Tennessee Republicans Blustering about UAC Drop in the State

It is no wonder that citizens throw their hands up in disgust with their so-called leaders in the GOP.

I can’t take the latest from the Tennessee Republicans seriously because for years they have been making the right noises about states rights when it comes to Washington dumping refugees and illegal aliens on the backs of their taxpayers, but somehow never make any headway.  Why is that?

It is impossible for me to go back over the leadership Tennessee did display for a brief period when the legislature filed a Tenth Amendment case against the federal government, but then after backing away from it, watched their Republican Governor, Bill Lee, stick his finger in Trump’s eye when Trump attempted to give the states a modicum of say in the distribution of refugees.

For ambitious readers, see my Tennessee’ archives.

Last week we reported on the news from Chattanooga:

Tennessee Proof: Planes Land in Dark of Night Loaded with Migrants


The story caused a ripple of angry political posturing that has resulted in this—a study committee has been formed!  Whoop-de-do!

From The Tennessean:

Tennessee legislature forms GOP committee to take on unaccompanied minors, refugee resettlement

As recent news stories continue to highlight the arrival of unaccompanied migrant youth in Tennessee — a practice that has gone on since before President Joe Biden took office — top Republicans in the state are seizing on the issue to call for more transparency from the federal government.

On Friday, the Republican speakers of the state House and Senate announced they were forming a legislative study committee to determine how many migrant children are being permanently relocated to the state.

Apparently conflating the recent influx of migrants with refugees, a separate category of individuals Tennessee has for years received following a vetting process, the legislature has formed a “Joint Study Committee on Refugee Issues.”  [The UACs are NOT refugees. They are illegal aliens!–ed]



“When the federal government abdicates its responsibility to control our borders, states must step in,” Lt. Gov. Randy McNally said in a statement.

“With this study committee, we affirm that there is a clear and compelling state interest in a sane immigration policy.” 

[That is really some tough talk wouldn’t you say! Do you feel better now?—ed]


Good ol’ country boy Bill Lee turned Trump’s offer down! Said the state wants more refugees. https://refugeeresettlementwatch.org/2019/12/20/tennessee-republican-governor-bill-lee-caves-says-tennessee-will-invite-more-refugees/

It’s unclear when the committee will begin meeting or whether legislators intend to take any binding action during a special session or during the next legislative session in January.

Gov. Bill Lee’s announcement in December 2019 that Tennessee would continue accepting refugees, despite former President Donald Trump saying states would not have to do so, created tension with some Republican members of the legislature.


WCRB-TV in Chattanooga reported earlier this month that a group of migrant youth flew into Wilson Air Center in the early hours of May 14 before boarding buses to various Southeastern cities.

After outrage from Republican leaders about the news, The Times Free Press reported this week that the Lee administration had approved a residential child care license in May 2020 for an organization contracting with the federal government to house unaccompanied minors in Chattanooga.


Mostly teenagers headed to buses in Chattanooga.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Refugee Resettlement, 717 unaccompanied children were brought to Tennessee between Oct. 1 and March 21, a period that spans both Biden and Trump’s time in office. In Nashville, that number was 290.

The office did not provide to The Tennessean information on how many unaccompanied minors were brought to the state since March 21, nor did it answer questions about reports of unaccompanied minors flying into Chattanooga.

There is a lot more, click here.

See also Tennessee’s US lawmakers “fuming,” here.

As for the transparency issue, I have been reporting for years about the UAC (Unaccompanied Alien Children, a term the Biden team has dropped) data housed at the Office of Refugee Resettlement for all to see.

Demanding transparency (while fuming!) is a wonderful way for politicians to make their constituents think they are doing something without really doing anything!

The Tennessean might want to have another look today because the latest data has been posted.  Tennessee is now up to 1,111 from 717.

Just a reminder to one and all, as much as it pains me to say it, Biden is no where near Trump’s levels of UACs sent out to states.  See the data for yourself, here.  Tennessee received over 2,000 in Trump’s worst year.

