Minnesota: Refugee Seniors have a Hard Time Adjusting to US, Your Tax Dollars Ease their Discomfort

When I caught this news at the Minneapolis Star Tribune about a program for lonely senior refugees, not refugees who came decades ago and grew old here, but senior citizens we admit through the US Refugee Admissions Program, it reminded me to tell you how your tax dollars are used.


Few speak English. https://www.wnd.com/2016/03/minneapolis-caucus-all-somalian-little-american/

First a bit of the warm and fuzzy story:

Twice a month, elders from the area’s East African community gather here for a shared halal meal and a program that can range from citizenship to weaving to winter preparedness. [I’ll bet the emphasis is on citizenship and registering to vote!—ed]

The goal is to help break the social isolation experienced by members of the older immigrant population, many of whom speak little English and stay home to care for grandchildren while younger adults in the family are at work.


About 20 people were on hand last week, including Abdi Matan, who helped organize the program through the nonprofit Horn of Africa Aid and Rehabilitation Action Network. Matan came to St. Peter six years ago after working in Somalia for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. He also worked for the U.N. in refugee camps in Somalia and Kenya.

“Minnesota is the next home for Somalis,” he said with a big grin. “We have really enjoyed this program for socialization.”

Somali elders, he said, often have a hard time adjusting to their new home.


Mohamed Omar Ali, 73, was a herdsman in Somalia. He arrived in St. Peter about five years ago. [Arrived in the US at age 68, sure will be a real asset to the US workforce which is the usual excuse for the program in the first place!—ed]

Agencies paying for this program are all taxpayer-funded including of course Lutheran Social Service of MN!

Mahoney [Leah Mahoney, Minnesota Department of Health] said she believes this is the first program of its kind in rural Minnesota and hopes that other communities with East African populations will take notice. Support for the program has come from the state Health Department, as well as the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota, the city of St. Peter and the Minnesota River Area Agency on Aging.

More here.

Here is more that you need to know!

First, senior citizens admitted as refugees are eligible for SSI (Supplemental Security Income) from Social Security.  Read about it here.

However, in addition to individual benefits, states that welcome “elder” refugees receive help directly from the federal treasury (from you again) to help them cope with needy senior citizen refugees.

It would take a lot of time to go through the entire list of over a hundred countries from which we receive refugees to get to the total. But here are a few numbers from the Refugee Processing Center.

In the last five years we admitted 748 seniors (over 65 years old) from Bhutan, Burma 640 seniors, DR Congo 777, and Somalia 273.

Now get a load of this!

States are given federal money to help take care of refugees aged 60 and older.

Do a little math and see how much the elder refugees are costing taxpayers in just this one portion of the welfare services available to them.

From the Office of Refugee Resettlement:

FY 2020 Allocations

The FY 2020 allocations to states and replacement designees are based on the number of ORR-eligible individuals aged 60 or older who arrived and were served in FY 2018, as reported in the ORR Refugee Arrivals Data System (RADS).

The chart below documents the number of eligible individuals served in each state in FY 2018 and the corresponding funding allocations for the SOR program for FY 2020.

Here is just a bit of the chart in a screenshot.  But be sure to open the chart and see the whole list!  It gets worse.  I wondered if this is sweetener for many states? New Hampshire 4 refugees $75,000 from the feds!


This is the kind of handout you have been supplying through your tax dollars for years and possibly decades!

Changing America by Changing the People from Manassas, Virginia to Missoula, Montana

There is an excellent piece at the World Tribune you all should take a minute or two to read.  It is about the transformation of Virginia and the soon to be transformed Montana if the Open Borders Democrats continue their great replacement strategy (only slowed at the moment by the President).

For new readers, I have written often about what is happening in Montana, click here, for more background.  I visited the state in 2016 while touring the West and Midwest to meet many Americans who have concluded that diversity is not strength and who love their towns and cities just the way they are without the importation of needy third world refugees.

