4 months into FY2017, US admits 32,331 refugees, 206 since Trump order

You’ve seen it all over the news I’m sure: the Trump Administration has reportedly given a waiver to 872 refugees who are already in transit around the world to enter the US despite the freeze announced on Friday. 206 of those are represented in the summary below.

Today marks the end of 4 months of Fiscal year 2017.

For new readers, the fiscal year ends on September 30th and sometime during the week of September, President Donald Trump will be making his determination for how many refugees and from where they will come for fiscal year 2018.  He will send the determination to Congress and Congress’ role is ONLY to consult.  For decades, until 2015, the determination was met on the hill with virtual silence.

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As you know the Executive Order of last Friday evening reset this year’s ceiling from Obama’s 110,000 (a number not seen since before 9/11) to 50,000.  50,000 is the maximum ceiling set in the original Refugee Act of 1980, see here.
Go here to see why 50,000 is still too high for this year.
Wrapsnet is up today (I couldn’t get it yesterday).  As of Friday I had recorded 31,125 refugees admitted and this morning the number is 32,331 (an addition of 206 since the EO went into effect Friday evening).  None of the 7 restricted nationalities were admitted in the 206 allowed in over the last day or two.
Here is a screenshot of where the 32,331 have been placed (from Wrapsnet):
Cut off in the screenshot: FL is 1,052, Alaska (32) and Hawaii (3)

Here are  the top ten states so far this fiscal year. Readers in Texas take note. Anything the Governor has done, although admirable, has done nothing to slow the flow to Texas.  Look at these states—they are working full time to make sure that, in addition to the big prize Texas, they ultimately turn swing states blue!
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