California: New Refugees Struggling in COVID-Closed America

I’m sure this is happening everywhere, so it is all the more reason to continue the suspension of new refugee arrivals that was supposed to have been lifted this week by the US State Department.

No jobs for newly arrived refugees and no one to give them instructions in person as to where to get signed up for their taxpayer-funded ‘services.’

Protesters against the President in Oakland in 2017. They want more refugees! I sure hope that right now these folks are out helping the existing refugees survive the virus crisis.


From San Francisco Public Press:

Nonprofits Retool to Serve Refugees Struggling During COVID-19 Shutdown

Refugees who arrived in the Bay Area around the time shelter-in-place orders were issued, as well as those who have been her for an extended period, are struggling to stay afloat, organizations who serve them said.

The most recent arrivals are simply trying to establish themselves, whereas others are unaware of services available to them, are being led astray by misinformation on social media or are faced with a rekindling of the trauma they thought they had left behind.

Blythe Raphael of Jewish Family and Community Services.

Given the shutdown of many businesses, new arrivals are less likely to find jobs.***

Without employment, refugees have less access to health insurance and more need for income assistance. Lacking income to buy cars, newly arrived refugees must rely on drastically curtailed bus and rail service to do essential tasks like shop for groceries or get to the hospital. New arrivals without existing community connections can then end up extremely isolated.


….the system of refugee resettlement in the United States is based on rapidly finding employment. “You are looking at a substantial pool of individuals who may not be able to pay for rent and their needs even if they were working,” said Blythe Raphael, who heads the refugee services program at Jewish Family and Community Services East Bay. “Those families we’re watching carefully and trying to find assistance.”  [This organization is a subcontractor of HIAS.—ed]

Multiple organizations that serve refugees have shifted gears, reorganized and launched new services to ensure they can meet this population’s needs during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The stay-at-home order was issued just after several families arrived in the area from Aghanistan, forcing Raphael’s East Bay organization to retool for remote work at the same time it was delivering assistance. “As all services were closing to in-person interviews, we had to really review our model in order for us to make the service connections for all of our new arrivals and for our case managers to be able to serve people with essential course services,” Raphael said.

In other words, it is hard to get new refugees signed up for their various welfare programs and other services when so much is closed.

These groups have had to quickly adjust to the shelter-in-place order, and are themselves vulnerable to the economic fallout, so they need as much public support as they can get, said advocates. “Small organizations are going to suffer a lot from this economic crash that’s going to happen,” said Zand (Leva Zand, development director of the Center for Empowering Refugees and Immigrants in Oakland).

More here.

***One of those jobs that refugees are hired to do is slaughterhouse work.  And, now comes news that meat plants are having to close due to the number of workers getting sick with COVID-19.  See here.

Will COVID or European Court Decisions (like this one) End the European Union?

Or a combination of the two!  Whatever, it can’t be soon enough for member states like Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic who steadfastly insist on their right to control their own borders.

Invasion of Europe news….

No!!! Said Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic in 2015.


Gatestone writer Judith Bergman has a good piece this morning about the recent decision by The Court of Justice of the European Union that says those three countries violated the EU principle of “solidarity” in not inviting thousands of supposed “war refugees” to live in their countries.

EU: Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic Broke EU Law

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has ruled that Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic broke EU law when they refused to take in migrants under the European Union’s September 2015 relocation agreement. During the 2015 migrant crisis, EU leaders agreed to relocate 160,000 migrants and refugees EU-wide, assigning each EU member state a fixed quota from the camps in Italy and Greece, where migrants and refugees were arriving in record numbers. However, the Czech Republic accepted only 12 of the 2,000 refugees assigned it, while Hungary and Poland took in none.

In 2017, the EU took Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) over that refusal to take migrants. On April 2, 2020, the CJEU ruled against the three countries. The ruling followed the October 2019 recommendation by the Court’s Advocate General, legal advisor to the Court, which said that EU law must be followed and that the EU’s principle of solidarity “necessarily sometimes implies accepting burden-sharing”.

In its judgment, the Court dismissed the three countries’ argument that they were entitled to refuse the relocation scheme based on concerns for the maintenance of law and order and the safeguarding of internal security.

There is more, I only snipped a bit.

