Refugee Resettlement Watch is back!!!

Dear readers,

I’m so excited to report that RRW has been reconstructed after it was removed without notice by my previous host——two months ago.

After working on informing and educating readers here in the US and around the world about issues related to refugee resettlement for nearly 12 years, you can imagine what a blow it was to find that the Speech Police had managed to apparently pressure into unceremoniously dumping my work and of course censoring me!

With the help of a compatriot, because I sure wasn’t capable of putting nearly 9,000 posts back into some usable format, welcome to the new RRW!

If you are a new reader, or even a long-time reader! and want to know more about how I came to be obsessed with seeing the US Refugee Admissions Program either abolished or reformed, see my ‘About’ at the top of the page.

The good news is that all the posts are here and the links back to previous posts have been reconfigured and should all be working. The categories work, as do the archives (see right hand sidebar).

More good news is that the Search function works great! Use the Search window in the upper right hand sidebar here at my new site. Type in a few key words and see what I’ve posted on that subject over the years. (LOL! I suggest that you don’t use one key word such as ‘Somalis’ or be prepared for hours of reading.)

And, the best news is that I plan to post here from time to time because there is increasingly a lot of news on refugees that I have been posting at my other blog—Frauds, Crooks and Criminals  (see all posts relating to refugees at ‘Frauds and Crooks’ by clicking here.)

The bad news is that did not send me my subscribers or most my photos/graphs/charts etc.  So you will see a photo caption in many posts, but no photo.

More bad news is that at least so far there is no e-mail subscription capability here that I know of.  So therefore, please book mark my new url which is and visit often!

***Update***  Subscriptions are now possible!  See here.

And, one more thing, there is no opportunity to comment at the moment.

***Update***  Comments are now being accepted after moderation.  But, please see rules of the road for commenting by clicking here.

My facebook page is still here at:

And, as for Twitter, (@RefugeeWatcher) I rarely post there or even visit because I got so disgusted with them messing with my account, but I continue to be grateful to all of you who post my material from time to time.

Welcome back!

Yours truly,

Ann Corcoran

(p.s. This post will be visible here on the front page for a few weeks.)

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