Fracturing America with out of control immigration is the goal

Here is a piece by Frosty Wooldridge that lays out the facts, spells out what we know—-that at the present rate of immigration there is no way we are going to survive as a nation, at least not as a nation like the one we have known and loved.  Ecologically, economically and culturally we are doomed.   Importing poverty and cultural practices that are horrific affronts to western values will fracture America and turn us into a third world hell hole.   But that is the goal.  I know it seems so counterintuitive, but we must wrap our heads around that FACT—it is the goal!

I don’t any longer beat my head against a wall trying to understand how that obviously logical end to our wonderful country, via out of control immigration, isn’t clear to our leaders.   It is clear, and to those driving the agenda, the far left Progressives, this is exactly what they want.  One must tear down our borders and our capitalist system to reach their Socialist/Fascist nirvana.

Don’t get me wrong.  Mr. Wooldridge’s piece is informative and will persuade other logical people, but it isn’t enough.   As we fret and try to point out the obvious logic of what is happening, they (the enemy, liberal fascists) are working every minute to rend the economic and social fabric of America (using poor immigrants, while hiding behind their professed humanitarianism) to implement their plans.   Our job now is to expose them, which won’t be easy since the mainstream media is suckered by them, but we must find a way.  We must!

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