From Joe Schaeffer at the World Tribune (just a bit of it because you should read it all):

Many in Big Sky Country protested ‘invasion’ of Congolese, Eritreans, Iraqis and Syrians


Last week we focused on how the former red bastion of Virginia has been flipped to blue thanks in large part to demographic change spurred by massive Third World immigration. [The do-nothing Virginia Republican Party must share the blame!—]

Having lived in Northern Virginia for some 20-odd years in the 1990s through the Oughts, I watched with my own eyes as respectable middle-class neighborhoods in Falls Church, Fairfax and abutting towns were transformed into decrepit crime-plagued eyesores due to the “enrichment” that comes with Third World immigration.

There really was little left to do but find a way to earn well over $100,000 a year and join the “tolerant” white liberals and privileged career federal employees in their upscale Leesburg and McLean zip codes or leave. I never did make it to McLean.

So it is sad to see the process repeating itself all over again in, of all places, the natural beauty of Big Sky Country.

As CEO of the International Rescue Committee, British citizen and globalist David Miliband is responsible for placing refugees in Montana. He lives and works in Manhattan and pulls down a partially federally funded salary of $900,000 a year! I call that doing well by doing good!


In short, our ruling globalists are determined that there be no corner of America left untouched by Third World immigration. A powerful global NGO called the International Rescue Committee helped settle Hmong refugees in Missoula in the 1980s. The IRC was able to successfully re-open its refugee resettlement operations in this city of 74,000 inhabitants in 2016 thanks to the emotional distress felt by a group of Missoula female book club members upon seeing the infamous photo of a drowned Syrian boy on a Turkish beach in 2015.


If you want to know how Virginia was lost, this is how it begins. Beyond all the virtue signaling about diversity and openness there of course lie very genuine concerns about importing foreigners who do not share the traditional American values that buttress our Constitutional freedoms.

This is especially prevalent with Muslims from the Middle East and Africa. Then there are the shocking health fears. The Ebola plague is currently raging in the Congo. Also underreported are the high financial costs to struggling U.S. taxpayers that come with resettling refugees.


This is the brave new world globalist organizations have in mind for formerly stable American neighborhoods from Manassas, Virginia to Missoula, Montana. If their work continues, Democrat majorities will hardly be the only distinguishing feature of these sullen heterogeneous, multilingual locales.

Read it all.

For more on David Miliband, a friend of George Soros and Hillary Clinton, go here.

And, here at ‘Frauds and Crooks.’

By the way, the author says the IRC resettles the most refugees annually in the US.  I thought the US Conference of Catholic Bishops held that distinction. No matter, I am sure one or other is a close second.

US Catholic Bishops Bemoan Loss of Federal Funding under Trump

As you should all know by now, nine federal refugee contractors including the US Conference of Catholic Bishops receive a large chunk of their income from you, the US taxpayer, based on the number of refugees they place in your towns and cities.

So it is no surprise that their revenue is dropping as the President reduces the number of refugees being ‘welcomed’ to America by the UN and the US State Department.

In a story about the Bishops upcoming budget year at the National Catholic Register  (h/t Joanne) we learn that the biggest drop in funding comes from their so-called Migration and Refugee Services Office budget.

Bishops OK 2020 budget; numbers inconclusive for 2021 assessment hike

BALTIMORE — The U.S. bishops voted to approve the budget for 2020 for their conference headquarters in Washington but did not register sufficient numbers to determine passage of a proposed 3% increase in the diocesan assessment for 2021.

Both votes took place Nov. 11, the first day of their Nov. 11-13 fall general assembly in Baltimore.

The bishops approved a budget nearing $22.69 million for next year.*** Budget approval required a majority of bishops present and voting. The vote was 211-11, with one abstention.

Archbishop Dennis Schnurr of Cincinnati

The proposed 2020 budget projects a “marginal” surplus of $49,261, about 2% of the total, according to Archbishop Dennis Schnurr of Cincinnati, treasurer of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

The figures include increases of 3.6% for policy and advocacy, 3.5% for the administrative offices, 2.7% for the general secretariat, 1.2% for the bishops’ conference staff house in Washington, and 0.4% for pastoral ministries.

