Pollster Pat Caddell: Why isn't Trump using the refugee issue?

I’m wondering the same thing!

Caddell: “We still have not seen the rise of the refugee issue.”

Polls show that the majority of Americans do not want the vast number of refugees Hillary Clinton and her supporters at the Refugee Council USA (the lobbying arm of the refugee industry) want:

……when they asked: “Hillary Clinton’s supporters at the Refugee Council want to increase the number of refugees coming into the United States in 2017 even more, to 200,000, and Hillary wants to increase the number of Syrian refugees in that total from 10,000 in 2016 to 65,000 in 2017. Do you approve or disapprove of this increase?” — sixty-two percent were opposed and only 26 percent supported Clinton’s position, he said.

Here is Pat Caddell talking about those poll results:

Pollster Pat Caddell believes that victory in the 2016 election is in the hands of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, saying on Monday, “This really is Trump’s election if he wants to win it.”

It’s in his hands,” Caddell told SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Breitbart News Daily. “We still have not seen the rise of the refugee issue, which the Breitbart Gravis polls shows has emerged as a major issue.”

We will be watching on Sunday evening to see if Trump is wise enough to bring it up (even if no one else does!).

As we move Africa to America, where are all the refugees from the DR Congo being placed?

Since I was just telling you that we (the Department of State) jumps when the UN says ‘jump!’  I thought it might be a good time to show you the numbers of refugees we are now taking from the DR Congo after Asst. Secretary of State for Population, Refugees and Migration, Anne Richard (formerly a VP at federal resettlement contractor International Rescue Committee) agreed here in 2013 to take 50,000 refugees from the DR Congo off the UN’s hands.

Civil wars in Africa produce refugees that the UN determines must be moved to the West—especially to the US. Once we get the 50,000 Congolese placed in your towns, watch for the big lobbying push for large numbers from South Sudan. https://refugeeresettlementwatch.org/2016/10/05/un-gearing-up-to-promote-new-wave-of-refugees-to-the-westus/

By the way, the Republicans did this too when the UN wanted to clean out its Bhutanese camps on the border of Nepal and then Bush Administration Asst. Secretary Ellen Sauerbrey agreed to invite 60,000 Bhutanese to the US over a five year period—they are still coming!
Here in 2014 we learned the Bhutanese numbers to the US were up to 80,000. But, surprise! Some of them want to go home.
Since fiscal year 2012, we have placed 33,212 from the DR Congo in all but five states (see map below).
The vast majority are Christians of some sort, but there are 1,240 Muslims in the bunch.  In FY2012 we resettled 1,863, but by FY2016 we took 16,370 in one year. Expect 2017 to be even higher as the drive is on to get as many refugees in to the US as possible before Obama leaves office.
Our interest in reporting the Congolese numbers was stimulated by the mysterious death this week of an 8-year-old Congolese boy at O’Hare Airport. His family was bound for Texas.
These are very poor people, mostly with limited educations, who will need a couple of generations of care by the US taxpayer before they can return anything to the US economy.
Early reports are that the women are especially traumatized and will need costly mental health treatment.
Here is where the Congolese (DR Congo) refugees have been placed between FY2012 and FY2016 (inclusive). Map from the Refugee Processing Center. Hawaii got zero (didn’t fit on the map), but it rarely gets any anyway.

Lifelong Socialist, Islam apologist, chosen as new Secretary General of the UN, Antonio Guterres

Longtime readers of Refugee Resettlement Watch will surely know the name since Guterres served for ten years as the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and his office was primarily responsible for the flow of refugees coming to the US now. He is responsible for the fact that most Syrians chosen by the UNHCR to come to America are Sunni Muslims, not Christians.

Socialist Guterres, the new Secretary General of the UN. Why are we still funding an organization working for the destruction of the US?

