Refugee News Roundup February 14, 2022

Below are the news items that I found most interesting since last week’s round-up.  Although most refugee news involves the Afghans (not refugees, yet), there were some other bits of news this week that you might find useful.

Since January 31st marked the end of the first third of the fiscal year (the new year began on October 1, 2021 for refugee resettlement purposes), I had a look at the Refugee Processing Center data and see that the regular refugee resettlement program has ground to a near halt. (The Afghans having flooded the zone.)

Have a look yourself.  Biden promised the open borders cabal that he was shooting for 125,000 refugees this year and he concluded 4 months at a paltry 4,362.  The big loser to the Afghans has to be the Africans.  They were aiming for 40,000 “new American” Africans this year and have so far only managed to move 1,947 to a town near you.

And this…..

You need to know that the feds are changing the language—no longer is America a nation of immigrants!

Get with the program—it is now a nation of welcome!


Immigration agency aims to ‘welcome’ in new mission statement – Roll Call

Facing criticism, CatholicVote head says ‘let’s get the facts’ about Catholic charities’ role helping migrants | Catholic News Agency

Refugees in the US can’t retain employment for long: study says | TheHill

What do you know! Afghans do not want to live in these Muslim countries….

Afghan refugees in UAE protest for third day, call for US resettlement (

U.S. setting up expedited processing hub in Qatar for some at-risk Afghans – CBS News

US: Afghan refugee arrested in sexual assault case in Wisconsin (

Planning for a Ukrainian Refugee Crisis – Inkstick (

Bush-Kennedy Program Blew Open Door for Fake U.S. Refugee Claims (

‘Ghost Flights’: The Mystery of the Migrant Kids the Feds Are Spiriting Into the U.S. Interior | RealClearInvestigations

Invasion of Europe news….

Iranian husband carries severed head of his wife after decapitating her in ‘honour killing’ | Daily Mail Online


Refugee News Roundup February 9, 2022

Sorry did not get this posted on Monday as I am ‘under the weather,’ will hopefully get back on track on February 14, with more commentary than I am able to muster here….

In free lunch fraud, the friends of Ilhan Omar | Power Line (

Another Violent BLM Arsonist Who Started Fires in St. Paul High School During Riots Is Given Probation — While J-6 Protesters Rot in Prison Without Trial or Human Rights (

‘This is intolerable:’ Advocates claim that little has changed since Biden revoked Trump’s Muslim ban. | Editorials 24

So they don’t think that tens of thousands of Afghans (Muslims) entering the US is a change from Trump’s era?

HIAS pushes for bill to make Afghans eligible for permanent residency (

For new readers, HIAS, formerly the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society is one of the nine major resettlement contractors working for the federal government. They led the charge against any reforms that President Trump had initiated during his tenure in the White House…

Why Fed Up Afghan Refugees Are Leaving US Bases And Coming To SoCal | LAist

Tens of thousands of Afghans have resettled across the U.S. Now, the challenge is making a home | PBS NewsHour

‘One individual doesn’t necessarily reflect on the wider group’: Resettlement group responds to arrest of Afghan refugee (

Invasion of Europe news…