The biggest budget decreases come within the Migration and Refugee Services office, which relies on federal grants for much of its revenue.

MRS operations “continue to be impacted by the very dynamic changes in the federal immigration and refugee policies and programs,” Schnurr said in a message sent to bishops prior to the meeting.

MRS administration is being cut $6.6 million “due primarily to the reduction in refugee arrivals which directly impacts pass-through funding to the dioceses for local administration and direct assistance to clients,” Schnurr said.  [LOL! pass-through funding after a huge slice is taken out for salaries!—ed]

MRS’ resettlement services office is being scaled back by $2.6 million “largely due to the closure of the Cuban-Haitian program by the end of 2019,” he added. MRS’ executive office is cutting its budget $178,00 for 2020, and its special programs office will be down $53,000 from 2019 levels.

Overall the numbers of refugees admitted to the country who are helped by MRS “continue to track downward,” Schnurr told his fellow bishops.

Rarely do we see reports on the number of refugees any of the nine contractors resettled.

In fiscal year 2016, MRS settled about 4,200 refugees. In 2017, the number swelled to 7,800 refugees, but last year MRS resettled 6,350. And as of Sept 30 of this year, the number of refugees settled was 4,350.

Interesting that in 2016 the Bishops had a smaller share (only 5%) of the incoming refugees than they do now (14%).  It can only mean that as the overall number of refugees drop, the Bishops are getting a bigger cut.  I wonder why that is?

Or, it could mean the Catholic Bishops received a lot more federal money because they also contracted to take care of the mushrooming numbers of ‘Unaccompanied Alien Children,’ funding for which comes under the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement.

“Staff remains vigilant and where possible, proactive” in pushing for higher federal intake numbers, he said.

You can bet they are proactive and lobbying for more refugee paying clients and ultimately Democrat voters!

More here.

***But, here is what I don’t get.  The Bishops reported a substantially higher income in 2018.  Yes, they had more paying clients, but did they have so many fewer last year and expect even less in the coming year that their budget dropped by half from 2018?

That would be a great headline—-Under Trump Catholic Bishops lose at least $20 million in two years!

Maybe someone with accounting experience can jump in and explain—could they have lost half of their federal money in just two years?

BTW, in 2018 93% of their Migration Program was funded by US taxpayers!

From their consolidated annual report their Migration and Refugee Services Program for calendar year 2018 shows over $48 million from the feds.  So what I want to know is if their budget for the coming year will be only $22 million (as reported above) that indicates a enormous drop in federal funding over two years.  Again, could that be true?

Only a little over $3 million was raised from private charitable giving by parishioners! page 38


Doing well by doing good!

Check out that 2018 financial report and notice that over $8 million went to SALARIES to compensate for their good works to benefit refugees. So much for ‘religious’ charities!

See my previous post this morning about the numbers of refugees admitted over the last ten years.  I needed some of that data to figure what percentage of incoming refugee clients the Bishops are getting—I’m guessing they are getting the biggest chunk of the flow into your towns and cities.

Handy Chart on Obama vs. Trump Refugee Admissions

I have a category here at RRW entitled ‘Where to find information’ and I am placing this short post there for your future reference.

I’ve become sick and tired of hearing, via uninformed media, that Obama admitted 100,000 refugees a year during his presidency.

He did not. 

According to the Refugee Processing Center:

In only one year did he set a CAP (CEILING) in excess of 100,000 and he set that in September 2016 during the waning months of his Presidency—either anticipating that Hillary was coming in to ‘welcome’ that many, or in the case of a Trump win, he was setting Trump up to look mean and unwelcoming.

Obama could have set a 100,000+ CAP in any of the previous years, why didn’t he?

Note also that Obama didn’t admit near his ceilings in several years of his time in office.

Whatever deception Obama (his State Department!) was trying to pull, please keep this chart handy because when the new numbers are recorded at the end of this month, that 2009 year will drop from the chart.

Note the ‘Ceiling’ column vs. the ‘to the US’ column which is the number that actually were admitted.


If you see a news report in a local paper about how Obama admitted 100,000 refugees a year, be sure to tell the reporter/editor to get their facts straight!

