Comment worth noting: we hear from Maruf’s sister

For new readers this may be getting a little complicated, but we have been following the case of the Somali missing youths since it first became public knowledge back in November and this is a very important turn of events in the story.

Yesterday we learned that the 4th Somali to leave Minneapolis and join al-Shabaab, Zakaria Maruf, is reportedly dead in Somalia.   It looks like the second and third young men to die may have been killed by their Jihadi handlers possibly to keep them quiet, and I will report as soon as I see news about how Maruf may have died.

Who are the recruiters in the US and who paid the boys’ airfares back to Africa?  That is the crucial question, the question the FBI is trying to answer.  Family and friends of the dead men are pointing a finger at the local mosque and are accusing CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) of trying to sidetrack the investigation.  See my post here on how the families need help!

On Sunday, the New York Times feature story fingered Zakaria Maruf as the “recruiter.”  I suggested here that it sounded like he was being made the “fall guy.”   Well, if it is true that he is now dead, possibly killed by Al-Shabaab, I guess that would throw the NYT theory out the window.  Here MPR yesterday also suggests he was recruiting.   He might have been a talker and a bragger but he sure doesn’t sound like the mastermind.  So who told the NYT reporter that he was the “recruiter?”

Last night we had a comment from Maruf’s sister, Nabila Maruf, who confirms that her brother had no money and no real knowledge of Somalia before leaving for Africa.  She appears to be saying there is no way he was any sort of key figure in this, so again, who told the NYT that he was?

My brother did’t know anything about back home. When we left home, he was very little at the time. so what would he be fighting for? He knew the struggle and what my family went through when we came from somalia. and he never told anyone one, “Let’s go fight in the war.” he didn’t even have enough money to buy a ticket to go back because he couldn’t keep a job. so whoever told him thoughs things probably gave him the money to go back. because my family didn’t even know that he was gping back home.

Come on mainstream reporters:  Dig!   Go around CAIR!  Go around the Imams!  This is a huge story, go to the families.

To reporters:    In case you missed it , most of the mainstream media did, it is an American (a white man) in Somalia, a leader of Al-Shabaab, who recently mocked Obama’s speech to the Muslim world, here, and promised more violence in the name of Allah.   He would definitely know how to appeal to Americans to join the international Jihad.

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