‘Advocates’ Want Unaccompanied Alien Teens Released from Custody

They call those being taken care of by the Office of Refugee Resettlement and its contractors “children,” but when you see the data only 15% in a recent year were under twelve and 71% of all those apprehended were boys.  So, therefore, I refer to those being housed as teens.

Here is the story at CBS and not a surprise in light of the push to release all illegal aliens from detention because of the Virus Crisis.

3 migrant children in U.S. custody test positive for coronavirus

Three unaccompanied migrant children in U.S. government custody have tested positive for the coronavirus, federal officials said Thursday, highlighting concerns among advocates about the vulnerability of detained immigrants during the global pandemic.

The three minors, who are housed in a shelter in New York, are the first confirmed coronavirus cases among the 3,600 unaccompanied children in the custody of the Office of Refugee Resettlement, or ORR. In response to the outbreak, the refugee agency has stopped releasing migrant children in New York facilities to sponsors, who are typically family members living in the U.S.

Carlos Holguin of the.Center for Human Rights & Constitutional Law has filed a lawsuit seeking to release the teens from custody. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/advocates-seek-release-of-migrant-children-in-u-s-custody-amid-coronavirus-concerns/


Officials also revealed on Thursday that the number of positive coronavirus cases among staff members and contractors at facilities for unaccompanied migrant children has grown to seven.


Coronavirus is particularly dangerous for older people and those with underlying medical issues, but children and young people can carry and transmit the virus, even if the risk of serious illness is relatively low. Migrant minors in ORR custody crossed the southern border without parents or guardians, or in certain circumstances, were separated from them.


The announcement on Thursday is likely to fuel even more calls for the Trump administration to quickly release some of the tens of thousands of immigrants it is currently detaining, especially as the public health crisis to contain the coronavirus intensifies. On Wednesday, lawyers asked a federal court in California to require officials to release unaccompanied migrant children who have been in government custody for more than a month or transfer them to facilities where social distancing can be reasonably practiced.

If they want to keep the teens and the community safe they are better off keeping them in custody and not allowing them to mingle throughout city neighborhoods (interacting with the elderly!) that might not be taking the precautions that facilities supervised by the federal Dept. of Health and Human Services surely do about cleanliness.

Open Borders advocates never rest as they are, as usual, not letting a good crisis go to waste!


Laura Ingraham: With Americans Increasingly Jobless, Where is the Moratorium on Immigration?

Yes indeed!

Are we just bringing in more people every day who will be unemployed for the foreseeable future, sure looks like it.

Supposedly the UN is stopping the flow of refugees worldwide (the UN controls the spigot), but so far we are still ‘welcoming’ more impoverished people to America even in the last few days.

See my latest on the numbers here:

UN Says the Refugee Flow has Stopped, Yet US Admits 182 Since Monday!


Here is John Binder at Breitbart reporting on Ingraham’s sensible demand:

Laura Ingraham: Halt All Immigration to U.S. During Coronavirus Crisis

Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham says the United States should halt all immigration during the coronavirus crisis.

Ingraham: Where is the moratorium?

On Wednesday, State Department officials confirmed to Breitbart News that the refugee resettlement program — which has resettled nearly 2,500 refugees in the last six weeks — would be suspended until at least April 7.

Likewise, a State Department official told Reuters that most visa services through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) agency would be suspended until further notice, though federal immigration officials have yet to clarify which visa programs will continue to bring foreign nationals to the U.S.

Ingraham suggested in a post online that the Trump administration should implement an immigration moratorium while trying to stop the coronavirus outbreak and as millions of Americans are forced to stay home from work. Many of those workers rely on hourly minimum wages and tips.

“All immigration to the US should be halted due to this national emergency — we sure as heck don’t need any foreign workers with millions of Americans on verge of losing their jobs,” Ingraham wrote, along with “#AmericaFirst.”

Continue reading here.


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Judge Says Trump Admin Not Moving Fast Enough Bringing in Iraqi and Afghan Special Visa Holders

SIVs are nationals of Iraq and Afghanistan who supposedly helped us during our long involvement in the Middle East.  They are most often referred to as “interpreters” but they could have done any menial job connected to our military or connected to non-profit groups operating in those countries and be eligible to come here and be given the same benefits as refugees—which means of course virtually all social services.

And, you are expected to believe that all SIVs we admit are just the salt of the earth like “Steve-O” here who was convicted of a brutal rape in CO in 2014. Real name is Jasim Ramadon and he was even a guest on the Oprah Winfrey show!  That is, before the rape that sent him to prison. https://refugeeresettlementwatch.org/2014/01/24/iraqi-refugee-rapist-found-guilty-in-colorado-diana-west-reports-the-story-nationally/

So the US goes to war in some hellhole country and then, admitting we didn’t leave them a better government and a safer country, Americans are expected to reach out and welcome tens of thousands of their people to the US so that the next time we go to war, the military can offer a ticket to America in exchange for our largely unwilling presence in their hellhole country.