Foreign-owned BIG MEAT Conglomerates Changing America by Changing the People

A few days ago the Washington Post ran a lengthy feature story about how the Brazilian-owned meat giant—JBS—was getting federal taxpayer dollars as part of an agricultural bailout from the Trump Administration.

Of course the premise of the story, which featured the obligatory photo of the President, was that Trump was somehow responsible for a foreign-owned company ripping-off the US consumer by consolidating its holdings in America and creating a monopoly.

This is JBS headquarters in Greeley, CO Photo credit: Me! Taken on my 2016 tour of US meatpacking towns that have been changed by refugee labor.

It sure does look like JBS has a growing share of the meat industry.

The Washington Post tells us that JBS’s growth has been rapid following its first purchase of a US meatpacking business in 2007:

In 2007, JBS bought pork and beef producer Swift and Co. In 2008, it purchased the beef operations of Smithfield Foods. In 2009, it acquired poultry producer Pilgrim’s Pride. In 2015, JBS bought Cargill’s pork division. And in 2017, the company purchased poultry producer GNP Co.

But in the extremely long and damning expose there is not one word about JBS’s voracious appetite for immigrant labor that includes refugee workers provided to the company by the US State Department’s resettlement contractors!

As longtime readers know I have been interested in the role BIG MEAT plays in changing the character of American towns with its use of low wage immigrant labor since I saw a report in 2008 about how Bill Clinton brought refugees to Iowa to make his meatpacker pals happy.

Lobbying for labor

And, I need to mention that then Senator Jeff Sessions fingered meatpackers in the lobbying gang pushing for that ‘Gang of Eight’ so-called Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill that passed the Senate in 2013.

As I had reported at the time, the refugee resettlement contractors were also pushing for passage of the ‘Gang of Eight’ amnesty bill that ultimately failed to make it through the House of Representatives.

Lutherans were being paid to find refugee labor for JBS!

Then I got the shock!  I had always assumed that it was just happenstance that some of the nine refugee resettlement contractors hired by the US State Department to place refugees in US towns and cities had a casual relationship with industries looking for cheap and compliant labor, but I never dreamed there was a direct financial connection until this news broke in 2017.

(LOL! as I write this I sure am glad RRW has been recovered. There is a lot of history filed here!)

Remember this….

Foreign-owned Big Meat hires Lutherans to help them find and retain refugee labor


That is the crux of this story and not in my wildest dreams did I think that money was directly changing hands between the meat industry and a federal refugee contractor, in this case Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service headquartered in Baltimore, MD.

LIRS is headquartered here in Baltimore. This is their own description: The Lutheran Center (LIRS headquarters) is a six-story structure constructed in 1999 on property owned by Baltimore’s historic Christ Lutheran Church. The building is located near Baltimore’s Inner Harbor in the historic Federal Hill neighborhood, a charming area rich with history and an eclectic array of eateries and shopping venues.

I always assumed it was an informal relationship where the largely federally-funded ‘religious’ charity (LIRS is 96% funded by you and not via the collection plate) just happened to be bringing immigrant workers to small town America.

Now we learn that there is a formal (secret!), contractual arrangement planned for pilot projects in four states with JBS USA a Brazilian-owned company.  And, it makes me wonder if this isn’t new and whether similar arrangements are being made with others of the nine federal refugee contractors.

The four states targeted for pilot projects in 2017 were Georgia, Texas, Iowa and Michigan.

Read it all!  An insider at LIRS had revealed internal documents obtained by Leo Hohmann at World Net Daily.

To make a long story short:

A foreign company buys up major meat producing companies in the US then lobbies for and obtains refugee laborers with the help of a fake ‘religious’ charity funded largely by you, the taxpayers.

The immigrant laborers aren’t paid decent wages so they depend on welfare to make ends meet all the while disrupting the social and cultural make-up of small US towns and cities.

And, you, the US taxpayers, are paying for it all as they change America, one small town at a time.

Someone should write a book!

Heck,  a lot of the research is done already!  See my enormous archive on Meatpackers here.