I thought when I heard the news that his tenure as UNHCR ended in December 2015, that he would be disappearing into the sunset (or catching some rays on a Portuguese beach) after arguably helping create a migrant crisis (or at least his leadership did nothing much to stem it) that looks like it will ultimately swallow the European continent.
Frankly, as I read about him, saw him in person once***, and followed the UNHCR, I saw him as a sullen, lackluster, uninspiring socialist ideologue that he is.  But, he must have something going for him at the UN to be chosen over other more colorful, less ideological and more accomplished contenders. I’m guessing he was a favorite of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.
Perhaps my impression of him as an apologist for Islam was seared in 2009 when he wrote a forward to a study that maintains that it is Shariah law that underpins the world tradition of helping refugees, of welcoming the stranger—not Judaism and Christianity. I was stunned and wrote a post listing all of the Muslim countries headed by Saudi Arabia that do not welcome strangers, not even their fellow Muslims (none have welcomed the Palestinians!), and God forbid would never welcome Jewish or Christian refugees.
Here is the news story that I was responding to:

New York, 23 June (AKI) – The 1,400-year-old Islamic custom of welcoming people fleeing persecution has had more influence on modern international refugee law than any other traditional source, according to a new study sponsored by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

High Commissioner Antonio Guterres said that more than any other historical source, Islamic law and tradition underpin the modern-day legal framework on which UNHCR bases its global activities on behalf of the tens of millions of people forced from their homes around the world.

This includes the right of everyone to seek asylum as well as prohibitions against sending those needing protection back into danger, Guterres said in the foreword to “The Right to Asylum between Islamic Sharia and International Refugee Law: A Comparative Study.”

In the study, Professor Abu Al-Wafa, Dean of the Law Faculty at Cairo University, describes how Islamic law and tradition respects refugees, including non-Muslims; forbids forcing them to change their beliefs; avoids compromising their rights; seeks to reunite families; and guarantees the protection of their lives and property.

Now, again, check out my list from 2009 showing just how Muslim countries are NOT (in fact) helping resettle refugees but are moving them on to the West, Australia, and the US.
Since 2009, when I wrote about Guterres comments, several Muslim countries have taken in Syrian refugees (they had no choice as they flowed across borders). Countries such as Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey are flooded (Saudi Arabia still takes none).  However, whenever someone starts to give you that equivalence argument, always remember that the refugees in those countries will not become permanent, voting, citizens. Their residence is temporary. That is not so with refugees coming to the US—they come permanently and become citizens. And, it is the permanent requirement that Guterres has been pushing for years.

Back to Guterres

We are told in several news accounts that he became a member of the Socialist Party in his native Portugal in 1974 (at age 25).  By the way, Portugal, to this day, takes very few refugees.
Here is one account at the BBC:

Speaking earlier this year, Richard Gowan, a UN expert at the European Council on Foreign Relations, said insiders believed Mr Guterres, from Portugal, “could give the UN the kind of kick up the backside it needs”.

Mr Guterres was born in Lisbon in 1949. He studied engineering and physics at the Instituto Superior Tecnico, before going into academia after graduating in 1971.

But academia only held the fervent Catholic’s interest for a couple of years. He joined the Socialist party in 1974 – the same year five decades of dictatorship came to an end in Portugal – and soon became a full-time politician.
In 1995, three years after being elected the Socialist party’s secretary general, he was voted in as prime minister, a position he held until 2002.

Missing from this resume and other accounts I have read is that he was not only a Socialist in Portugal, but lead Socialist International as its President from 1999-2005, immediately preceding his tenure as UNHCR.  See more here at wikipedia.

Guterres with Asst. Sec. of State Anne Richard. As a political appointee, Anne Richard should be among the first to go if Donald Trump is elected President of the United States.

Get out from under the United Nations’ thumb!

So it strikes me that this might be a good time for Americans to reignite a  demand that we begin to extricate ourselves (and our money!) from the United Nations.
Indeed we are placing refugees in your towns and cities that have been chosen by the United Nations for us and what do we see—a rapidly expanding increase in the Muslim refugees chosen for us.
And, btw, I don’t believe there is anything in the Refugee Act of 1980 that requires us to do what the UN says regarding refugees. We could pick our own refugees!
We know what the UN is and what they are up to, choosing Guterres as Secretary General is a clear indication that the UN is on a mission to change America by changing its people, and has placed one of the world’s greatest proponents of doing just that at its helm.
See our extensive archive on Guterres by clicking here.
***If you want to learn more, scroll down in this post about a big refugee pow-wow at Georgetown last year and read about Jim Simpson questioning Guterres about why so few Syrian Christians are being resettled.