COVID-19 News: NGOs in Europe Call on Governments to Take Better Care of Migrants

This is a bit of maddening news!

Non-profit groups that have encouraged the migration of Africans and Middle Easterners to Europe for a decade or more are now demanding the governments of Greece and France do more to protect migrants as the virus crisis deepens.


Because as one official at Catholic Charities Caritas said: “[W]e need to protect our volunteers and staff.”

What! So governments need to send in government workers instead of their ‘volunteers!’

Here is the invasion of Europe news from The Guardian:

NGOs raise alarm as coronavirus strips support from EU refugees

Governments across Europe are facing calls to urgently put into place measures to protect refugees and migrants – in particular lone children – as the coronavirus epidemic sees volunteer numbers plunge and many vital support services close.

On Tuesday, groups working with refugees and unaccompanied children in France and Greece implored the authorities in both countries to provide urgent help to refugees and unaccompanied minors, whom they say have been effectively abandoned by the authorities. [Abandoned by authorities? Sounds like abandoned by the NGOs!—ed]

NYC based International Rescue Committee (led by moneybags Miliband) is one group that is demanding Greece and France do more. They said in a statement this week: “The physical health and safety of our staff, our clients, and our communities is the International Rescue Committee’s top priority globally.” “Clients” are refugees. Community does not mean your town, it means their community of migrants and volunteers.

In France, a group of 24 organisations sent a letter to the French government and the mayors of Calais and Grande-Synthe imploring them to provide urgent interventions to refugees and migrants in northern France.

In the letter, the organisations, which include Médecins du Monde and Refugee Rights Europe, say:

“The situation of exiled people is unspeakable: lack of accommodation, cold, humidity, stress, fatigue, crowding together in light tents, daily expulsion from places of life, deplorable sanitary conditions.”

The groups say that, in the absence of any other protection measures, the state should provide accommodation and basic food distribution as well as access to hot water and soap to try to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus among the migrant community.


The groups, including the IRC [International Rescue Committee], Human Rights Watch, and the Danish Refugee Council among others, also called for a raft of protective measures including an end to deportations and pressing forward with relocation and family reunion programmes for unaccompanied minors across Europe.


One charity in northern France told the Guardian they are losing desperately needed volunteers as the epidemic takes hold across the continent.

No kidding!  When the s*** hits the fan, the fair-weather do-gooders beg for government help!

More here.

If you are a new reader, and want to know more about the ‘Invasion of Europe’ my archives are here. To learn all about moneybags Miliband, click here. 

This is the IRC’s statement on the refugee shutdown that begins (supposedly) today in the US.

New Deal for New Americans Bill Introduced in the Senate

The bill seeks to change the Refugee Act by putting a floor of 110,000 refugees as the minimum number to be admitted annually (among a Christmas tree of other provisions).

If you are saying, well, ho-hum, won’t go anywhere with Trump in the White House and the Senate controlled by Republicans, you need to take a broader view.

This is what the savvy Leftists do—they stake out their dream territory for the day when Trump is gone. He will be gone sooner or later.  But, in the meantime they use initiatives like this one to keep their base engaged and it ticks me off because conservatives are always playing defense to their offense.

Where are the bills that could stake out a position on the immigration restriction side—-heck how about a bill calling for a moratorium on all immigration to America!

It won’t happen of course, but it would be a way to energize the base and lay down a marker.

The New Deal for New Americans is a marker the Open Borders Left is throwing down!  It is to attract media attention and to move the needle in that direction—in the direction of their ultimate goal, a borderless world!

From a Chinese-American publication Sampan:

Mass. immigrant advocates join Sen. Ed Markey to celebrate introduction of visionary New Deal for New Americans Act

Markey and Millona at press event announcing bill. Media opportunity? How many media outlets were even in attendance? Doesn’t matter because they make it look like there is press in the room. It is all for show.

Dozens of advocates and leaders of immigrant- and refugee-serving organizations joined U.S. Senator Edward J. Markey at Agencia ALPHA today to celebrate the introduction of the New Deal for New Americans in the U.S. Senate.

The bill, which is strongly supported by the National Partnership for New Americans (NPNA), co-chaired by MIRA Executive Director Eva A. Millona, was introduced in the House last October and has 39 cosponsors so far, including U.S. Reps. Ayanna Pressley, James McGovern and Joseph P. Kennedy III.

It would provide federal leadership to increase access to citizenship; support local organizations that welcome newcomers; expand high-quality workforce development and English-language programs; increase access to legal counsel; and embrace America’s global role as a refuge.

