US rides to the rescue in Malta

They are lining up around the world to come to America. 

The tiny Mediteranean island nation of Malta is being overrun with illegal immigrants leaving northern and eastern Africa trying to get to the European Union countries to the north.   Like all countries faced with a flood of illegals, Malta’s social services, security, public order and social fabric are strained.  The EU has not been helpful.

But fear not, the US is coming to the rescue.   According to a July 13, 2007 article in the “The Times” of Malta, “Refugees flock to Valletta for chance of move to US.”  

Refugees made it clear yesterday they would gladly leave the island for good as they thronged outside the UN Refugee Agency’s office in Valletta hoping to qualify for the resettlement scheme to the US.

The police had to be called in to disperse the crowd of about 200, who tried to get into the UNHCR’s office in Strait Street, Valletta.

About 200 refugees are to be resettled in the US in a move that is expected to go some way towards easing Malta’s illegal immigration woes. Though the initiative is a one-off, the US government is contemplating taking in 200 immigrants from Malta every year thanks to a proposal steered by the UNHCR.

[note how easily this article interchanges the words refugees and illegal immigrants]

Yes, the UN High Commission on Refugees says jump and since we have so many border crossing illegals of our own we can just start taking other countries  law breakers.   What’s 200 more illegal immigrants here or there anyway?