Fracturing America with out of control immigration is the goal

Here is a piece by Frosty Wooldridge that lays out the facts, spells out what we know—-that at the present rate of immigration there is no way we are going to survive as a nation, at least not as a nation like the one we have known and loved.  Ecologically, economically and culturally we are doomed.   Importing poverty and cultural practices that are horrific affronts to western values will fracture America and turn us into a third world hell hole.   But that is the goal.  I know it seems so counterintuitive, but we must wrap our heads around that FACT—it is the goal!

I don’t any longer beat my head against a wall trying to understand how that obviously logical end to our wonderful country, via out of control immigration, isn’t clear to our leaders.   It is clear, and to those driving the agenda, the far left Progressives, this is exactly what they want.  One must tear down our borders and our capitalist system to reach their Socialist/Fascist nirvana.

Don’t get me wrong.  Mr. Wooldridge’s piece is informative and will persuade other logical people, but it isn’t enough.   As we fret and try to point out the obvious logic of what is happening, they (the enemy, liberal fascists) are working every minute to rend the economic and social fabric of America (using poor immigrants, while hiding behind their professed humanitarianism) to implement their plans.   Our job now is to expose them, which won’t be easy since the mainstream media is suckered by them, but we must find a way.  We must!

Connecticut: Food stamp fraud alert!

Regular readers know that an issue that interests me ever since we had a food stamp scam bust where we live—Mohammad Khan is now in prison—is the issue of immigrants from a certain region of the world scamming the US taxpayer by ripping off the food stamp program.   Today’s report comes from Connecticut and is small peanuts compared to some of the scams we have noted in our archive on food stamp scams.

A Hamden couple who swindled the federal Food Stamp Program was sentenced in federal court in Bridgeport Monday. The couple owns and operates the Lucky 7 corner store at 253 Davenport Ave. in the Hill.

Abdul Hakim Musaed, 45, and Nadia Ali Haider, 29, pleaded guilty to “one count of conspiracy to commit Food Stamp fraud,” according to the U.S. Attorney’s office. He was sentenced to four months in prison. She was sentenced to four months’ home confinement.

The couple allowed Food Stamp recipients to buy ineligible items, including beer and cigarettes, as well as redeem their food stamps for cash, from a period between Aug. 2005 and Jan. 2007, according to court records.

U.S. District Judge Janet C. Hall ordered the couple to pay the government over $56,000 in restitution.

This case was investigated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Office of Inspector General, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation and was prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney Henry Kopel.

The gist of the scam is that immigrants from a certain region of the world open up ‘mom & pop’ convienence stores and small gas stations (I swear this is organized abroad! They probably give seminars in how to do it!).  People who want cash instead of stamps offer their stamps for sale at 50 cents on the dollar.  They get 50 cents and the scammer turns the stamps in for the full one dollar from the feds (well, us, the taxpayer).

Notice anything suspicious?  Report it to your local police and follow-up on whether they reported it to federal authorities.  All it takes is a little vigilance on the part of local citizens!

Group of Somali Americans to protest against terrorism in Somalia

Here is a press announcement from a group of Somalis in Minneapolis planning a protest against terrorism, suicide bombings and al Shabaab in Somalia.   There is a split as we revealed recently in the Somali “community” in Minnesota and it isn’t clear to me who exactly is putting on this event.   We will just have to watch for news accounts as the event unfolds.  However, if CAIR Minnesota is supporting this event, you can be sure it is bogus.   If it’s the Somali group that is accusing CAIR of blocking the FBI investigation into the Somali missing youths, then they deserve a thumbs up!

Thousands of Somali Americans in Twin cities are expected to protest Suicide radical Islam, suicide bombing, terror attacks In Somalia this Friday July 3rd 2009, from 3:00 PM- 6:00 PM.


Somali community public relations organizers are requesting that the protesters bring signs. Organizers state: The Somali-American Community in Minnesota is taking a stand and we want the world, the mainstream Community and the Somalis in the Diaspora to know our stand and strong opposition to these terrorists. The Somali-American Community in Minnesota will release a press release and voice the community stand on issues related to suicide bombings and terrorism in the protest. The Somali-American Community in Minnesota is requesting you to attend and cover the protest and to join us in the condemnation of the violent extremists and their suicide bombings.


Suicide bombings, acts of terrorism and violent militant Islam are new and scary development unheard and unseen in Somalia and it´s an alien to the tolerant and moderate Islam Somalis practiced for centuries. Many believe the Al-Shabaab militants are allied with Al-Qaeda terrorist and trained by them.

Somalis all over the world and specially Somali-Americans in Minnesota strongly oppose these suicide bombings and acts of terrorism.

It’s our second anniversary!

Time flies when you are having fun!   Two years ago today, Judy and I launched Refugee Resettlement Watch. Our goal was and still is to help people better understand this complicated federal program and to bring you news that you won’t see in the mainstream media.   In the process we hope one day to see this program reformed for the benefit of refugees and for Americans who we believe have some right to say what sort of community they live in, not to mention the right to say no to wasteful government spending.

In those two years we have written 2035 posts in 41 categories.   We have a growing number of readers; on our best day earlier this year we logged in 2,320 views.  Nothing like the big blogs, but our numbers are steadily rising.   We are also happy to report that increasingly mainstream media reporters are using RRW as a resource to help balance their reporting on the issue of refugees coming to America.

RRW is not fancy, mostly because Judy and I can’t be bothered with the technology issues involved in dressing up our blog with photos and such.  And, because we think the information we present is really important and best delivered to you in simple text format.   If on some days we have lots of posts and others not so many, it’s because we do this on the side, as a hobby of sorts, and other things in our lives pull us away.  And for those who think we are somehow paid for our time, I assure you we are not.  This is a labor of love—it is charitable work, the old fashioned kind.

Our search function is excellent and should help you find what you are looking for.   Across the top of the page you can find information on why we began RRW, a fact sheet (old now!) about how the program works generally, books we have read and recommend and other information.   Unfortunately, I never kept up the “your state” page but most of the information on your state can be found by simply typing your state’s name into the search function.    To supplement the inadequacies in the “fact sheet” page see our category “where to find information.”

Questions, e-mail me, Ann Corcoran, using the e-mail address on the right sidebar of this page.   Looking forward to another year of opportunities to inform readers!