No surprise! Reps. Tlaib, Omar and Ocasio-Cortez are all co-sponsors of the House New Deal for New Americans bill.

To give these issues greater prominence and institutional support, it would also create a National Office on New Americans to lead a federal inclusion and integration strategy coordinated with state and local governments and community stakeholders.


A key provision of the bill would be to eliminate the annual ceiling for refugee admissions,which has dropped precipitously under the Trump administration, to just 18,000 for fiscal 2020, and replace it with a floor. The minimum annual admissions would be 110,000 – the same as the ceiling set by former President Obama for fiscal 2017 – to recognize America’s role as a refuge for people from around the world.

More here.

For new readers:  the Refugee Act of 1980, which will be 40 years old on March 17th, gives the power to the President to set a ceiling for refugee admissions.

They don’t want to take the chance that another President like Trump would have that power.  You need to know that Obama never came anywhere near 110,000 either.  According to the Refugee Processing Center, his average annual admissions number was 69,946 over his 8 years in office.

While All Eyes Focused Elsewhere, Turkish Leader Renews Effort to Invade Europe with ‘Refugee’ Army

Invasion of Europe news….

Turkish President Recep Erdogan may have seen his opening as the world fixates on the spread of the coronavirus and American media can’t shut up about the lackluster Democrats and their campaign to defeat Donald Trump.

So, we follow the shiny objects the media has chosen for us as the next phase (will it be the final phase?) of the war on western civilization is unfolding at the Greek/Turkish border.

There is an excellent piece by Jared Peterson at American Thinker that explains how many European leaders are digging their graves because they don’t get it—Century after century, Islamic supremacist desires never rest.


I told you a week ago that it had begun….

Fighting the Muslim Re-Conquest of Europe on the Greece-Turkey Border

As Americans remain riveted to the corona virus and the nauseating vicissitudes of the Democrats’ battle to choose a presidential nominee — a choice now apparently winnowed down to the Marxist or the moron — this writer’s thoughts once again are drawn to events in Europe. The critical situation now unfolding day by day on the Greek-Turkish border may at first seem of minor concern to America, but in fact it’s a critical part of the overall struggle by patriots on both sides of the Atlantic to preserve Western Civilization.

The same forces working here to dissolve American civilization through mass migration and deliberately inculcated cultural self-loathing are busy in Europe pursuing the same goal by identical means. And the same traditional, patriotic segment of the population, guilty of the crime of loving their civilization and wanting to preserve it, resists cultural dissolution in both Europe and America. The commonality of the struggle is striking.

European patriots, however, face worse odds. Their governments are more ruthless in condemning patriotism and love of country (who knew those feelings made one a Nazi?), and Europeans’ history of submission to authority, and consequent ingrained passivity, make them less inclined to risk social condemnation to save themselves.


In 1683 Christian Armies defeated the Ottoman Turks at the Gates of Vienna saving Europe for Christendom.  The Polish winged Hussars led what is described as the largest cavalry battle in world history destroying the Muslim hordes led by Kara Mustafa. Erdogan has not forgotten.

Last Saturday, the futility of a purchased peace with Islamist governments was once again revealed with striking clarity: Recep Erdogan explicitly cancelled the 2016 agreement and announced that his government would no longer halt or hinder the estimated 3.5 million non-Turkish Muslims already living in Turkey, and the hundreds of thousands more migrants who will now enter Turkey across its eastern border, in their westward movement across Turkey into Europe, via Greece.

Little more than a week after Erdogan’s announcement, scenes of chaos and violence just short of war are unfolding on the Greek-Turkish border. In the ancient Greek province of Thrace, where Turkey’s European-side province is separated from Greece by the River Evros, Greek soldiers and police, behind fences and barbed wire, face off against would-be border crossers numbering, depending on source, anywhere from 13,000 to 30,000, to 75,000. The numbers of would-be invaders and violence increase daily.


German language alternative web sites report that the mobs at the Greek border have not had to engage in all that much “trekking” across Turkey, that unmarked buses headed west — as many 5-6 per hour — depart from migrant camps in eastern Turkey, and that Erdogan’s state railroad assists with transporting the invaders to the Greek/EU/Turkish border.

Clearly, this second 21st century Muslim invasion of Europe is Turkey’s child.


After the amazing governmental capitulation and public passivity in Germany during 2015, Erdogan is smart enough to perceive that now is his chance to dramatically advance through migration what Kara Mustafa failed to achieve in 1683 through direct military invasion: The gradual but relentless Islamization of Europe.

