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First, I am alive and well and thanks to readers who have checked in on my welfare!  And, special thanks to those of you who sent notes to my snail mail post office box.

If you are wondering, I will post from time to time, more maybe when cold weather arrives and I am stuck in the house.  And, if I see things where I can contribute some additional information that isn’t being discussed elsewhere.

In the meantime, see John Binder at Breitbart who is staying on top of Biden’s Afghan on-going airlift of ‘new Americans’ to a town near you.  Stories like this one yesterday.

Check Borderhawk daily for links to stories about illegal aliens and refugees around the world.

Use my search window (upper right hand corner of RRW) with a few key words to access some of the thousands of posts I have written since 2007.

If you have additional questions about policy, reports and facts about immigration, be sure to ask one or all of the three major immigration control groups which have offices staffed with lots of people in the Washington, DC area:  Center for Immigration Studies, FAIR (Federation for Immigration Reform), and NumbersUSA.

Finally, I recently told you that you could reach me through the comments section at the end of each post, well, now that isn’t working as I have been flooded with so much spam mail that it has completely clogged up my comments section.  Sigh.  I think I am getting a sign that retirement might be in my near future!

Refugee Resettlement Watch is 13 years old today!

This is the artwork the Southern Poverty Law Center commissioned when they labeled me an ant-Muslim extremist in 2016.

It’s kind of crazy isn’t it—for 13 years I’ve been working to inform the American public about the US Refugee Admissions Program on almost a daily basis.  I say almost because as many of you know the speech police succeeded in forcing RRW off the internet about this time last year for a brief period.

I’m too lazy to write anything new.  What do I say? When I started this effort in the summer of 2007 I assumed it was something that would last a few months.  9,487 posts later, I’m still doing this!

So, because I am lazy and want to get onto the news of the day, I figured I would post my ‘About’ page here because I suspect most of you don’t visit RRW directly and may not have ever seen it.

About RRW…..

Prior to 2007 I had no interest in the refugee issue, heck, I had no idea there even was any controversy.

Of course I knew there were refugees moving around the world, but I had no clue that the US government was actively working with the United Nations to select refugees from third world countries and then was quietly placing them in small and medium-sized cities in most of the fifty states.

That is, until a stir was created in the rural county where I live in Western Maryland.

To make a very long story short, I learned that the Virginia Council of Churches , working for New York City-based Church World Service, had been quietly placing refugees in our county.

I wanted to know if the people of Washington County had any say in the matter, and who told a Virginia church group that they could place an economic burden on a Maryland! county that had a lot of burdens already.

Our local paper, the Herald Mail, had no interest in explaining to our citizens how the program, which I had just learned was the US State Department’s US Refugee Admissions Program, worked.  I implored the paper to investigate and report facts to help tamp down a growing anger as more people had questions about how the decision was made and who would pay for the needs of the impoverished refugees.

Click here for a post I wrote in 2007 explaining how I asked the Herald Mail to publish a thorough report on the refugee program.  I think you will see that the questions I asked were reasonable and ones any sensible person would ask.

Ultimately a public meeting was held, Hagerstown city and Washington County citizens were not happy, and within weeks the US State Department sent the Virginia Council of Churches back to Virginia.

All of that history (and subsequent mentions of those early days) is cataloged in a category I called September Forum’ for anyone who is interested in the history.

I launched Refugee Resettlement Watch in July 2007 simply as a place to archive everything I was learning (after the Herald Mail refused to inform citizens) about a subject that had so intrigued me.

If you are new to RRW, you need to know that I don’t work for anyone!  And, I am not paid for my volunteer work!

I’m just a citizen who believes that taxpaying Americans have every right to know how a government program works and so have spent the last 12 13 years (writing almost every day!) on this one very dysfunctional and frankly destructive program.

By the way, I didn’t start out thinking the program itself was dangerous for the future of our country, I was initially only concerned with how dysfunctional and unfair it is.

Unfair because local people had no say in how their community was being changed by bureaucrats in Washington!

I have nearly 9,000 posts [today it is 9,487] archived here in which I explain the program, educate about what is happening around the US, and report on refugee problems around the world.

Then in late 2018, I became discouraged.

After the President had been in office for nearly two years, I didn’t see the major reforms being initiated that I had hoped for.  Yes, he drastically cut the numbers of refugees arriving, but he left the structure of the program firmly in place.

And, he signaled that no major changes would be made by continuing to fund all nine federal refugee contractors (like the arrogant and politically Progressive Church World Service responsible for refugee placement in my county) even as they had many fewer refugees to ‘care for.’

