More stats: How many refugees have come to your city?

     Although lengthy and slanted (all is just peachy), the Brookings Institution published last fall a 31-page report about the Refugee Resettlement program, how it works, who pays for what, and how much.  Most interesting though is that it is chock full of tables with cities and how many refugees settled in each and from where they came since 1983.

The report is entitled:    From ‘There’ to ‘Here’: Refugee Resettlement in Metropolitan America

by Audrey Singer and Jill H. Wilson
September 2006

Public outcry stops special Muslim accomodation

     To update our story,  “Somalis here, Somalis there, Somalis everywhere” posted on July 13th, Carver Elementary School, a San Diego elementary school, has been forced to withdraw its special “madrassa” program for Somali students due to pressure from the public.   Read the whole story on Little Green Footballs:

     From 1983 until 2004, San Diego received 4,200 Somali refugees.   Thats 20 years to bring more family members in and to have lots and lots of babies.

      Anyone have any numbers on the total Somali population of San Diego right now? 

The Statistics are coming in!

    Here are some numbers we have been waiting for!     From fiscal year 1988 through fiscal year 2003 (15 years) the US State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration has admitted 208,702 Muslims from 77 differant countries into the US, that averages 15% of the refugee population over those years.

      Some years were biggies though.   In 1999 for instance we permitted 37,479 Muslim refugees to enter the US,  which represented 44% of that year’s total refugee numbers.

      The top Muslim countries of origin over that time span are Bosnia and Herzegovina (103,107 refugees),  Somalia, (41,626), and coming in at number three, Iraq (21,760).  

      BTW, these numbers are just for refugees,  not for immigration generally.  Imagine what the numbers must be.

            The source for this info. is the Refugee Processing Center Report prepared in 2003.  Since I don’t have a link yet, please e-mail me for more info.


Refugee Forum scheduled for Hagerstown, MD

    This will be of particular interest to our readers from the Washington Co. area.   Since there has been controversy over the resettlement of refugees here, a public meeting has been scheduled for citizens to get more information about how this program works, and for those administering the program, to hear what citizens’ concerns are.

     The date has been set for September 19, 2007 at 4 p.m. and will be in Hagerstown.  The exact location has yet to be determined.   As we know more we will report to you here at Refugee Resettlement Watch.

      We understand that the US State Dept. will be sending at least one representative to help explain the program administered by the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration.

     This is an important step and one that should be taken everywhere that refugees are being resettled.   People in communities need to know (and have a right to know) how the federal government in conjunction with non-profit groups will change their cities and towns.

     For readers around the country, you should ask for such a public meeting in your community.