Australia “Dumb” Deal Near Completion as over 1,000 Rejected Asylum Seekers Approved for US Resettlement

President Donald Trump honored a deal, he called it dumb, that Barack Obama made with the Australian government just before leaving office in 2016.  The deal was that the US would ‘welcome’ illegal aliens that have been held in Australian offshore detention camps.

The AP is reporting that the US part of the deal is almost done and by spring 1,100 of the detained, mostly Muslim men, will be settled in unknown towns and cities in the US.

But, a deal implies we get something from it, right?

Supposedly Australia is taking asylum seekers from Honduras and El Salvador who have made their way to Costa Rica.  Costa Rica!  Why are they our problem???

Here is the rub, I could only find a story or two from 2017 about 30 Central Americans being flown from Costa Rica to Australia.  There might be more somewhere, but the media isn’t reporting it.

So we are getting over a thousand, mostly single men, and Australia gets a handful of ‘refugees’ that were already safe in Costa Rica!

Here is what the AP is saying:

Australia: Most of 1,100 refugees in US deal have resettled

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — The United States is expected to have resettled more than 1,100 refugees by early next year under a deal President Donald Trump reluctantly honored with Australia, an Australian official said on Monday.

“New Americans” waiting for their ticket to your town!

President Barack Obama’s administration struck a deal in 2016 to accept up to 1,250 refugees from Iran, Bangladesh, Somalia and Myanmar whom Australia had banished to Pacific island camps.

Trump condemned the deal as “dumb” but agreed to honor the U.S. commitment, subject to “extreme vetting” of the refugees.

The United States has resettled 870 refugees since October 2017 and around 250 more have received provisional approval to make new homes in the United States, Home Affairs Department deputy secretary Marc Ablong told an Australian Senate committee.

While resettlement had been disrupted in recent months by the pandemic, Ablong said Australia expected the last of the refugees accepted by the United States to be resettled by March or April.

The resettlement deal “is operating very effectively to date,” Ablong said.


New Zealand’s offer to take 150 refugees a year has been refused while the United States continues to accept them.


Some see the U.S. resettlement deal as repayment for Australia agreeing to accept Honduran and Salvadoran refugees under a U.S.-led resettlement program from a camp in Costa Rica.

More here.

Other than an article or so in 2017, I have never seen the media report exactly how many Central Americans were sent to Australia from Costa Rica to ‘honor’ our part of the deal.

But, I repeat, why are Central Americans who are safe in a safe country, Costa Rica, our problem in the first place?  

We got zip, zero, nada from this deal!

See my large archive on the Australia deal.

5 thoughts on “Australia “Dumb” Deal Near Completion as over 1,000 Rejected Asylum Seekers Approved for US Resettlement

  1. I’ll say it again, and again, and again, this was the payoff by The Kenyan for Australia and Alexander Downer’s role in the coup attempt against Candidate, then Nominee, then President TRUMP. The Russia, Russia, Russia nonsense, illegal spying and intentional setup of innocent Americans. AND his bonus was to stick it in President TRUMP’s eye with this “deal”.


  2. So, we Americans, are getting another 1100 Muslim men who have a propensity to separate people’s heads from their torso? And “honor killings”. What could go wrong?

    I was born and reared in America…..I am 73 and through my whole life we never heard of someone’s head being separated from their body….until the first wave of them were brought into America under the Bush Cabal….AND EXHILARATED UNDER OBAMA . We now have NO GO Zones in America…something we never had before the Bushs and the Kenyan.
    And now we’re bringing in more?!
    You never heard that happening in Mexico either until the Cartels learned it from the MEs….

    If President Trump isn’t re-elected……we are done.

  3. The “Australian” refugees will count as part of the 15,000 2021 cap, which is actually 9,000 plus 6,000 unused from prior year (if you are looking for a positive spin).

    Sadly there are exemptions for just about every category and every country including those on the no travel list.

    All in the fed register

    1. Biden, if installed, can change the numbers in an executive order as soon as he gets to the White House.

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