A great honor! SPLC names me one of 15 anti-Muslim extremists in America

Update:  See Robert Spencer’s response here.
I am literally breathless to report that the Southern Poverty Law Center has named me among 15 anti-Muslim extremists in its newly released Field Guide.
To be in the company of Steve Emerson, Brigitte Gabriel, Frank Gaffney, Pamela Geller, John Guandolo, Ayan Hirsi Ali and Robert Spencer, to name a few, is a truly unexpected honor!

Thanks SPLC for the nice art work!

It also means, of  course, that I have been on-to-something with my continuing concern about the demographic change being brought to your communities via the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program, or why bother with me.
By the way, it was a study by the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, here in 2013, that directed the SPLC to focus on my work.  I wrote about it here.
With gratitude to Melanie Nezer of HIAS for confirming that we are on to their plans to change America by changing the people! (And, of course, they don’t want anyone to ‘break their federally-funded rice bowls either’)
Go here to see the list, it is alphabetical, putting me at number one.  I cannot quibble with what they have written about me and the quotes they attribute to me—it is accurate.
And, I like the drawing they took time to make too!
However, I am not naive, tempering my enthusiasm is the full understanding that Mark Potok and his pals at the SPLC have just made me a target of the jihadists.

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