Expect More? Yes we all do!

Your tax dollars:

      If you are a numbers person you’ll find this US goverment website of interest.  It’s called ExpectMore.gov  (Expect Federal Programs to Perform Well, and Better Every Year).  See the evaluations of the Refugee Resettlement Program here:   http://www.whitehouse.gov/expectmore/query.html?col=empics&qt=refugee&Go03.x=14&Go03.y=0

Check out this little table (below) and note the cost of each refugee arrival.   In 2006 the cost overrun amounted to $695 per refugee.  We admitted 41,277 refugees that year.     http://www.state.gov/g/prm/refadm/rls/85970.htm   

That’s only an overrun of $28,687,515.    But what’s a million here or there when it’s just taxpayer money.


Term Type  
Annual Efficiency

Measure: Total average cost per refugee arrival in the U.S.


Year Target Actual
2002 BASELINE $4,445
2003 NONE $4,428
2004 $4,000 $3,500
2005 $3,700 $3,565
2006 $3,600 $4,295
2007 $3,500
2008 $3,400

Go to Expect More and learn more (maybe more than you want to know!)