I posited, and still do, that if no major reform of the program is made during Trump’s tenure in the White House, the program will be put on steroids as soon as he is gone. [Biden is eager to make that happen, see here yesterday.]

Indeed, the refugee industry will demand of the new President that the numbers being admitted should be increased tenfold to make up for what they will call the “lost Trump years.”

In the fall of 2018, I figured it was time for me to do something else, so at the first of the year (2019), I launched a new blog—Frauds, Crooks and Criminals—in order to write about a broader range of issues that appealed to me.

If I was going to write every day, I figured I might as well have fun!

Although relatively inactive, Refugee Resettlement Watch was still available for citizens seeking an education about the refugee program, or so I thought!

In June of 2019 the blow came—a reader reported that RRW had been taken down!

I had no warning from my host of more than a decade——which was destroying years of my work, and when I inquired they refused to tell me why now, after nearly 12 years of using their services, I was being kicked off of their platform.

This is censorship, plain and simple. I wrote about it here at ‘Frauds and Crooks.’

It was obvious that the speech police had finally found me as the Leftists and Open Borders Agitators (in the run-up to the 2020 elections) go about silencing anyone with views other than theirs—anyone who isn’t supportive of their mission of changing America by changing the people. allowed me access to my posts in order to host my own blog, but I was not provided access to my subscribers or sadly not to most of my photos, graphs and charts that illustrated my posts.

I needed help!  What did I know about taking a hodge-podge of nearly 9,000 posts and putting them all back into some usable format?

However, thanks to help from Elbel Consulting Services, LLC, I rebuilt the blog and am hosting it on a secure server. I’m back!

Thanks for being here with me!

See my ‘Welcome Back’ post when I relaunched RRW on September 2, 2019.

Endnote:  Perhaps the greatest casualty of being removed without notice from the internet was my subscriber list.  Prior to being censored, I had thousands of subscribers. did not give them back to me.  RRW is also increasingly hard to find via search engines so rebuilding a readership is a daunting task.

Comment worth noting: You never answer my e-mails and tweets

Reader Marcus says I never answer his e-mails and tweets.  He does have a point and it is something I feel awful about—it is just me here and if I answered every e-mail I receive every day, I would have no time to research and write stories and I would have no life at all.

So for that I continue to apologize and to be honest it is the fact that I can’t answer all of your e-mails that every day makes me want to hang it up after nearly 13 years of continuous posting either here or at ‘Frauds and Crooks.’

Here is Marcus (he says I won’t post his comment!).  By the way, I screen comments and I am awfully slow at getting to that job too. This is from yesterday.

We need a National Mandate on forced deportations for refugees and illegal aliens.

PS.. to the lady who runs this site, thanks for never answering my tweets and email.

You’re exactly like a politician, you care nothing about the people that support you.  [Support? How?—ed]

I know you’ll delete this comment too, liberals like you don’t like criticism.

He is right about twitter. I’ve slacked off on twitter lately.  It is all just a competition for who can post the most titillating tidbits aimed at a small segment of America.

As a volunteer writer I could hang around twitter or facebook for a big chunk of the day, tweeting, retweeting, commenting and so forth, or I could research and write posts.

Now, I’ll see what I think would be something that readers might like to hear about (would find useful) and at the same time is something I want to write about (whether I have readers like Marcus or not!).

Ten Years Ago this Month at RRW

I’m working on a lengthier project, but I am alive and well and wanted to give you something to read.

So I went back to my archives from May of 2010 to find some posts (I posted 60 times that month) that might be of interest.

Here are a dozen memorable ones (it’s a good thing I snipped significant portions of some news articles because the original stories are gone).


(Click on the headline)


Was Somali murder in Ft. Morgan an honor killing?

UN setting the stage for increased Somali resettlement to the West


St. Cloud update: What did the report really say?

Obama’s Auntie Zeituni granted asylum


Iowa editor admits it: we want refugee labor in our state


Courtroom outburst in Utah refugee murder case halts proceedings


Senators Leahy and Sessions scuffle over refugee program expansion bill


Feds issue terror watch for Somalis coming across the border—too little too late


Former Congressman issues another call for moratorium on immigration across the board


Teachers in Lewiston school to be moved out because test scores are below average


Utah case indicates Somali family reunification is moving forward


Alleged Al Shabaab recruiter may soon be extradicted to the US





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Reaching a lot of people and many are commenting!



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