See how the Coronavirus crisis is now causing European countries to close their borders—will they all be taken to court?

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No Word Yet on Resumption of Refugee Resettlement Stalled Due to COVID Crisis

I’m looking every day for official word from the US State Department about whether refugees will again be streaming to America after the UN/IOM shut down refugee travel in mid-March.

However, as I pointed out here a few days ago in a post that went viral, refugees have still been coming in, the spigot was never entirely closed.

But, today was the originally designated day for the flow to resume and I am seeing nothing by way of a public announcement one way or another.

You can be sure that the US State Department must have already notified their “partners” (aka paid contractors).

From Fox last month:

We will work with our implementing partners to plan for a resumption of refugee arrivals on or after April 7.

How about letting the public know, after all, we pay for it all one way or another.

And, if they are opening the refugee spigot, we need to know if tests for COVID-19 are being given before the refugee boards a near empty plane for Anytown, USA.

More people who are unemployed, hungry and in need of health care coming to America—what could go wrong!

If the EU Completely Implodes Blame COVID and Clinton!

Invasion of Europe news….

Ed Morrissey writing at Hot Air reports on how the COVID-19 hysteria could spell the end of the European Union as countries rediscover the need for BORDERS!

Trip down memory lane!

He also reminds us how the beginning of the end came when Hillary/Obama and various EU governments joined forces to bring down Gaddafi in Libya in 2011 which opened the flood gates for African migrants by the hundreds of thousands to descend on the continent.

Here is Hot Air:

European Leaders Lament: Coronavirus Might Just Kill The EU Too

If the European Union now finds itself in “mortal danger,” it’s only because it’s faced its first truly mortal threat. The Washington Post reports that European leaders have begun to warn that unilateral actions by its members — most recently Hungary but also core members France and Germany — will undo their decades-long experiment in continental unity. The raising of borders and the imposition of trade barriers in the coronavirus pandemic has all but sidelined Brussels in the crisis, and there’s little indication that EU members are interested in anything but their own domestic political standing.


In other words, Europe has rediscovered why borders matter and why government works best on the principle of subsidiarity. The borders lesson got taught the hard way, as I wrote two-plus weeks ago, after Europe and the US precipitated a massive refugee crisis by decapitating the Qaddafi regime in Libya. The flood of refugees from there and Syria created cultural dislocation throughout the Schengen Zone, provoking the Brexit push in the UK and setting the stage for their current disunity.

Remember this!  We wrote about Hillary’s role extensively at the time and over the years since as the invasion of Europe progressed. See here.


It should come as no shock that Germans expect the German government to prioritize Germans in an existential crisis rather than a super-national quasi-governing body. Nor should it shock anyone that the same is true for the French, the Italians, and so on. That doesn’t mean that they can’t work cooperatively to approach common interests and problems, but that in a crisis, they’re responsible to their own citizens first and foremost.

Much more here.

I have a huuuge invasion of Europe archive, here.

Refugees are Still Arriving in the US, What Happened to Supposed Suspension?

All data is from the Refugee Processing Center. I gave instructions on how to use the federal data base here:

The numbers are lower, but they are still coming!

In mid March we reported that the UN’s International Organization for Migration had halted refugee travel due to the virus crisis, so imagine my surprise this morning when I checked the data for the last two weeks of March and learned we admitted 221 regular refugees and 373 Special Immigrant Visas from Afghanistan in those two weeks.

For the entire month of March we admitted 1,110 regular refugees and 844 SIVs mostly from Afghanistan that are treated just like refugees except some can choose where they want to live in the US.

So we can’t safely fly, but nearly 2,000 ‘refugees’  were being flown into the US during March.

The refugee admissions program is scheduled (so far) to resume this week after April 7th, but it never really stopped!

Here is where the 1,110 were placed in March:

Top ten ‘welcoming’ states are:  TX, OH, NY, IL, WA, KY, MA, CA, MO, and TN.


Now see this map (below) for where the 221 regular refugees were placed since the supposed suspension of travel.  They must have been transported across America on near empty flights.


The vast majority of the arrivals in the last two weeks are from the DR Congo (161).  See my post about how many we have now taken since Obama agreed to take tens of thousands of Congolese.  We are way past 50,000 but they are still coming!

More unemployed and more hungry mouths to feed as America suffers…..