Muslim Refugees to Maryland

     According to numbers we just recieved from the US State Department, Maryland beats the national average in the resettlement of Muslim refugees.     From 2002 through 2007 (to date) Maryland has been the resettlement destination of 1,556 Muslim refugees out of a total refugee pool of 3,979.   Muslims thus represented 39% of the refugee population for those years.    The national average from 1990 to 2003 was 15%, with  peak year 1999 (44%).   (We have not obtained national averages for more recent years.)

      The statistics received from WRAPS (Worldwide Refugee Application Processing System)*, indicated that of the remaining 2,423 refugees in that time period 22 other religions were represented.     This group of refugees hailed from 42 differant countries.   

      My home county (Washington Co.) received 125 Muslim refugees out of 168 total refugees since 2004 when resettlement began in earnest.    That puts us at 74% Muslim refugees resettled.

      *  What is WRAPS?  Here is what they say at their website

The Refugee Processing Center (RPC) is operated by the U.S Department of State (DOS) Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM) in the Rosslyn section of Arlington, Virginia USA. 

. . . . .

At the RPC and at Overseas Processing Entities (OPEs), an interactive computer system called the Worldwide Refugee Admissions Processing System (WRAPS) is used to process and track the movement of refugees from various countries around the world to the U.S. for resettlement under the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP).

Try contacting WRAPS and find out what is happening in your state or city.  E-mail  and see what response you get.  Then let us know!

Iraqi Christians should be moved to the head of the line

     Iraq’s Christians are being wiped out.   The Islamic government that we have helped establish in Iraq is not protecting them and consequently thousands have been killed, driven from the country as refugees or forced to convert to Islam to save themselves.   

     A representative of the State Department told us, we take Iraqis of all religions into the Refugee Resettlement program.  It’s frankly insane.  It is multiculturalism uber alles.   There are plans to bring 25,000 refugees into the US in the next two months and we are wasting spaces on the likes of Malta’s 200 illegal immigrants (see our post on July 26th)—those are likely Muslims from North Africa who have sneaked into Malta.

     Reform of Refugee Resettlement is imperative and one place to start is with focusing on bringing our friends to America and not our mortal enemies.

     Read  articles that have just appeared in the last few days on this important topic!{02F1B8FE-02CC-42B0-BADB-66D0F99FD9F0

British fleeing the UK

     Atlas Shrugs has a warning for us from the United Kingdom—-the British are leaving their ancestral home  in droves to live abroad due to the unbridled immigration that the government there has encouraged over recent years.  

  “Ironically, the main reason for these people leaving the UK is the over-stretching of services caused by inbound immigration to the UK. “

     Read the whole post here and take heed.  Where will we go one day?   According to Mark Steyn, we are already America Alone.

Can a double bed be a substitute for home?

     The subject of Refugee Resettlement generates many stories–daily stories–about the little joys refugees experience in our wonderful America.   Every one of those stories highlight some caring and enlightened American who gives of him or herself by purchasing or donating some material item to make life easy.    This story today in the Lincoln Star about Burmese Karen arriving in Nebraska caught my eye.

      Sara Pipher had been to the camps in Thailand and was moved to collect $300 from friends and family to buy a double bed for a soon to arrive refugee family, something that would make any of us feel all warm and fuzzy.   I don’t mean to diminish the gift, but as the Burmese Karen people are scattered like the four winds across the United States, can she give them something they had together?

Pipher said she was impressed by the amazing closeness among friends and families in the camps. 

. . .

And in the Karen culture there is a real emphasis on the extended family and on respect for elders and embracing the wisdom of the elder generation, Pipher said.

     There won’t be an extended family in America.   I wonder at the wisdom of our do-good policies that cause us to rush around the world rescuing people whenever there is strife or a civil war in some region.

      The fact that the refugees are arriving in Lincoln brought to mind our Civil War.  Imagine if tens of thousands of the brightest Northerners and Southerners had just been wisked off to Europe never to return, would America, as a re-united nation, have been diminished.  I think so.

       Maybe it’s our own material need for instant comfort, for things to be easy, that makes us rush in wishing to save people.   Fortunately, some people still have common sense, dignity, and a  spirit and desire to achieve their destiny on the continent of their birth.  In Africa the Liberians are returning home under banners that proclaim:



According to an article in on July 24th, over 100,000 refugees are headed home. 

The lady from NRC (Norwegian Refugee Council) is wearing a T-shirt with the map of Liberia on the front, and the words Theres No Place Like Home.

      In Rwanda they are returning home too.

      But sadly, in Nepal, the Bhutanese may never return home because the US has agreed to resettle 60,000 refugees.

      Writing in the Weekly Telegraph of Nepal, July 31, 2007 (tomorrow!) Niraj Ayal suggests it would be better to stay together in Nepal with the hope of one day going home:   

Better let them stay here; Let them make their homes here! Let us live together with our brothers and sisters!; Let them forget Bhutan, make our future together and one day the easterly wind might bring the smell of their soil here.


Expect More? Yes we all do!

Your tax dollars:

      If you are a numbers person you’ll find this US goverment website of interest.  It’s called  (Expect Federal Programs to Perform Well, and Better Every Year).  See the evaluations of the Refugee Resettlement Program here:

Check out this little table (below) and note the cost of each refugee arrival.   In 2006 the cost overrun amounted to $695 per refugee.  We admitted 41,277 refugees that year.   

That’s only an overrun of $28,687,515.    But what’s a million here or there when it’s just taxpayer money.

Term Type  
Annual Efficiency

Measure: Total average cost per refugee arrival in the U.S.


Year Target Actual
2002 BASELINE $4,445
2003 NONE $4,428
2004 $4,000 $3,500
2005 $3,700 $3,565
2006 $3,600 $4,295
2007 $3,500
2008 $3,400

Go to Expect More and learn more (maybe more than you want to know!)