Sorry, I do respect our military, but this is going too far.

Since October of 2006, and as of a week ago, we have admitted 64,501 Afghan SIVs and another 18,677 Iraqi SIVs and so we are being told that over 83,000 is NOT ENOUGH!

Want to see the numbers for yourself go to the Refugee Processing Center:

Cumulative Arrivals by State for Refugees and SIV Reception and Placement (R&P) Recipients – Afghan

Cumulative Arrivals by State for Refugees and SIV Reception and Placement (R&P) Recipients – Iraqi


83,000 is NOT enough says the International Refugee Assistance Project the same ‘non-profit’ law firm that has fought the Trump Administration in court on every immigration/refugee reform issue the administration has undertaken.

From the Military Times (a report that leaves readers believing that only a trickle have come in so far):

Former interpreters laud court ruling to accelerate special visa decisions

For thousands of Afghan and Iraqi nationals who served as interpreters with the U.S. military, visa applications to gain permanent legal residence in the United States have languished in legal limbo for years. Now there may be help on the way, in the form of a court ruling.


This week, however, a judge granted “class certification” to Afghan and Iraqi nationals suing the federal government for overdue visa decisions, allowing thousands of outstanding cases to be included in a class-action lawsuit.


US District Judge Tanya S. Chutkan,

Judge Tanya S. Chutkan, district judge for the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, ruled in favor of the five anonymous Afghan and Iraqi nationals, “who, despite significant personal risk, aided the United States in its time of need and now look to the United States for refuge for themselves and their immediate family members.”

The federal government now has 30 days to submit a plan to adjudicate long-delayed visa applications that have been pending for more than nine months.

“We are thrilled that the judge is holding the government accountable to its obligations to the thousands of men and women who have sacrificed so much in serving the U.S. missions abroad,” said Deepa Alagesan, a supervising attorney at the International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP), in a press release.


Currently, a total of 22,500 visas could be issued to former Afghan interpreters through the Special Immigrant Visa program — up from the 18,500 limit — after a provision was included in the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act.

There is much more here.

Never forget! The SIV programs for Iraq and Afghanistan were created as riders to must-pass Defense authorization and appropriation bills and thus never went through the committee process to be stand-alone bills sent to the President for his signature.  Snuck on when hardly anyone was looking!

And, if you are wondering about vetting for the SIVs, here is another bunch (besides the CO rapist gang) who clearly slipped through and were busted for running an international fencing ring in California late last year.  There are probably plenty more like that they just haven’t come to my attention yet!

Mark my words, the SIV program is a ticking time bomb!

Sander’s Iowa Campaign Successfully Organized Slaughterhouse Immigrant/Refugee Workers

But were they US citizens legally permitted to vote?

As you may know I watch CNN in the morning for a few minutes so I know what the talking points and marching orders are for the Left on any given day.  Today I learned that the Bernie Sanders campaign is drumming up support from immigrant/refugee enclaves in the US and did so successfully in Iowa.

I told you just two days ago that he was also working that sector hard in New Hampshire.

If you had any doubts that the Democrat/Socialist’s strategy is to use more immigration to turn America blue, look no further than Bernie’s presidential bid.

Needless to say, when CNN reported  this morning on how Iowa meat packing companies were fertile ground for organizing, I perked up.

JBS US headquarters in Greeley, CO. My photo from 2016 road trip to visit meat packing towns. JBS is a Brazilian owned company!

Long time readers know that I have made it an important element of RRW to report on how refugee admissions are driven by meat packer’s desire for a steady supply of cheap, captive labor in the form of refugees and other immigrants.

Here is a detailed account in a socialist publication bragging about how Bernie appealed to the workers at one pork plant in Iowa owned by JBS the Brazilian-owned company I have been writing about for more than ten years!

See one of my earliest posts on how Bill Clinton brought refugee labor for his pals in the Iowa meat industry.


No mention anywhere about whether they were US citizens voting legally!


From The Jacobin:

How Bernie’s Iowa Campaign Organized Immigrant Workers at the Factory Gates

The first caucus-goers in Iowa yesterday were immigrant workers at a meat processing plant — and they all voted for Bernie Sanders. Here’s how they were organized, and why it shows once again that Bernie’s campaign is like nothing we’ve seen before.

At the time of this writing, we are still awaiting results — and a lot of answers — from the shambolic Iowa caucus. But two things we already know: Bernie Sanders appears to have come out on top, and we’ve never seen a presidential campaign like his before in American politics.

On Monday at noon, Iowa’s first caucus-goers filtered into a union hall in Ottumwa. Fourteen of them were there to caucus for Bernie Sanders, almost all immigrants, primarily from Ethiopia but also from Honduras and Macedonia. They were workers at JBS Pork, the largest employer in Wapello County.

Two-and-a-half thousand workers are employed at Ottumwa’s JBS plant. They come from nearly fifty countries.


