Contractors Scramble to Find Housing for Refugees in Low Income Neighborhoods

They have been doing that all along as far as I can tell.

Now we are told that the post-pandemic housing market is tight and finding housing for impoverished people is going to get even tougher.

Just what America needs now—more cities that are tinderboxes due to lack of social cohesion and ready to blow.

From Yahoo News:

U.S. housing shortage presents new challenge for refugee resettlement

When the White House announced earlier this month that it would increase the number of refugees granted admission into the United States this fiscal year by four times the previous target, to 62,500 people, reversing course from President Biden’s initial plan, immigrant advocates applauded the decision. Yet groups working to help resettle refugees are now facing another new challenge: finding housing for new migrants.

Rajbhandari — hmmm! a little dissension in the ‘humanitarian’ industry?

Sheryl Rajbhandari, the founder of Heartfelt Tidbits, a Cincinnati-based organization that has helped resettle over 50,000 [their website says 40,000 but who is counting!–ed] people in western Ohio since 2008, worries that refugees will be pushed into inappropriate housing.

The government-approved resettlement agencies*** that sponsor refugees and provide services for the first 90 days will often place them in public housing with high crime rates.

Those agencies “want the money for each individual they resettle. So it’s like ‘We don’t really care if we move people,’” she said.


Once refugees are in the United States, a resettlement agency is responsible for finding and paying for housing for them for an initial period. In a real estate market driven to new highs by the pandemic, finding that housing has become increasingly difficult.

To be clear, the “resettlement agency,” one of the nine federal contractors*** doesn’t use its own money to pay for the initial housing, it uses your money that is passed through federal grants and contracts to their coffers.

Low-income and potentially dangerous housing may expose already vulnerable families to crime, and it can also restrict those families from getting the resources they need, Rajbhandari argued.

“If it’s a high-crime area, folks don’t want to go into that area,” she said. “So folks who might be able to provide assistance don’t feel comfortable driving into places where there are people being shot at and drugs are being dealt.”

Not so subtle pitch for more of your tax dollars to go to refugee resettlement.

The concerns over housing come as organizations working with refugees deal with two challenges: a sudden increase in the cap for people eligible for resettlement and limited government resources in place to help them.


…there are currently 35,000 refugees who have already passed security checks and have been cleared for entry into the U.S., and there are another 100,000 in the pipeline.

Independent resettlement organizations around the country are optimistic about reaching the 62,500 target, however difficult to achieve. The challenge now will be finding them appropriate housing.


Miry Whitehill

Miry Whitehill, the founder of Miry’s List, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit that assists families with the resettlement process, said this is a problem that goes deeper than just housing.

The cost of resettlement loans and plane tickets means many refugees enter the United States already owing money they must repay.

“Something that I think is really important to mention here is that refugees are starting out in debt,” Whitehill said. “Every refugee, they’re required to sign a financial contract agreeing to reimburse the resettlement agency for the cost of their flights.”

Whitehill isn’t telling the whole story on those airfare loans.

IOM bags at airports are the tip-off! Refugees Arriving!

The resettlement agency does collect the loan money from the refugees (when they can get it!), but it was your money, your tax dollars flowing through the United Nation’s International Organization for Migration that shelled out the money in the first place.

When one of the big nine does collect the airfare loan reimbursements, they get to keep a quarter of it for themselves, some years resulting in over a million in extra petty cash.  Judicial Watch attempted to find out exactly how much was collected, but got the runaround.

I digress….the takeaway from this story is that Biden’s promised high number of refugees will be placed in crime ridden slums adding to the tensions already evident in most US cities unless you, the taxpayers of America stop being so greedy and spend more money on nicer housing for New Americans (because the US has run out of our own poor people).

Of course, the other option, but never discussed, is to not ‘welcome’ more refugees at this challenging time.


***In case you are new to RRW, here are all of the nine contractors that have monopolized all refugee distribution in the US for decades.

They worked to ‘elect’ Biden/Harris and lobby for open borders.  As taxpayers you pay them millions annually to change America by changing the people.

Two of the contractors, the USCCB and Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service are also paid to find locations for the Unaccompanied Alien Children.

At this very moment they are all out scouting for new, fresh territory in which to place their refugee clients.  See Winchester, VA.

Foreigners First! is their motto!


Update: Australia Looking for US to Continue to Take Their Rejected Illegal Aliens

For any of you who have followed or even remember the Australia “dumb deal” as Trump called it before honoring it, here is an update.

Australia had passed a law about a decade ago which said if anyone tried to break into the country by boat they would be put in offshore detention and not permitted to ask for asylum in Australia, so they ended up with thousands in detention.

Just as Obama was leaving office in late 2016 he promised to take those rejects off their hands, and so here we are now still doing it, although Biden is slow off the dime while Trump admitted 900.

Many Trump left behind are from Muslim countries on the so-called Muslim ban list.  We did, however, admit many Rohingya Muslims Australia was rejecting.

They aren’t “refugees!”  They are illegal aliens.  It would be like us asking Australia to take a bunch of those aliens jumping our US border right now.

From The Sydney Morning Herald:

Almost 1000 refugees still in limbo as US deal approaches completion

The Morrison government is yet to find permanent homes for more than 900 refugees still in limbo after going through Australia’s offshore processing regimes in Papua New Guinea and Nauru, some of whom are entering their ninth year in detention.

The 2016 deal to resettle refugees in the United States, struck at the time by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and US President Barack Obama, has filled three quarters of its 1250-person cap.

There are hopes the US could expand the agreement – which Donald Trump honoured – after President Joe Biden increased the US’s annual refugee intake to 62,500 earlier this month.


To date, 940 refugees have been resettled in the US under the deal, including 34 this year. The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre said another 258 refugees had been provisionally approved for resettlement but were still waiting to travel.

More here.

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