For a good laugh! Vox calls my 2015 Youtube video a "bizarro rant" and makes my day

I thought I was done today having written 5 posts since the crack of dawn this morning, but when a friend sent me this from VOX  (go here to see who the heck they are) I figured I needed to post it.
Vox just made my day!

A video claiming refugees are a Muslim plot to colonize America has nearly 3 million views

The woman, Ann Corcoran, claims that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees is “under the influence of a powerful Muslim supremacist group” [That would be the Organization of Islamic Cooperation—ed]— and that the Muslim refugees it is sending over are the vanguard of an evil plot to colonize America and subject it to a theocratic Muslim government.

“This process of Muslim colonization is called the hijra,” she says, using the Arabic word for migration. “Mohammed told his followers to migrate and spread Islam, in order to dominate all the lands of the world … and that’s exactly what they’re doing now.”

This kind of bizarro rant is par for the course on YouTube. Except this one has received 2.6 million views since it went up in April 2015. Part of the reason is that it’s produced by America’s premier Islamophobic organization — one with strong links to the Trump administration.

Who is Ann Corcoran?

Continue here and see what they say!  And, don’t miss the link to their list of ‘white nationalists’ in the Trump Administration.
LOL!  And what is up with this? Their url has the word “sharia” in it, but the text is silent about it! Hmmmm!
This is their wrap-up:

It’s no accident, then, that this anti-refugee propaganda got such wide play.

It’s part of a powerful anti-Islam movement that has a much larger reach than most people in America imagine.

If you would like to see my other videos, go here.  And, hey, let’s push this first one over 3 million and give them a major thrill!
BTW, their research is lousy because they missed my HUGE award this past year, see here.
Update: Here is another story using some of the same information.

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