the threat, the Amtrak train was stopped a short while later in a field between Browning and East Glacier. The Glacier County Sheriff’s Office arranged for approximately 140 passengers to be transported by bus to the Browning Middle School, where community volunteers took care of them. In order to get to the buses, passengers had to walk approximately 75 feet across a frozen pond in extremely snowy and windy conditions.

An explosives team from Malmstrom Air Force Base in Great Falls later searched the train after it was evacuated and found no explosives.  [Was this a probe, I wonder—ed]


Hassan demanded to know why he was being arrested.

“This is not right, I paid for a f- – – ing train ride, and where is my bag?” Hassan said. The deputy responded that he did not get off the train with a bag, at which point Hassan began to laugh, and said, “Damn fools, all of you.”

After Hassan asked again about his bag, he reportedly told the deputy, “No one will survive on that train.”


The deputy asked Hassan whether he was lying,* to which he responded, “I am Muslim, I cannot lie.” Hassan then stated to the deputy, “We can sell our story to CNN for a large amount. I’ll be famous for awhile.”


According to a March detention order signed by U.S. Magistrate Keith Strong, Hassan is not a U.S. citizen and could be deported back to Somalia upon conviction. Strong ordered that Hassan be held while the charges were being processed because he was deemed as a “serious” flight risk with no ties to Montana.

So where is CNN or anyone else in the mainstream media when you need them?  Oh, yes, of course, this story doesn’t fit the narrative of the Left (see Soros’ “welcoming” America project).

* In Islam one is permitted to lie under certain circumstances.  It is not clear what Hassan is talking about in this case.  Here is one discussion of the Muslim practice of taqiyya (spelling may vary).  Some believe that lying is just fine when it’s to an infidel.

Exposing Marxism in the Church

That is the name of a new website and it’s about the US Catholic Church and its takeover at the top by Marxist ideologues.  We’ve written about this before, but I’m interested to see that journalist and investigator Cliff Kincaid has actually created a website on the topic entitled, “Exposing Marxism in the Church,” here.  Not pulling any punches is he?   (Hat tip: Update at Blue Ridge Forum, here)

What is so galling to me, beyond the deception perpetrated on good and sincere Catholics who have no clue how deeply entrenched the “Church” hierarchy is in Hard Left politics, is the fact that much of the funding of, for example, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, comes from the taxpayer.   Do you know we actually fund their Washington, DC office to ostensibly take care of refugees while they engage in political dealings relating to climate change, marriage and illegal aliens?  See my post in February where the Bishops were lobbying Congress to spare them from the budget-cutters who were only trying to protect the taxpayer (and save the country)!

[It is sad to say that even some of the best Conservative Members of Congress do not get how they help fund their own Hard Left political opposition as well as to help build the voting base that will ultimately wipe out Conservatives, by funding the Bishops.]

When you visit Exposing Marxism…, note the Soros (Open Society) connection as well.  It’s just a coincidence that my previous post is also about Soros.  He is everywhere these days!

Other recent posts that might be of interest:  Who is above Soros?, at my other blog, and the Far Left has infiltrated the “faith” community, here, at RRW.

Soros building a more “welcoming” America and Tennessee is a target

Yesterday, George Soros’ Open Society website ran a feature story on “Welcome to Shelbyville.”  That’s a propaganda film I’ve told you about too many times to count. (See most recently here).  “Open Society” wants you all to know that Tennessee is the model for future “welcoming” initiatives blah, blah, blah.

It all sounds so lovely—reaching out to the world’s downtrodden and “welcoming” them to your town.  What Soros is really welcoming is classic Marxism as the imported “have-nots” will go to war with the “haves.”   And, as this American Thinker article this week tells us, the third worlders will become the voters who assure America’s and Western Civilization’s demise.

From “Importing Disaster…”:

As long as we continue our suicidal immigration policies — where 85 percent of newcomers hail from the Third World and Asia (thanks, Ted Kennedy) — the only thing that will be in question about our descent into socialism, and perhaps beyond, is the rate.

Despite this…. all most conservatives talk about is 2012 this and 2012 that. Yet, what good is fighting for momentary political success if you don’t secure the cultural foundation of which it’s born? And how can you enjoy the latter when the rate of cultural invasion greatly exceeds the rate of assimilation?

Remember that people create the government; government doesn’t create the people. If you replace Westerners with Muslims, you no longer have Christendom (or even the shell of it we now inhabit) but Iran West. And if you replace apple-pie Americans with I-want-your-piece-of-the-pie socialists, you no longer have the US but the USSR redux. Oh, of course, our immigration scheme isn’t replacing us in one fell swoop; instead, it’s happening incrementally, which all the frogs in the frying pan of water don’t really seem to notice much. But as the aforementioned census data demonstrates, those increments are becoming bigger — and more rapid. And a death by a thousand cuts is still a death.

You might want to visit my post of two days ago about Tennessee as those Muslims we “welcomed” to Tennessee rallied at the Capitol over two bills—one to head off any terrorist attack and the other that seeks to re-gain some control by the State of Tennessee for refugee resettlement there.   Thankfully there are some political leaders in that state who aren’t going down without a fight.

Be sure to check out this map and see if you are a target for the “welcoming” socialists.