468 refugees admitted to US since moratorium announced on Friday evening

We learned that the Trump Administration granted a reprieve for 872 already on the way. Presumably this 468 is part of that number.
Here is where they went (from Wrapsnet):

Texas was the number one destination. Alaska and Hawaii got zero.

Twenty different ethnic groups were admitted (none from the seven countries identified as terror hotspots). There were however 15 who came from Afghanistan over the weekend and 6 Palestinians.
The top five are as follows:

DR Congo (136) The UN asked us to take 50,000 over 5 years and we are doing what we were told!

Bhutan (127) The UN (in 2007) wanted us to clean out some of their camps in Nepal and we are nearly finished cleaning them out. We have taken almost 100,000! (See here).

Eritrea (39)

Ukraine (37)

El Salvador (31) The Trump Admin. must address this problem—Central Americans are NOT refugees, Obama literally wrote refugee law administratively to admit them.

Of the 468, only 43 are Muslims. The 6 Palestinians we took over the weekend are Muslims (we don’t take very many Palestinians). The 15 from Afghanistan are also Muslims.
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