Bernie Sanders’s platform has a lot to offer workers like those at JBS. It calls for stronger unions, higher wages, better benefits, and an end to at-will employment, for starters. Labor scholar Barry Eidlin called Sanders’s Workplace Democracy Plan the “most serious, comprehensive, and equitable plan for promoting workers’ rights ever proposed by a major US presidential candidate.”


In a strategy more reminiscent of labor organizing than anything typically seen in presidential politics, the Sanders campaign assigned several people — including field organizers Tristan Bock Hughes, Charisa Wotherspoon, Devon Severson, and the campaign’s National Labor Organizer Jonah Furman — to post up at the gates of the JBS meat processing plant. For several nights, they canvassed outside the factory from 10 PM to 3 AM, engaging workers in conversation as their shifts ended. The campaign organizers spoke to workers in multiple languages about their lives, their work, and Sanders’s platform and campaign.

The campaign’s strategy was to find people enthusiastic about Sanders and convince them to not only caucus for him, but to get their coworkers to caucus for him as well. An example of one such person was Wendwosen Biftu, an Ethiopian worker who was excited about Sanders from the beginning. After being canvassed outside the plant, Biftu came to the field office with his ten-year-old daughter, who helped translate for him, and expressed an interest in organizing others to caucus for Sanders.

Ethiopians are likely refugees. He doesn’t speak English, is he a US citizen?  Sure hope someone in Iowa is checking the voter rolls!

On Monday evening, Sanders campaign press secretary Briahna Joy Gray confirmed on CBS that this was indeed the official strategy. “A group that normally isn’t reached out to, pork packers, predominately Ethiopian immigrants, caucused and voted overwhelmingly for Bernie Sanders,” Gray said of the Ottumwa workers, adding that she believes the Sanders campaign is “most able to build the kind of grassroots, broad-based, working-class support that’s required to defeat Donald Trump in a general election.”


Continue reading here.

This 2017 post is one of many posts I have written over the years about what I have dubbed BIG MEAT—the giant globalist meat companies changing America by changing the people. See how Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service is involved and Ottumwa is mentioned.

President Trump Signs New Travel Ban—Six More Countries, Refugees Exempt

The President is busy!

Not letting the impeachment show slow him down, yesterday, the President, in an abundance of caution, added more countries to the so-called travel ban bringing the total to 13 countries to see travel curtailed to the US.

However, as in the case of the first ban, refugees are exempt.

And, let me say here, if any of the nine federal refugee contractors (whose salaries we, taxpayers, pay) run out and hire lawyers or even open their mouths in opposition to protecting our safety when refugees are not banned, then they show themselves as nothing more than partisan anti-Trump agitators advancing an open borders agenda while hiding under their white hats of phony humanitarianism.

Here is my post from last month about the proposed ban.

Last month I also mentioned the upcoming travel restrictions at ‘Frauds and Crooks’ because over at that blog I have an extensive archive on Nigerian crooks and killers and Nigeria is included in the new Presidential order.

Here is a small portion of a detailed account from the Washington Post:

Trump expands long-standing immigration ban to include six more countries, most in Africa

President Trump added six countries to his administration’s travel ban Friday — including ­Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country — in a widely anticipated expansion that Democrats blasted as “clearly discriminatory” against people from predominantly black and Muslim nations.

Nancy Pelosi has announced that the House will vote to stop the ban. Earlier this week MN Rep. Ilhan Omar led a rally against the President.


Citing national security concerns, officials at the Department of Homeland Security and the State Department said Trump’s proclamation would bar most citizens of Nigeria, Eritrea, Myanmar and Kyrgyzstan from coming to work and live in the United States. Two nations, Tanzania and Sudan, would be banned from applying for the visa lottery, which issues up to 50,000 visas a year worldwide to countries with historically low migration to the United States. [Maybe in Trump’s next turn we can get this insane visa lottery killed.—ed]

The new ban takes effect Feb. 22….


The policy will now limit immigration from 13 countries.


Added to robust measures at the U.S. southern border that have curbed Central American migration in recent months, the targeting of immigrant visas also allows the president to advance his goal of reducing family-based migration. [Also known as chain migration—ed]

Trump, in a proclamation issued Friday, said the countries were chosen after an extensive evaluation that examined travel security and measures, and national security threats in dozens of countries; those that made the list were chosen from a recommendation that U.S. officials made in January.

“The six additional countries recommended for restrictions in the January 2020 proposal are among the worst performing in the world,”Trump said in the proclamation, but he said he was encouraged by their “willingness to work with the United States” to correct the deficiencies.


Refugees from the six countries are exempt from the ban.


The current ban prohibits immigrant and most temporary forms of travel to the United States for citizens of Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen and North Korea, as well as certain visits for some Venezuelan government officials. All but two, Venezuela and North Korea, are majority Muslim. Trump in 2018 complained about accepting too many immigrants from Africa, Haiti and El Salvador, which he labeled “shithole countries.”

Much more here.

Take time to thank the President!

And, then get to work for his re-election because you will never see anything like this if the Dems take the White House in November.