Refugee News Roundup February 14, 2022

Below are the news items that I found most interesting since last week’s round-up.  Although most refugee news involves the Afghans (not refugees, yet), there were some other bits of news this week that you might find useful.

Since January 31st marked the end of the first third of the fiscal year (the new year began on October 1, 2021 for refugee resettlement purposes), I had a look at the Refugee Processing Center data and see that the regular refugee resettlement program has ground to a near halt. (The Afghans having flooded the zone.)

Have a look yourself.  Biden promised the open borders cabal that he was shooting for 125,000 refugees this year and he concluded 4 months at a paltry 4,362.  The big loser to the Afghans has to be the Africans.  They were aiming for 40,000 “new American” Africans this year and have so far only managed to move 1,947 to a town near you.

And this…..

You need to know that the feds are changing the language—no longer is America a nation of immigrants!

Get with the program—it is now a nation of welcome!


Immigration agency aims to ‘welcome’ in new mission statement – Roll Call

Facing criticism, CatholicVote head says ‘let’s get the facts’ about Catholic charities’ role helping migrants | Catholic News Agency

Refugees in the US can’t retain employment for long: study says | TheHill

What do you know! Afghans do not want to live in these Muslim countries….

Afghan refugees in UAE protest for third day, call for US resettlement (

U.S. setting up expedited processing hub in Qatar for some at-risk Afghans – CBS News

US: Afghan refugee arrested in sexual assault case in Wisconsin (

Planning for a Ukrainian Refugee Crisis – Inkstick (

Bush-Kennedy Program Blew Open Door for Fake U.S. Refugee Claims (

‘Ghost Flights’: The Mystery of the Migrant Kids the Feds Are Spiriting Into the U.S. Interior | RealClearInvestigations

Invasion of Europe news….

Iranian husband carries severed head of his wife after decapitating her in ‘honour killing’ | Daily Mail Online


Refugee News Roundup February 9, 2022

Sorry did not get this posted on Monday as I am ‘under the weather,’ will hopefully get back on track on February 14, with more commentary than I am able to muster here….

In free lunch fraud, the friends of Ilhan Omar | Power Line (

Another Violent BLM Arsonist Who Started Fires in St. Paul High School During Riots Is Given Probation — While J-6 Protesters Rot in Prison Without Trial or Human Rights (

‘This is intolerable:’ Advocates claim that little has changed since Biden revoked Trump’s Muslim ban. | Editorials 24

So they don’t think that tens of thousands of Afghans (Muslims) entering the US is a change from Trump’s era?

HIAS pushes for bill to make Afghans eligible for permanent residency (

For new readers, HIAS, formerly the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society is one of the nine major resettlement contractors working for the federal government. They led the charge against any reforms that President Trump had initiated during his tenure in the White House…

Why Fed Up Afghan Refugees Are Leaving US Bases And Coming To SoCal | LAist

Tens of thousands of Afghans have resettled across the U.S. Now, the challenge is making a home | PBS NewsHour

‘One individual doesn’t necessarily reflect on the wider group’: Resettlement group responds to arrest of Afghan refugee (

Invasion of Europe news…

Refugee News Roundup January 31, 2022

Nothing says “changing America by changing the people” like the video Fox News was showing last week of migrants being quietly flown into small airports for the purpose of distributing the illegal aliens (apprehended at our borders) to a town near you!

While we fuss and fume, the Biden Administration is going about its work….

Leaked video shows federal contractors flying migrants to suburban NY: ‘Betraying the American people’ | Fox News

Most of the news I have to share this week involves Biden’s Afghans (they are not refugees) also being parceled out to far flung locations in most US states.

They are having problems for myriad reasons, but the administration promises more are on the way.  These aren’t the top stories on the subject but the ones that I found the most interesting…

White House plans expedited resettlement for Afghan refugees (

Fleeing Afghans Are Stuck in U.S. Immigration Bureaucracy | Time

36,000 Afghan evacuees lack pathway to permanent legal status in the U.S. – CBS News

Iowa refugee resettlement agencies struggle to find homes for influx of Afghan refugees | Iowa Public Radio

Swamped With Afghan Refugees, U.S. Appeals to Decimated Resettlement Groups (

Muslim Advocacy Group Claims Afghan Refugees In Baltimore Lacking Healthcare, Resources To Settle – CBS Baltimore (

Man Convicted of Abusive Sexual Contact of a Minor at Quantico | USAO-EDVA | Department of Justice

Calling all parents of college-aged children, before you shell out tens of thousands of dollars for a college education, maybe make sure you are not also helping fund refugee families living as residents on campus!

Resettlement Campuses are the Future of Higher Education – IDN-InDepthNews | Analysis That Matters

As for the ‘Invasion of Europe,’ the best place to follow that tragedy is at Borderhawk….

Home – Border Hawk News

Refugee News Roundup January 24, 2022

The news on refugees is pretty sparse these days as the Afghan migrants (they are not refugees!) are consuming much of the bandwidth (and cash) the contractors need to expand the refugee program to admit their dream number of 125,000 refugees from every corner of the world this year.

