Open borders left, refugee contractors plan days of action

Josh Hoyt is the director.

Replacing ‘old Americans’ with ‘new Americans!’

On Monday hundreds of liberal activists and refugee resettlement agency operatives (you pay their salaries with your tax dollars) held a conference call to plan political action against President Donald Trump’s order, that calls for a moratorium for 4 months on refugee resettlement, and his order to improve vetting for  immigrants coming from dangerous terror hotspots around the world.
***Update*** I see that Breitbart also reported on this news, here yesterday with more detail.

Chicago community organizer Josh Hoyt moderated the call. You may recall that Hoyt joined ACORN organizer Wade Rathke in 2011 when they they traveled to Egypt to organize there during the Arab Spring. That worked out really well!

(Below are some of the groups that participated.)
If President Trump is cutting off federal funding to sanctuary cities how about cutting off funding for resettlement agencies who could be using federal dollars to organize against him.
The call was moderated by Joshua Hoyt, we have reported on him over the years, click here, to learn more.
They will whine about refugees.,but when you look at this list (below) and know what they are planning, it is open borders they are really pushing for—illegals, legal immigrants, it is all the same to them.
Look for the whine-fest!
In fact, on the call they said they would link their national policy agenda to emotions by using individual refugee sob stories! Refugees as pawns for their radical political agenda?
I’m going to have more about the call, but I want to get these two important dates out to you:
This Friday, February 3, they will be joining mosques around the country for a day of solidarity.
If you have a mosque near you, you might want to go out at noon and get some photos of your local activists.  They want to show loud and clear that they stand against Islamophobia! I do not recommend any counter demonstrations at the mosques.

And then on February 22nd they plan to pound Congress in their home districts with demonstrations “in their offices” to pressure them to speak out against the Trump EO.  For those asking me what to do, you should go to your local Congressional offices and counter the radicals.

I’ll have more on this later, but if I accomplish anything in the weeks and months ahead I hope it is to get you, ‘old Americans’ to understand that the pressure must be on Congress now! NOW!  The RINOs and all those who want open borders for cheap labor are undermining Donald Trump at this very minute.

These community organizers UNDERSTAND that they must focus their energy on Congress. You need to understand that too!

Here are some of the groups that participated. Most annoying is that the IRC, run by British national David Miliband, is here too!

And here are the speakers on the call:

Maria Rodriguez, Florida Immigrant Coalition / NPNA / FIRM

Jen Smyers, Church World Service

Suzanne Akhras Sahloul, Syrian Community Network

Rev. Russell Meyer, Florida Council of Churches

Hans Van De Weerd, International Rescue Committee; Chair, Refugee Council USA

Monica Fuentes, Welcoming America

Stephanie Teatro, Tennessee Immigrant Rights Coalition / NPNA / FIRM

Linda Hartke, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service

Oscar Chacon, Alianza Americas

Selena Sujoldzic, LIRS Leadership Academy, refugee from Bosnia

Naomi Steinberg, Refugee Council USA

Tell Donald Trump (here) what they are doing and tell him to cut off any federal funding to those groups possibly using federal money to organize against the President. Nothing would hurt them more!

If they succeed and get Donald Trump and Congress to back down, you will never see reform of the refugee program in your lifetime and by then it will be too late for your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren!
Remember 57% of you support Trump’s EO on a refugee moratorium!

Why isn't Afghanistan on President Trump's list?

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Update:  Paul Sperry writing at the New York Post a couple of days ago asks the same question, here.
As you know there are seven countries (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Sudan, Yemen) from which the Trump Administration is restricting immigration/entry because of terror infiltration concerns.
There are lots of countries one might question that are not on the list, but I wondered why Afghanistan isn’t an obvious choice.
Someone asked me this week whether there was an increase in ‘refugees’ being admitted from Afghanistan and I thought it seemed like there was, so I just checked.
We admitted 11,191 ‘refugees’ from Afghanistan since FY 2004 and here is what it looks like (sorry this is the best I could do with the screenshots at Wrapsnet):
My columns aren’t the straightest, but see that the for FY2004 the number is 959, etc. Note the big jump in FY2016, indicating my suspicions were right.

There was a big uptick of refugee admissions from Afghanistan in FY2016. I checked religions as well and found that 97% were Muslims of some sort (not a surprise!).

As we have done in Iraq as well, we are bringing both sides of the Sunni vs. Shiite conflict to America.  4,106 were Shiites and 5,783 are Sunnis. So do we place them in the same communities in America?
A few of the 206 we admitted since last Friday are from Afghanistan.
Here is where those 11,191 were placed (from FY 2004 until yesterday):

So, again, why isn’t Afghanistan a nation of concern?

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Why we don't want to be Angela Merkel's Germany

Invasion of Europe news….

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been admired by the globalists (and Islamists!) for her welcome to hundreds of thousands of African and Middle Eastern migrants, so this is a reminder of why we must continue to press the Trump Administration and Congress to not emulate her!

Barack Obama loved and admired Mama Merkel

Merkel is up for re-election this year, so this is likely her effort to look tough!
Story this morning from the UK Express:

16 suspected ISIS jihadis ‘plotting terror attacks’ arrested in 54 German raids

GERMAN counter-terrorism police have carried out a whopping 54 raids on a group of alleged Islamic State supporters believed to be plotting an attack, authorities have said.

The raids were carried out at 3am GMT (4am local time) in the western state of Hesse and targeted 16 alleged would-be jihadis.

Businesses, homes and mosques were targeted in the raids in Frankfurt, Darmstadt and Wiesbaden.

The main suspect of the sting operation is a 36-year-old Tunisian man who has been arrested during a raid in Frankfurt.

More here.
See our complete ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive which extends back for about 5 years.
Despite the noisy open borders agitators, remember, you are in the majority of Americans wishing to slow the flow of refugees from terrorist regions of the world!

Let Donald Trump know how you feel! Click here. Tell him to save us from what Germany now faces!

4 months into FY2017, US admits 32,331 refugees, 206 since Trump order

You’ve seen it all over the news I’m sure: the Trump Administration has reportedly given a waiver to 872 refugees who are already in transit around the world to enter the US despite the freeze announced on Friday. 206 of those are represented in the summary below.

Today marks the end of 4 months of Fiscal year 2017.

For new readers, the fiscal year ends on September 30th and sometime during the week of September, President Donald Trump will be making his determination for how many refugees and from where they will come for fiscal year 2018.  He will send the determination to Congress and Congress’ role is ONLY to consult.  For decades, until 2015, the determination was met on the hill with virtual silence.

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As you know the Executive Order of last Friday evening reset this year’s ceiling from Obama’s 110,000 (a number not seen since before 9/11) to 50,000.  50,000 is the maximum ceiling set in the original Refugee Act of 1980, see here.
Go here to see why 50,000 is still too high for this year.
Wrapsnet is up today (I couldn’t get it yesterday).  As of Friday I had recorded 31,125 refugees admitted and this morning the number is 32,331 (an addition of 206 since the EO went into effect Friday evening).  None of the 7 restricted nationalities were admitted in the 206 allowed in over the last day or two.
Here is a screenshot of where the 32,331 have been placed (from Wrapsnet):
Cut off in the screenshot: FL is 1,052, Alaska (32) and Hawaii (3)

Here are  the top ten states so far this fiscal year. Readers in Texas take note. Anything the Governor has done, although admirable, has done nothing to slow the flow to Texas.  Look at these states—they are working full time to make sure that, in addition to the big prize Texas, they ultimately turn swing states blue!
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