Top County data is here.  Again, these are just sponsored UACs.  The numbers do not reflect all of those still in custody.

And, if you are keeping track, here are the top ten states welcoming the Unaccompanied Alien Children, who will be ‘sponsored’ until they are 18 at which time they disappear into the woodwork of Anytown, USA, never to be heard from again unless and until they commit a crime.

Texas (3904)

Florida (2845)

California (2700)

New York (2323)

New Jersey (1470)

Maryland (1357)

Virginia (1340)

Georgia (1119)

Tennessee (1111)

North Carolina (1066)


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6 thoughts on “Tennessee Republicans Blustering about UAC Drop in the State

  1. I have come to the conclusion that all politicians are behind the mass movement of illegals. Oh, there are those that say they are fighting to stop it or slow it down but what do they do to execute that statement? They file motions, form committees, or demand investigations, all that is just a feel-good action and a waste of our tax dollars. #45 actually made moves to do what those, setting in the chairs now, could do more than he did. But, it isn’t going to happen.

  2. Sitting here in TN, I am infuriated. How about you don’t take illegals, Bill Lee, and instead focus on TN children and young adults. You take our tax dollars to bring in those who will completely change the face of Tennessee….for the worse.

    They come from violent cultures; especially to women and children. Example: the one who killed Mollie Tibbitt; and the ones who didn’t make the news.

    We need to replace Lee next election with someone who loves our state and her people.

    At some point…we’re going to find out just how much Chinese money you’ve been raking in to destroy our state. No secret stays secret forever.

    I’m tired of wearing masks….as a senior, I can’t risk breathing in around the illegals….

    We were told that they were not checked at the borders, no virus shot. Worse, they carry third-world diseases that they were not checked or treated.

    Ask Indiana how that worked out for them when Obama sat down middle East “refugees” into their state. It started a TB epidemic…for which many are still living with the effects. Recall who the Governor was? Mike -bend-over-Pence.

    It’s all about cheap labor for you elite idiots….. let’s think about how that worked out for America with the Globalists Bush Cabal when GW Bush and the Koch brothers flooded our country with Hispanics….it killed education in America. If I hadn’t taken my youngest out of the schools and homeschooled, she would be near illiterate, married at 17 with four kids by now…and her husband in jail or back in Mexico. Instead she is a very accomplished young woman.

    And please never forget who was Soros/Obama/Koch lap dog was and still is: Paul Ryan.

    Ryan even uprooted his family from their state and moved them to a cushy mansion and job for the Koch Brothers in D.C. He is recently in the limelight again helping changing America for the worse.

    I hate to even guess what is coming from him next.

    When did we give up hanging traitors?

  3. I read that it is 3,270 just in Shelby County alone and 5,700 in Madison County….we’re just now hearing that Chattanooga got a boat load also. We’re also hearing they are putting them in low income areas. Welcome to America…and to perpetual poverty, violence, and to sub-standard health care.
    You illegals jumped out of the boiling pot right into the fire.

    I feel sorry for the ones in low income housing…..as if they didn’t have enough problems.


  4. Just an update, a young 10-year-old boy’s body was found in the Mountain Springs area which is just West of Las Vegas, NV. His body was found by some hikers in the area. He is Hispanic appearing. There are many illegals in LV working in the hotel industry in the bowels of the casino/hotels and within the culinary union. I hope they find out if he was dumped there because he possibly died on the trip from So. America to Pahrump, about 1 hour from Vegas. It is an ongoing story. Very sad indeed.


  5. Our country that us old timers knew and loved is gone. Local is the only way to go now and even the most conservative elected officials tend to throw up their hands. I am praying for God’s intervention, but he is not happy with America right now. When the Vice President of the United States wishes the country a happy long holiday weekend, we are finished. No mention of those who died for their country, maybe she doesn’t even know the significance of Memorial Day. This is the leadership that is in charge of our country! Everyone should read 1984, again if you did years ago. It is all coming true.

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