It is a long article, but take a few minutes to focus on something other than viruses and Democrats and read it !

My complete ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive is here.


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CIS: Refugees (including SE Asians) are Expensive for US Taxpayers!

Refugees entering the US as adults cost $133,000 each!

The Center for Immigration Studies has taken a first stab at countering the glowing ‘economic’ studies being spread around by the likes of Michael Bloomberg’s New American Economy, or that gang of community organizers at Welcoming America about how refugees are a boon to economically foundering cities.

Here are the first few paragraphs of the CIS study:

No Free Lunch for Taxpayers

Advocates of expanding the number of refugees admitted to the United States have lately portrayed their position as a win-win — refugee resettlement not only assists the refugees themselves, it also allegedly improves our nation’s fiscal health. The fiscal claim is unsupportable.

Although refugees from earlier generations were often well educated, today’s refugees have fewer than nine years of schooling on average.

Because of their low earning power and immediate access to welfare benefits, recent refugees cost the government substantially more than they contribute in taxes, even over the long term.

Our best estimate of the average refugee’s lifetime fiscal cost, expressed as a net present value, is $60,000, with those entering as adults (ages 25 to 64) costing $133,000 each.

Perhaps this is a price that the United States should be willing to pay to further its humanitarian goals. However, resettlement in the United States may not be the most cost-effective means of aiding displaced people.

Read it all here.

I think you will see some cost items that were not considered including costs that may have been shifted by the federal government to state and local tax payers.

460,000 Southeast Asian Refugees Living in Poverty in US!

To illustrate the general point, that refugees are not contributing in any great way, and are not revitalizing cities,  but are costing us a bundle (and not just financially, but socially) as they struggle with poverty in America, see this report with a politically-incorrect title from NBC!

But, keep in mind that those pushing the report want even more taxpayer dollars spent on the Southeast Asian refugee ‘community.’

Largest U.S. refugee group struggling with poverty 45 years after resettlement

It’s been 45 years since thousands of Southeast Asian refugees settled in the United States, yet, as a group, they continue to face major socioeconomic challenges that have long been masked under the “model minority myth,” which portrays all Asian Americans as successful, according to a new report.

California Hmong mourning deaths of some of their young people killed in apparent gang wars. Crime is rampant in their ‘community.’

The report, Southeast Asian American Journeys, A National Snapshot of Our Communities,” released last week, illustrates the experience of the community, from its migration to the U.S. to the present day.

One of the key findings is that across the country, nearly 1.1 million Southeast Asian Americans are low-income, and about 460,000 live in poverty. Hmong Americans fare worst compared to all racial groups across multiple measures of income.

Read it all.  So much for the magic melting pot mythology.  And, each and every one cost the US taxpayers a bundle—and they are still costing us 45 years later!


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Blowback Against Idaho Governor over Refugee Decision was Fierce

Rarely do we get any reports on how many citizens take time to contact elected officials about their unhappiness with the refugee admissions program.

Governor Little with Mr. Chobani Yogurt in Twin Falls. Twin Falls is number 10 in the top cities in the nation ‘welcoming’ refugees on a per capita basis.*** Any wonder why the governor jumped on the bandwagon for more refugees for Idaho.

So it was interesting to see that in Idaho citizens took action in a big way to criticize their Republican governor when he encouraged the US State Department to send Idaho more refugees and thus went against the President’s reform effort.

Unfortunately I can give you only a tiny snippet of this story as it is behind a paywall.  Surely some Idahoans will subscribe to the Idaho Press for the whole story.

Records show opposition to refugees, Gov. Little’s work to support resettlement program

Gov. Brad Little’s decision to continue to allow refugee resettlement in Idaho wasn’t out of step with his colleagues elsewhere, writes Post Register reporter Nathan Brown. Nineteen Republican governors told the Trump administration in December and January they wanted to keep taking refugees, with just Texas Gov. Greg Abbott asking to opt out.

Not everyone was happy with it. Facebook comments and Twitter replies on Little’s accounts quickly filled with people angry at his decision, and hundreds of people contacted his office to express their displeasure. Documents provided in response to a public records request show both the scale of the blowback and his administration’s work to present facts to justify the governor’s decision.

Go here for a link to the full story.

I’m excited to see that some publication used the state’s public information law to put some cleansing sunshine on the issue.

***To see if your city ranks in the Top 100 cities welcoming refugees, see my post yesterday.

And, go here for my Twin Falls archive.

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