For a good laugh! Vox calls my 2015 Youtube video a "bizarro rant" and makes my day

I thought I was done today having written 5 posts since the crack of dawn this morning, but when a friend sent me this from VOX  (go here to see who the heck they are) I figured I needed to post it.
Vox just made my day!

A video claiming refugees are a Muslim plot to colonize America has nearly 3 million views

The woman, Ann Corcoran, claims that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees is “under the influence of a powerful Muslim supremacist group” [That would be the Organization of Islamic Cooperation—ed]— and that the Muslim refugees it is sending over are the vanguard of an evil plot to colonize America and subject it to a theocratic Muslim government.

“This process of Muslim colonization is called the hijra,” she says, using the Arabic word for migration. “Mohammed told his followers to migrate and spread Islam, in order to dominate all the lands of the world … and that’s exactly what they’re doing now.”

This kind of bizarro rant is par for the course on YouTube. Except this one has received 2.6 million views since it went up in April 2015. Part of the reason is that it’s produced by America’s premier Islamophobic organization — one with strong links to the Trump administration.

Who is Ann Corcoran?

Continue here and see what they say!  And, don’t miss the link to their list of ‘white nationalists’ in the Trump Administration.
LOL!  And what is up with this? Their url has the word “sharia” in it, but the text is silent about it! Hmmmm!
This is their wrap-up:

It’s no accident, then, that this anti-refugee propaganda got such wide play.

It’s part of a powerful anti-Islam movement that has a much larger reach than most people in America imagine.

If you would like to see my other videos, go here.  And, hey, let’s push this first one over 3 million and give them a major thrill!
BTW, their research is lousy because they missed my HUGE award this past year, see here.
Update: Here is another story using some of the same information.

Here comes the truth! Do-gooder refugee agencies fear job losses—theirs!

Update February 4th: Now the big boys (top nine refugee contractors) are wailing and moaning, see here.
I am just being flooded both from readers and from my alerts with articles expressing concern for refugees (you know those emotional stories they were promoting in the conference call earlier in the week), but many articles make it clear that the refugee agencies—the federal contractors—are worried about THEIR pocketbooks too.

Where is Congress? This whole refugee contractor system must be trashed! These per head payments to federal contractors for refugee placement leaves no incentive for an agency to slow the flow if a town is overloaded!

The original Refugee Act of 1980 contemplated a ‘public-private’ partnership for placing refugees around America, but what has happened over the years is that the ‘non-profits’ (they call themselves volags, short for voluntary agencies!) became dependent on greater and greater amounts of taxpayer dollars to stay afloat.
Indeed, one contractor USCRI is 97% funded by you.  In other words they have become fat and lazy on your money and so charity fundraisers put on by them are a rare sight.
It’s sort of like a Ponzi scheme!

They are paid by the head from the US State Department, so when not enough “clients” are admitted to the US, guess what? They run out of your money!

Now they are admitting it!

Nebraska resettlement agency may lose federal funding, here.

Possible layoffs at Catholic Charities as federal money dries up in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, here.

Wisconsin refugee agencies face reduced funding, here.

Oregon refugee agencies fear closure, here.

Local refugee agency fears Trump’s EO, here, in Tennessee.

Catholic agency in Rochester, New York worries staff will decline like it did during slowdown following 9/11, here.

I have no sympathy for them, they got fat on federal funding.  They should all have been figuring out how to raise private money for their ‘charities!’
And, maybe some of their CEOs like British national David Miliband will have to take a pay cut! Heck George Soros could help him out for awhile!
Readers, send me more stories like these (where they complain about having to downsize) and I will update this post!
For new readers, here are the nine major refugee contractors (the volags!), those mentioned in stories above are their subcontractors:

Administrative tweeks may help school systems cope with refugee kids, but….

….if members of Congress do not grow spines and begin to revamp/rewrite the Refugee Act of 1980, anything President Trump does now will be lost in 4 or 8 years.

And, whether Trump’s EO does even half of what it promises will depend on who becomes the Asst. Sec. of State for Population, Refugees and Migration, and who becomes the Director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement (HHS).

Donald Trump can’t do it alone. Tell your members of Congress and US Senators that it is time to reform US Refugee Admissions Program.

Here is Betsy McCaughey writing at the New York Post about beleaguered school districts coping with large numbers (and costs) of  refugee children the school system wasn’t expecting (due to the secrecy surrounding their placement).
I don’t have time to link all of the places we have identified in the past having such problems, but search RRW for Lancaster, PA, Amarillo, TX, Manchester, NH and Utica, NY.
New York Post (hat tip: Judy and others):

Public schools beleaguered by waves of refugees will get a breather thanks to President Trump’s executive order suspending refugee entry for 120 days. And under Trump’s new policy, when the US reopens its doors to refugees, local communities will be consulted. That beats the Obama administration’s dictatorial approach, which has overwhelmed many school districts. [Bush and all the Presidents before him did nothing to allow communities any say either—-ed]

Until now, refugee children have been placed in districts with little or no advance notice. Arriving from countries like Congo, Burma, Somalia and Syria, they speak no English and bear the signs of trauma from their ordeals. They need interpreters, counselors and attention. But often they’re placed in the poorest school districts — which can least afford them.

Refugee students with their stable of ACLU lawyers sue ‘welcoming’ Lancaster, PA for not giving refugee students a better education.

School authorities try to be welcoming, but no good deed goes unpunished. The American Civil Liberties Union is targeting these communities, claiming they’re not doing enough for refugees. On top of the costs of educating the refugees, towns are getting slapped with lawsuits and legal fees.

The State Department decides where refugees are settled. The feds pay nonprofits such as Catholic Charities to rent and furnish apartments for refugees, enroll them in English class and put their children in public school.

In New York, upstate cities like Buffalo, Syracuse and Utica are magnets for resettlement because the $900-a-month housing stipend goes a lot farther than in New York City or on Long Island.

Buffalo has absorbed 10,000 refugees in the last decade. At Lafayette High School there, 45 languages are spoken, 70 percent of students are just learning English and nearly 40 percent missed years of schooling before arriving.

More here.
BTW, George Soros is one of the ACLU’s biggest sugar-daddies!
See tag ‘Where is Congress’ on this and other refugee-related issues (hint: most are hiding!).

468 refugees admitted to US since moratorium announced on Friday evening

We learned that the Trump Administration granted a reprieve for 872 already on the way. Presumably this 468 is part of that number.
Here is where they went (from Wrapsnet):

Texas was the number one destination. Alaska and Hawaii got zero.

Twenty different ethnic groups were admitted (none from the seven countries identified as terror hotspots). There were however 15 who came from Afghanistan over the weekend and 6 Palestinians.
The top five are as follows:

DR Congo (136) The UN asked us to take 50,000 over 5 years and we are doing what we were told!

Bhutan (127) The UN (in 2007) wanted us to clean out some of their camps in Nepal and we are nearly finished cleaning them out. We have taken almost 100,000! (See here).

Eritrea (39)

Ukraine (37)

El Salvador (31) The Trump Admin. must address this problem—Central Americans are NOT refugees, Obama literally wrote refugee law administratively to admit them.

Of the 468, only 43 are Muslims. The 6 Palestinians we took over the weekend are Muslims (we don’t take very many Palestinians). The 15 from Afghanistan are also Muslims.
This post is filed in our Trump Watch! category as well as ‘refugee statistics’ and ‘where to find information.’