The Afghans are seemingly being placed willy-nilly around America—not surprisingly in ‘welcoming’ cities like Buffalo, but also in places like Helena, Montana which did not heretofore have a refugee resettlement office.  Can you say ‘Trojan Horse!’

By the way, once an office opens in your community, good luck ever shuttering it!

More Afghans than expected to arrive in Buffalo | Local News |

Afghan refugees start a new life in Helena | Local |

But, as my alerts attest, struggles abound as housing and jobs are in short supply for Biden’s ‘new American’ Afghans and hey! you! taxpayers, in Des Moines their bad teeth need fixing….

Des Moines refugees struggle getting dental help – Axios Des Moines

So, we learned this week that the ‘No borders’ crowd isn’t happy with their man Joe one year in from his occupation of the White House. They know that as this Midterm election year commences, the likelihood of getting any significant legislation through Congress is pretty much DOA.

We all know, however, that they have a lot to be happy about as our borders are wide open and more are on the way (even dying on the frozen Canadian border) thanks to encouragement from the White House.

Rift grows between Biden and immigration advocates | TheHill

A year after mobilizing for Biden, young supporters feel let down on immigration – WAMU

Couldn’t we say that Joe is killing these poor souls?

Family of migrants including an infant found frozen to death at U.S.-Canada border – Washington Times

And, from goat farming to child brides, the Afghans and their fellow Muslim migrants are expected to change America in large and small ways….

Former Child Bride: Biden’s Afghan Resettlement Certain to Bring ‘Culture of Forced Marriage’ to U.S. (

Northeast Goat Market Keeps Getting Hotter | Main Edition |

Meanwhile in my ‘Invasion of Europe’ news category, a Presidential candidate declares he wants France to preserve its unique historic culture…

Eric Zemmour: ‘I Will Make Sure That Muslims Respect France’ (

And, for a little laugh, we note a kerfuffle at World Relief (one of the nine major contractors that monopolize all resettlement in the US)*** resulted in the resignation of its Seattle office honcho.  Headquarters apparently objected to the hiring of a gay man by the local sub office.

Scandals among the do-gooders are always good for a chuckle….

Shawn Vestal: Concerns over rejection of gay job candidate stirs World Relief | The Spokesman-Review

***If you are new here, these are the nine federal refugee resettlement contractors overseeing hundreds of “affiliates” (aka subcontractors).

To learn more about them, just pick one, type its name in my search window and you will learn more than you ever wanted to know as there are over 9,000 posts archived at RRW!



Refugee News Roundup January 17, 2022

Good morning from a snowy/icy Maryland!

As I bring you refugee news that interested me over the last week, I want to urge you to stay calm.  My goal is to keep you informed and not to cause you stress-related health problems.  There is too much anxiety these days on too many fronts.  In fact, my great hesitation about posting anything is that I don’t want to add to your worries….

So first, let’s have a laugh!  If only these elected officials would do more than talk about sending refugees/migrants to Delaware, a state that has taken only a handful of refugees in the 40 plus years since good ol’ Joe helped Ted Kennedy mastermind the refugee resettlement monstrosity, it would go a long way to highlight the hypocrisy of the Left.

In Effort to Slam Joe Biden, PA State Senator Wants to Send Relocated Migrants to Delaware (

Always on a hunt for more refugees….

World Economic Forum Predicts 200 Million ‘Climate Refugees’ (

The U.S. Immigration System Needs To Do More To Help Uyghurs (

Another Minnesota Somali goes to Washington…

Hamse Warfa to join Biden administration, soon highest-ranking Somali appointee in Washington | MPR News

While refugee placements are declining in South Dakota, they are increasing in places like Vermont (that is as it should be since the voters there are eager to have them, or why else send Bernie to the Senate year after year).

Refugee Resettlement in South Dakota Declining | South Dakota News | US News

Refugee group welcoming Afghans to southern Vermont (

I predict we will see more and more unhappy Afghan stories like this one as taxpayers foot the bill to care for tens of thousands of Biden’s airlifted Muslims.

Problems with Afghan resettlement in Charlotte, NC | Charlotte Observer

Cost for Afghan Refugees at Bases Reaches $688 Million, Pentagon Says |

Those Afghans have swamped the system, but other refugees will be coming in hot and heavy soon says the Biden gang in the State Department.  But can you believe this, finally some Republicans are asking for explanations about the airfare “loans” the refugees receive and the windfall it brings the contractors!

Refugee admissions to the US will restart this week after temporary freeze | News |

Republicans push State Dept. on loans to refugees, warn resettlement orgs have ‘vested financial interest’ | Fox News

And, now taking on the ‘compassion’ mythology behind refugee resettlement here are a couple of interesting reads.  I had a laugh about how in the second story a Catholic Lefty writer discovers that meatpackers are using and abusing refugee workers.  Gee, where have we heard this before!

There’s Nothing Compassionate About an Eight-Fold Surge in Refugee Admissions (

Book highlights vulnerability of refugees in meatpacking plants across American Midwest | National Catholic Reporter (

And, last, but not least, news from the Invasion of Europe…

85 Per Cent Of Sweden Fatal Shooting Suspects Are Migrant Background (